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Some superhero teams wear matching costumes so it's clear to everyone who the team members are. This may mean their uniforms have the same colors and logos, or possibly a design format they all follow and apply with their own colors. The matching suits may also serve a practical purpose.

Sometimes the costume may have different details and touches in different characters; see Nonuniform Uniform. Sometimes there may also be members who wear their own duds; see Custom Uniform.

Every Sentai, by default, is an example of this.

Note that this trope can also apply to supervillain teams and also does not apply to one-time missions such as space or underwater travels that naturally require matching group attire.

Sister trope to Coordinated Clothes. Compare Identically Powered Team. See also Clothes Make the Legend, Movie Superheroes Wear Black, and Costume Evolution.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Dragon Ball Super: The Pride Troopers all wear matching red and black spandex.
  • My Hero Academia:
    • Wild Wild Pussycats all wear matching cat-themed outfits in different colors as part of their team's theme. Notably, this is in spite of the fact that none of them have cat-related Quirks, such as Tiger's Pliabody, Mandalay's Telepath, or Pixie-Bob's Earth-flow.
    • Kota Izumi's parents, known collectively as the superhero team Water Hose, wore identical outfits consisting of a red vest, white shoulder pads, and a visor with a snorkel.
  • Sailor Moon: The team of Magical Girls, known as the Sailor Senshi, when transformed, all wear Sailor Fuku.

    Comic Books 
  • Deathstroke's Teen Titans wear black and white suits.
  • Doom Patrol: The original Doom Patrol originally wore all-green uniforms before they started wearing the more recognizable red and white uniforms. During the Kupperburg run, the team wore uniforms with more variety in color. The Morrison run dispensed with uniforms entirely.
  • The Fantastic Four are probably the most well-known example of this, known for their matching blue suits with the "4" logo.
    • The heroes of the spinoff Future Foundation wear primarily white uniforms with some black as the secondary color. For example, Spider-Man used a white variation of his costume with black lenses and chest spider-symbol when he temporarily joined the team.
  • All the Green Lantern heroes wear similar green and black costumes, which are extensions of the rings themselves.
  • In Rainbow Rowell's Runaways, the original J-Team all wore matching outfits. When the original 60's-style costumes went out of style, the team started using more individual costumes.
  • In Shazam-related comics, the boy Marvels all wear a similar shirt-pants-and-cape ensemble, while the girl Marvels all wear tops, skirts, and capes. All the tops have the iconic golden thunderbolt on them. In more recent incarnations, they became Color-Coded for Your Convenience, with Billy and Mary wearing red, Freddy wearing blue, Paco wearing green, Eugene wearing grey, and Darla wearing purple.
  • In The Terrifics, Plastic Man changes his outfit to white and black to match Mr. Terrific after they become a team. In Phantom Girl's case, she is already wearing white and black, while Metamorpho doesn't bother because of his shapeshifter powers.
  • In Uncanny X-Force X-Force wears matching black and white outfits.
  • The X-Men originally wore matching navy blue and yellow outfits that made them instantly recognizable to the public eye. But as the cast grew, the team moved away from this trope, with many X-Men possessing unique outfits separate from their compatriots, such as Jean Grey donning green and yellow as Phoenix, or Cyclops going with all black.

    Fan Works 
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: From "Mysterious Island", the Sailor Fuku of the Sailor Senshi leads Mareki to be confused by Cathy:
    I'm trying to figure out what exactly you are. You dress like a sailor senshi, and I can feel some similar magic from you, but I'm not familiar with any celestial object that's called 'Cathy'.
  • Oversaturated World: The GALAX-E Girls, as said in ''Crossworlds Guardian, Sailor Orbital!'': "Outfitting and Armory! Some Problems are Encountered.", who wear modified Crossworld Guardian suits, paraphrased with these quotes:
    "After some discussion with the Aztlan institute and a few purchases of my own from a few Company of D.R.E.A.M.S. subsidiaries, I've managed to wrangle together a basic outfit kit for each of us."
    Ditzy tilted her head. "Those are Crossworlds Guardian Emergency Worker Uniforms, aren't they?"
    I ditched the helmets and rigged together something different." She tapped a tiara resting on one of the mannequin's heads. "This is a micro-radio, complete with earbuds, that will let us remain in contact if we are anywhere within... three, four miles of each other. They are not aerodynamic, so there's not going to be any Lunar Tiara Action."
    "Are the colored collars and miniskirts just so we can look like Sailor Luna and her pals?"
    "Actually no." Blue moved her hands up to the sailor collar. "The jewel on the chest is the outfit conversion module—you put your hand to it and say a keyphrase, you switch back to your civilian clothes. The ribbons serve as thaumatic dispersion units, keeping hostile magic from overwhelming the wearer. And the collar itself is woven with the Identity Derecognition Pattern."

    Film — Animated 
  • The Incredibles: The Parr family all wear the same red, yellow, and black superhero outfits with the "i" logo on the chest that Edna designed for them when arriving on Syndrome's island, wearing them for the rest of the movie.

    Film — Live-Action 

    Live-Action TV 
  • Every iteration of the Power Rangers has the team in some matching outfit design, often with white armor or coloring, and each ranger's suit mostly being his or her theme color.

    Visual Novels 
  • Villainous Nights: The Syndicate all wear black jumpsuits, each with a secondary color unique to the character. Each member also wears their own animal mask. Other details, such as the exact pattern of their suit, presence of armor, and any additional accessories, differ from character to character.

  • Inhibit: Urquhart has uniforms that designate whether or not the wearer is “trained.”

    Western Animation 
  • Ben 10: The "Galactic Enforcers" wear yellow and white.
  • In Kim Possible, Team Go wears identical outfits uniforms in different colors. Hego wears blue, Wego wear red, and Mego wears purple. Shego is in fact their missing sister, with her color being green.
  • League of Super Evil: The Power Rangers expies the Force Fighters V all wear matching outfits with different colors, although Periwinkle is too fat to fit in his outfit with his belly exposed and his helmet only covering the top half of his face.
  • In Monster Buster Club, the titular team wears black jumpsuits with Tron Lines and goggles, with each member having their lines and goggles in a different color.
  • Ninjago: The ninja have different suits every season that their individual colors are applied to.
  • Rick and Morty: Semi-parodied in the Vindicators episode when Vance Maximus gives Morty a Vindicators team vest even though Vance was the only one wearing one before that.


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