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Heartwarming / Wrestling With Wregret

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  • In his "Top 8 Favorite Wrestlers" list:
    • Including "Playboy" Buddy Rose on it. The fact that Zane actually knew Buddy personally due to being trained by him makes this that more touching as it shows how much respect and admiration Zane has for his late mentor.
    • Also his final word on Mick Foley:
      Zane: For the sacrifices he made to his body for profesional wrestling, for his complete and total grace on the microphone and for inspiring myself and countless others to pursue their dreams, Mick Foley will go down as one of the greatest. To me, and to many others out there.
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  • The end of his "Top 8 Worst Kane Storylines" ends up that even if he was into a lot of bad angles he still respects him for giving his all.
  • He reveals in his 100,000 subscibers Q&A video that his wife was the only one who supported his decision to get in to pro wrestling.
  • This speech that he gives towards the end of his Eddie Guerrero video. Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • Part Heartwarming, part Tear Jerker, his video paying homage to his friend Brian Danovich, who committed suicide in 2018.

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