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Spider-Man: You do this for a living? With that accent, (starts imitating the accent badly) I was thinking rodeo clown!
Shocker: Don't you mock me, boy!
Spider-Man: I mock! I'm a mocker!

Raphael: Will... you... shut... your... trap!?
Michelangelo: Why? Does my talking bother you? Am I distracting you somehow? Making you lose focus? Messing up your concentration? Finally getting on your nerves, perhaps? Or maybe you're just a teeeensy bit worried that I might actually beat you.

"And this! Is when I taunt you!"

Sentinel, Marvel vs. Capcom 3

"You don't frighten us, English pig-dogs! Go and boil your bottoms, sons of a silly person! I blow my nose to you, so-called Arthur-King! You and your silly English Knnnnnn-iggits! *sticks tongue* Thhhhhhpppptt! Thhhpppt! Thhhppt!! (later) I don't wanna talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food-trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!. (later) No, now go away or I shall taunt you a second time-a!"

The pitch for this movie was Bruce Willis comes up to the execs and says “You know what people love? When I make snide comments at bad guys. Let’s make a movie that is just me giving one liners to bad guys and killing people” And the execs said “Fine, you can make The Last Boy Scout. Oh, and do this piece of shit Hudson Hawk too. Roughly the same thing”

"Rise up, my baron, and turn back your kye,
For the lads frae Drumwarren are driving them by,"
"How can I rise up and turn them again,
For where I hae a man, I'm sure they hae ten,"
"If I had a husband, as I must hae nane,
He wouldnae lie in his bed and watch his kye ta'en,"
So up gets the baron, cries "Give me my gun,
And I will go out, love, though I'll never win hame."
Baron O' Brackley, traditional Scottish

"Face me if you dare, stunted whelp, or do you lack even an Elven maid's courage? I thought the Sons of Grungni were great warriors, but perhaps you are no true Dwarf. Indeed, maybe you are instead some breed of bearded goblin, though in truth, I have seen a finer beard on a Troll's back-side."
Wulfrik the Wanderer to Dwarf King Thurbad Stonebeard, Warhammer

"If you need to learn how to talk to a lady, ask your mum!"

"It's official: you suck."

I'm waiting for you, sire! Unless you'd rather have it said that the king is a little poofter who pisses himself at the idea of fighting?
The swordsmaster motivating King Arthur for a sparring session, Kaamelott

Terry: He's tough. Any suggestions, boss?
Bruce: Joker's vain and likes to talk. He'll try to distract you, but don't listen. Block it out and power on through.
Terry: Wait. I like to talk, too....
Batman Beyond: Return of the Jokernote 

You ever hear of Slimfast? Not for nothing, but a shake in the morning, another in the afternoon and a sensible meal at night would not kill you. But it might not make a dent. Have you thought of jogging. Can you jog on all those spindly little things? Am I being too subtle? Brother, YOU ARE FAT. Guinness Book fat. You so big, bro, you wake up in sections. I bet your blood type is Ragu. I bet every time you wear high heels, you strike oil. Then again, you don't have feet. But I'd bet a million bucks that you've got a foot fetish. Like guys with women's breasts. We don't have 'em, so we envy and admire them. But you sure have some man boobs. Have you tried push-ups? Is any of this getting through, chubbs? Those ears of yours work, right? If not, I'm sure all that circuitry and crap sprouting from the back of your head can pick up a few things. Cable. Ham radio. Pay-per-view Foxy Boxing. I could use some music. Maybe someone could stick a CD up your-
Morph, to Mojo, Exiles #18: So Lame Part 1

Jay: [feigning ignorance] Oh, I'm sorry, was that your auntie? Then that must be your uncle over there! (stomps on another roach) Well, well. Big, bad Bug got a bit of a soft spot, huh? What I can't understand is, why you gotta come down here bringing all this ruckus! Snatching up galaxies and everything. My attitude is: don't (stomp) start nothing, won't (stomp) be nothing!

Wonder Woman: Expect no help from your patron. I've dealt with all his lackeys before, and beaten them. As I beat you.
Badra: Then deal with me a second time. If I get done with you soon enough, perhaps he'll let me help the boys deal with your daughter. And your mother.

<That is the anti-matter universe,> sent Satan Girl.
<Oh, very good,> mocked Kara, smiling like a teacher tutoring her most backward pupil. <Now, if you'll just join me here, I can finish you right off.>
The villainess didn't budge. <It'll blow us both to bits if we touch any substance there without force-shields or matter-conversion,> she sent. <I can just wait you out. You'll come back, or you'll be atomized. Either way, I win.>
<Oh, will you?>, asked Kara. <I thought for certain that you wanted to tear me apart with your own hands. Except it hasn't been that easy, has it? Maybe you're just not up to it, after all... since you're just a pretty pathetic copy of me.>
Satan Girl's expression of hatred, which was about the only one she owned, intensified. <YOU...> she began, and that was all she could get out.

Salvador, Borderlands 2

Pellaeon: Maybe I'm missing something, Vorrik, but I'm not seeing any evidence of this great plan of yours. We're destroying your yammosks; we've killed your spies; we're taking back those you thought were captives. You don't have the muscle to take this planet, let alone the others. Your threats are as empty as your boasts are shallow.
Vorrik: You will eat those words when-
Pellaeon: Empty.
Vorrik: -we turn your abominations into slag and-
Pellaeon: Empty.
Vorrik: -grind every trace of you into the dust from which you were born!
Pellaeon: Empty, Vorrik! [...] You may win the occasional battle against us, Vorrik, but the Empire will always strike back. That I promise you. (speaking over Vorrik's ranting) You tell Shimrra from me that if he wants to get the job done, then he's going to have to send a bigger fleet - and a more competent commander to oversee it. (the Yuuzhan Vong fleet shortly withdraws)

Jasmine: I gave you the chance of love. Now I give you the penalty of pain.
Kara: I'm pretty good at that penalty myself, honey. And you overestimate your charms.

Atlas: Wait a minute, what about our contest? Answering a riddle is hardly what I'd call a feat of strength.
Samson: I agree. How about I wrestle you for her? Or is the mighty Man of Steel a coward?
Atlas: Even the shield on his chest is yellow!

"Believe me, I want to be here even less than you do. Now, are we going to fight like civilized people, or am I going to stand here and taunt you?"
Jane Harrington-Price, Tricks for Free


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