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  • Sting's in love with the coco!
  • His inability to say "Worcestershire sauce" in the Kayfabe Kitchen episode on Edge's spicy cocktail meatballs. He gives up later and just refers to it as "the sauce that shall not be named."
    • And then, in the WrestleMania Burger episode of Kayfabe Kitchen he decides to pronunce it and after doing it he starts celebrating... only for the comments section to tell him that he mispronunced it again (WOR-Ches-Ter-Shur instead of Worster-Shur). Then, in the same week episode of Who War It Better he pronunced it correctly after his usual intro with a somewhat defeated expression in his face. Poor guy.
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  • Zane having a flashback to Grand Masters of Wrestling in his Rodman Down Under review.
    [footage plays from Grand Masters of Wrestling accompanied by Nikolai Volkoff singing Hava Nagila]
    Phelous: Uh, Brian, you ok?
    Zane: The horror...the horror!
  • From his Kayfabe Kitchen on Eddie Guerrero's Mexican tortilla casserole:
    Zane: Hey look, a recipe from Eddie Guerrero! [looks at camera] Sad. [reads the recipe] "Perfect for when you're watching XFL football" [looks at camera again] Even sadder!
  • In the video about The Rock's single "Pie", after hearing that part of the lyrics mention that The Rock got "quickly aroused" while driving "near this old farm house", Zane wonders what was the thought process to come up with that line:
    Zane-as-The-Rock: The Rock says damn that cow looks sexy!
  • In the Top 8 Worst Kane Storylines:
  • His Vince Russo impression. Especially because his impersonation of Russo's voice is absolutely perfect. It even had its sequels:
  • In Ready to Rumble:
    • After seeing Scott Caan's character having had sex with his girlfriend after he gave her a t-shirt:
      Zane: And to think, he has a girl in the bed, and all he had to do was to give her a t-shirt, I mean, what an absolutely stupid idea, I mean, just a... just the dumbest... just a... [beat] Excuse me for a minute.
      [gets up from his chair and leaves. Cut to Zane seen outside holding several t-shirts]
      Zane: Shirts for sex! Shirts for sex! I give you a shirt, you give me your body!
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    • His sign-off for the video:
      Zane: I'm Brian Zane and I have some more t-shirts to give out, I'll see you later!
  • "Are these two gonna fight or fuck?!!!!"note 
  • Any time he plays the clip of the ECW Zombie.
  • "Chavo Guerrero and The One Man Gang star in: "Oh God, What Have We Done?""note 
  • His parody music video of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines". It's a lot funnier and less perverted than the original.
  • His reaction to the "heat-seeking" projectiles in the first Backyard Wrestling game.
  • His introduction for Brother Love's fudge:
    Zane: You know folks?! I love fudge... wait, you know what?! I said that wrong; let me start over: IIIII LOOOOOOOOOVE FUUUUUUUUUUUDGE!!!!
  • In one scene in his NWF Kids Pro Wrestling review, there's a clip of the promoter of NWF, Shawn Crossen, telling two of the wrestlers what's going to happen in an upcoming match, while being filmed by a local news station. Zane's reaction is priceless:
    Shawn: You guys are gonna start pounding, right, on us two. Then at the end one of us chooses a comeback-
    Zane: Kayfabe... kay... Kayfabe! KAYFABE!!!
  • In No Holds Barred:
    • Zane's quip in response to Hulk Hogan's love interest hearing what sounds like him masturbating:
      Zane: Oh hoho! Looks like Hogan's making a solo sex tape!
    • His horrified reaction when it turns out it's Hogan doing push ups... nearly naked, ass exposed:
      Zane: Gahhh! Oily Hogan ass! I take back everything I said about Mr. America! Just make it go away!
    • The return of Claude, French super model, who claims that since his last appearance his career took off, he sleeps with beautiful women every night, and that he's responsible for sabotaging Tyler Breeze's career. When pressed, he admits only the last part is true.
    • Zane's response to Hulk Hogan's brother in the film looking nothing like him: a sketch with Zane as the brother to a musclebound, tattooed wrestler.
    • Constantly pointing out how Brell looks like he's horny rather than angry.
  • He made a Let's Play of a Royal Rumble using community-created characters. The whole video is funny, but the best part is when he takes control of the Mighty Maccabee from the Grand Masters of Wrestling videos. A created wrestler of Brian Zane enters and the Mighty Maccabee starts attacking him, with Zane saying "And this is for saying my matches are awful!" "And this is for saying I can't sell!"
  • In his "Wrestling Food Taste Test!" video, Brian and his friend Biggs eat food that ranges from 2014 to the late 80s. When they're about to try Ultimate Warrior's cereal Biggs says this:
    Biggs: I tell ya, some of the stuff we've ate today in age...I mean only someone like Mark Henry when he was dating Mae Young has tasted anything older than this stuff.
    [Zane throws his hands in the air and walks off screen while we hear him burst out laughing]
  • In his video "When Bookers Got It Wrong" The number one entry is Verne Gagne refusing to make Hulk Hogan AWA World Heavyweight Champion because Hogan "wasn't technical enough" to draw, and jokingly says "Verne Gagne was the first Internet Mark."
  • In his Brawl For All video, when he finds out that the reason behind it was because Vince Russo wanted to stick it to John "Bradshaw" Layfield after the latter said he could beat anyone in the locker room, he applauds and says that his respect for him has increased (And considering Bradshaw is known to be a locker room bully back then and that he lost the Brawl For All finals, it can be seen as karma.)
  • His interview with "Broken" Matt Hardy. All of it.
  • His review with Adam Blampied of WhatCulture of Santa's Slay is FULL of these, in part thanks to Adam being in full Heel Mode.
    • Adam pulling a Bait-and-Switch at the start on Brian:
      Adam: And get a load of who directed this Brian. Remember Brett Ratner? The guy who directed Rush Hour?
      Zane: Yeah.
      Adam: Red Dragon?
      Zane: Yeah!
      Adam: Tower Heist?
      Zane: [confused] No.
      Adam: Well, Santa's Slay is directed by that guy...'s assistant, David Steiman.
      Zane: Not even Ratner?
      Adam: Not even Ratner, a phrase that is carved into David Steiman's tombstone.
      Zane: Is he even dead?
      Adam: I don't know, and you're about to not care.
    • Adam's description of the movie's opening.
      Adam: We open on a lovely Christmas Tableau with a dysfunctional family that all hate each other surrounding the dinner table. [cheerful] Sounds like a Blampied Christmas to me!
    • After Adam later discovers that Chris Katan's character, who's groping Fran Drescher's character, is related to her, he hastily denies it's not like a Blampied Christmas.
    • After one of the members of the family in the opening points out that she's glad to not be born Samoan.
      Zane: Hey, it's not so bad; 50/50 odds you're related to The Rock.
    • Adam pointing out a scene where a stripper on a swing accidentally swings her crotch into Santa's face, then pointing out that woman is GOLDBERG'S WIFE and that they met on the set of the movie.
    • Adam's various guesses as to what Santa and the Angel do to compete for the fate of mankind: Lightning Duel, Bear Hunting, Running Across the Sea, Jumping Really High, Sex Decathalon and an Eating Contest.
    • Zane's glee at two odd sentences that he feels would be hilarious out of context "Tell me the truth about Santa" and "If Santa followed you here, we're all in great danger." He then puts the scene in hilarious contexts: Ordering at In-N-Out burger and Midnight Mass.
  • The resolution of the cliffhanger from the Wrestlers in Music Videos list, in which he gets cornered by the Ultimate Warrior. So how does he escape the wrath of the Warrior? By giving him some keys to jingle.
  • The Braun Strowman song. Set to the tune of "Particle Man".
  • The Wrestling Commercials series
    • In part 4, Brian picks up on an accidental stereotype that slipped into one of Booker T's Hungry Man commercials:
    Booker: A whole pound of food men love! Fried chicken...
    Brian: (glares at the camera) Really, y'all?
    • And then immediately after, he notes that the other Booker T Hungry Man commercial took place in a supermarket, then references the supermarket brawl between Booker and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.
  • Several parts of his Wrestlicious review:
    • Brian has a button prepared to stop the footage if it starts getting too painful for him. He decides he's seen enough halfway through the first verse of the opening rap...and discovers the button doesn't work.
    • His reaction to Paige Webb receiving a lewd email:
      Brian: Ah yes, unsolicited dick pics are a constant source of hilarity! Not.
      Mike The Maleficent Love Machine: (snaps a photo of his junk) Ooh, does that mean you won't be endorsing my new catchphrase, then?note 
    • Brian decides to start enjoying the footage of the wrestlers in bikinis, and accidentally leans on the button, causing it to cut the footage.
      Brian: Oh, sure, great! Now the button works!
  • From his review of The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-Wrestlemania:
    Big Show: I thought this was the WWE!
    Robot: Affirmation: World Wrobot Entertainment - the W is silent.
    Brian: Those bastards stole my gimmick! Well now I know how Jim feels.
  • During John Cena's Top 8 Biggest Victims he makes fun of Bray using singing children to intimidate Cena.
    Brian: [In faux-terror] Ahh! They're so adorable! MY EYYYES!
  • In his review of Slammed!, his commentary on the film's realistic portrayal of how women talk:
    Movie: I would kill for one of your boobs.
    Bryan: Just one?


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