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Indie filmmaking with a nerdy twist.

Two-Bit Pictures is an American independent film company. Founded in 2011, it was formed originally to compete in events such as the 48 Hour Film Project and the National Film Challenge on No Budget. Based out of various unofficial locations in New England (primarily Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with a strong support base out of New Haven, Connecticut), Two-Bit Pictures is advancing out of competition films and into larger-scale independent production, with larger-scale projects coming in 2013.

Its logo is a depiction of a two-bit picture as would be seen on the green-tinted screen of a Game Boy.

Two-Bit Pictures is on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and a website is currently in development.




  • Looking Forward 48 
  • 10-54 in Progress 48 
  • Silver Lining 48 
  • How Many? NFC 


  • Boiling Point 48 
  • Outside the Box 48 
  • DIY 48 


  • The Interview S10C 
  • Late Night Shift 48 
  • Pipe Dreams 48 
  • Love Fang 48 

In development


Other products

Tropes that apply to Two-Bit Pictures

  • Iconic Logo: Chosen specifically to be easily identifiable without words. Also happens to be the palette of a Game Boy.
  • Production Posse: Rick Desilets has been involved in every production thus far, and the films very frequently involve Sara Gouveia, John Selig, Ryan Keough, and Nick Bebel as well.

Tropes that apply to Two-Bit Pictures' films

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    Looking Forward 

    10- 54 in Progress 
  • A Bloody Mess: The red liquid by Alan's head. The lab analyst tastes it to figure out what it is, and still can't figure out if it's bloody mary mix or actual blood. It's not blood. But Duncan had to intentionally taste blood to determine that.
  • Clueless Detective: Gary, whose bizarre leaps of logic don't get the investigation anywhere.
  • Donut Mess with a Cop: GARY'S JUST IN THIS FOR THE DONUTS.
  • Flashback: How the audience sees the actual events of the party, through sober eyes.
  • Forensic Drama: Hold the drama.
  • Gentleman Detective: Jonathan and Gary seem to think they're this. They aren't.
  • Inspector Javert: Everyone instantly assumes Alan Sarmast is dead, then a burglar. He was knocked unconscious when one of the drunk cops threw a gun at his head.
  • Lesbian Cop: Unclear, but Patrice is at least a Feminist Cop. Whether she fits this trope all-out is up for debate.
  • Police are Useless: All of them, but mostly Billy, who tapes the waking victim to the floor to keep him from moving.

    Silver Lining 
  • Bad Date: The bulk of the film. Turns out, she thought it was cute.
  • Offscreen Breakup: Or so he thinks.
  • Silent Movie: All the sound effects for the film were recorded in the motel room where it was edited. Including the credits "music".

    How Many? 

    Boiling Point 

    Outside the Box 


    The Interview 
  • Mushroom Samba: Ben finds himself in one after taking more than a little "Time Off".

    Late Night Shift 

    Pipe Dreams 
  • Immortality Inducer: Philip steals a book that seems to render him impervious to being stabbed in the heart.

    Love Fang 


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