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"And this... is The D-Pad." Cue music.

The D-Pad is a weekly hour-long video game web radio show (formerly a podcast) starring Rick Desilets, John Selig, and CJ Haley. Nick Bebel was the original "Player 3" until an unexpected hiatus in the summer of 2013, and Ian Selig was briefly added during this time. Recurring guests have included Holly Fletcher, Meghan Zaremba, and Dan Suitor.

While the show is primarily geared toward video games, it also spends time on movies, television, music, and pop culture in general. Considered a complete reboot, the original podcast is rarely mentioned at all on-air. Original fans of the show are often referred to as "The Threes", while fans of the live show are referred to as "The Goombas".

There have been several segments on both the website and the show, including:

  • Ouya, Oh No: the latest unfortunate Ouya news
  • R-Rated: uncensored movie reviews
  • Bebel's Short List: video game reviews
  • Live from the Brown Carpet: live blogging of awards shows
  • Good News, Bad News: big announcements with significant pros and cons
  • Game Over: articles calling out individuals or groups
  • Putting Our Guests to the Test: subjecting guests to setting track times in Super Mario Kart

A special event called Sonic Week was held the week of June 19-26, 2011 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. The June 19 and 26 episodes of the show were Sonic-focused, and the team released LetsPlays of six Sonic games on their website, making 12 hours of content over eight days. Afterwards, they decided to get into Let's Plays outside of events, playing 5 Days a Stranger, Kirby's Return to Dream Land, and more. In August 2013, they began a long-term video series called The Legendary Let's Play, pledging to play every Legend of Zelda game. The team has put out over 230 videos totaling 65 hours of playtime, and a Let's Play page is in progress.

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