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Quotes / I Should Have Been Better

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"I'm saying we did our best. And We don't respond to failure with depression. We respond by becoming better. until our best is good enough."
—Garovel, The Zombie Knight

I was hobbled. Pain. Slow, labored movements. He cried out to me, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get there fast enough. All I could do was stupidly cry out his name. Useless...
There's no proper phobia for this that I know of. But don't we all have it? The fear of not being fast or smart or strong or relevant enough. The fear of being useless.

Kaladin: If I had accepted these powers sooner, if I hadn't spent so long thinking I was cursed... could I have saved them?
Syl: [quietly] I don't know. Maybe.

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