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A stubborn 11-year-old girl named Sophia is less than amused with the idea of her spending her summer at her grandparents' house; especially with that weirdo Darkslaw around just to annoy her. But then one fateful night, Sophia finds herself walking into Decembersville, a hidden city of freaks and monsters, with no hope of returning home!

In order to survive the freaks-only world, she turns to a kind ax-handed boy named Zero, an anxious clock-like circus performer named Pendulum Tin, and a shiftily devious gangster werewolf, all trying to keep her safe from the vengeful vampire Count Merry-Go-Round, the evil overlords of Decembersville, the von Pyre Bros., and the terrifying ringmaster behind a dark scheme: the Meowsician.


Throughout the journey, Sophia learns through the morals of courage, friendship and love to try to restore peace to the corrupted city.

An online novel in the works which can be found on deviantART. Featuring a large cast and showing how humans just cannot get it through their heads that discrimination is bad. As of 5/20/11, Chapter 55 is out, and the story has been placed on a schedule consisting of one chapter every few weeks.

The story was written over about a year and a half, so there is a large improvement in the storytelling and writing style.

You can begin reading the story here: [1]

Now has something resembling the beginnings of a Character Page.


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