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Rule Number Three: When in doubt, always kick them in the gronk-nuks.

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Part 1

     Beginnings: Part 1  

  • Jim staring at Claire in class with a lovestruck gaze. Mr. Strickler points out not long after that actually talking to the girl he fancies would go a long way compared to just staring at her.
  • After Jim summons up his armor for the first time, he holds up his sword triumphantly. But said sword is too unwieldy for him and proceeds to get stuck in a rock...twice.
  • Jim's epic freak out after meeting Blinky and Aaarrrgghh for the first time.


     Beginnings: Part 2  

  • Aaarrrgghh taking a liking to VHS tapes. That, plus Toby nonchalantly feeding Jim's, likely, mom's tapes like doing so totally wasn't a thing.
  • When Jim goes to Toby's dentist office to tell him about what happened with the amulet, he can't get through because he's getting his teeth fixed. Jim asks how long will it take to be done. Then, we cut to Jim's house, at night, where Jim exasperates that it took eight hours.
  • When Jim is "preparing" to fight Bular, he takes one look at the Troll and responds with a solid "nope" before running.

     Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?  

  • The Amulet constantly returning to Jim no matter how many times he tries to get rid of it. One attempt was hitting the Amulet with a baseball bat, only for it to come back hitting Jim in the head.
  • Bular glaring at Jim through the kitchen window and Strickler has to slowly push him out of view.
    • Jim is too distracted by how horrible his mom's cooking tastes, and proceeds to fix it behind her back.

     Gnome Your Enemy  

  • Jim's presentation — Toby's Nana interrupts with a vacuum cleaner, the Gnome gets out, and he starts to turn back to normal towards the end of it. As one could imagine, it's a Hilarity Ensues situation.
  • The Gnome flirting with the doll in Toby's dollhouse.
    • The soon-to-be-dubbed Gnome Chompski steals the entire episode, really.
  • Just the thought that Jim spent the night shrunk and sleeping in Toby's dollhouse in his room.

     Waka Chaka!  

  • Toby tries to hide the existence of the Trolls from his Nana when she asks who is upstairs in his room.
    Toby: I have more than one friend, Nana!
    Nana: (offscreen) No, you don't!

     Win, Lose, Or Draal  

  • A nosy Troll getting into Blinky's conversation with Jim. And he does it twice. Blinky's exasperation at the Troll is palpable.
  • After Draal decides to stay at Jim's house to protect him and Barbara (and partly because he was disgraced in front of all of Trollmarket), he explicitly states, "I do not clean".


     To Catch A Changeling  

  • Draal eating the bulb from a lamp and them putting on the cover as if nothing happened.
  • Aaarrrgghh, Blinky, and Toby being exposed to laughing gas — which leads to Toby calling Jim while laughing and Jim arriving with everyone still laughing.

     Adventures in Troll Sitting  

  • "Mary Wang's a player?"
  • Chompsky the Gnome is seen again in Toby's dollhouse...dancing with the doll.
  • The first emotion Toby has when entering Claire's room? Excitement over being in a girl's room for the first time.
    • He even takes Claire's lipstick and eats a small part of it.
    Toby: (giggling) This is what a girl's lips tastes like!
  • When trying to find the gaggletack (a horseshoe made of pure iron), Jim stick his hand into the dirty diaper bin.

     Bittersweet Sixteen  

  • Aaarrrgghh having eaten the kitty litter.
  • Barbara's birthday surprise for Jim. He thinks by the way she's describing it, it's the Vespa he's always turns out to be a blender.
  • Jim being chased by a Stalking.
    Jim: Sixteenth birthday, but do I get a Vespa? No. I get a food processor and a killer flying troll!
  • Steve trying to off road Jim, but ends up crashing with a squeaky scream.
  • Barbara telling Jim to come back home on time so they can have a "Celebration". The funny part come from her singing the words and the shocked reaction on Jim and Toby's faces.

     Young Atlas  
  • Jim explaining how kissing works to Draal.
  • Just Jim turning into a jerky Large Ham after getting the Grit-Shaka, from the moment he puts it own, until the point he decides to take on Bular. We get some real good lines out of it, too, not to mention Jim trying to make "crispy" a thing.
    Jim: No kiss then? (gets his re-written "Romeo and Juliet" script thrown in his face by Claire) No skin off my back. Didn't want it anyway! (storms off)
    Eli: Awwwwww! What about the car chase?!
    • When he summons the armor in Troll Market.
    Jim: For the glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command! Holla!!

     Recipe for Disaster  

  • Jim and Strickler doing the whole I Know You Know I Know thing, which includes Jim dropping one of his peas and failing to get it back.
    • Their subsequent duel while Barbara's in the kitchen, immediately pretending like nothing untoward is happening whenever she comes in. Particularly funny is Strickler going on Large Ham rants and threats, only to switch back to human and charmingly say "Decaf for me!" when Barbara pops her head in to ask if he wants coffee.
    • When Barbara comes back with the pie (covered in cream to hide the fact that at one point it was on fire) she comes face to face with Jim and Stickler in what was an armlock and is now an incredibly awkward clasp. They hurriedly pretend to be looking for a contact lens.
  • NotEnrique feeling violated after Blinky, Aaarrrgghh, and Toby use him to unlock something from Strickler's room.


     Claire and Present Danger  

  • Not!Enrique whipping out a sock magazine to see what was in fashion.
  • When Not!Enrique shows up and tells Jim and the others about the goblin attack, Blinky pins him down and Jim makes him let go. When Not!Enrique reveals they think Claire was responsible, Blinky has to stop Jim from throttling Not!Enrique. Then when Not!Enrique reveals that Killahead Bridge is complete, Toby takes a turn at pinning Not!Enrique down.
  • Claire's sarcastic quip after Jim tries to release his armor with the fake amulet.
  • Claire smacking one of the goblins over the head several times with a stick. Jim is impressed.
  • Toby furiously ringing the Nunez's bell to warn Claire, only for Arggh to wave to him out of view that Claire wasn't there. Toby lies and asks Mr.Nunez if he was interested in a magazine subscription. As the door slams in his face, Toby wonders what's got him so annoyed.

     The Battle of Two Bridges  

  • The climactic battle between the Trollhunters and Bular and company begins on a humorously awkward note.
    Toby: (in a dramatic tone) I am Toby! Grandson of Nana! Fan of hard rock!
    Toby's Phone: (smooth jazz begins to play) (cue awkward looks from everyone, particularly between Bular and the captured Blinky)
    Toby: Sorry. Wrong playlist. (shuffles through playlists) Hold on one second. Oh, okay, here it is! (cue rock music and butt-kicking pose, as if nothing happened)
  • Toby gets one on Strickler in Troll form by following the Third Rule with a bat. Overconfident Strickler never saw it coming.
    • Moments before, NotEnrique decks Fragwa, who'd been a pest to him previously. He totally "didn't mean to do that," of course. Somewhat out of left field, Troll-Strickler then kicks the "bad baby" across the room. It happens so abruptly that it's straight up hilarious!

     Return of the Trollhunter  

  • Now that Claire knows about Not!Enrique, she is constantly annoyed by him.
    Claire: Do you know how often I have to change him? He can use a toilet. He chooses the diaper.
  • Claire squees over Troll Market, despite Jim asking her to keep a low profile.
  • Vendel is about to give the team a huge tongue-lashing for letting a new human into Troll Market, when Claire calms him down by giving him a polite greeting in Troll. Which she learned from Jim's book. Vendel says it's too bad the amulet didn't choose her, instead.
    Jim: Hey!
  • When Jim is taken into the Void and told it houses all the dead Trollhunters, he just says "Great, so I'm dead." He just sounds so annoyed.


  • Claire stalls for time when Jim is looking for a costume by singing the national anthem.

    Roaming Fees May Apply 

  • When Jim and Steve are sent to Strickler's office, Jim and Strickler loudly argue about killing each other, only making the slightest effort to disguise what they're talking about. Steve keeps getting more and more freaked out.
    Steve: I'm sorry about the poop jokes! They weren't even that funny!
    Jim and Strickler: Shut up!
  • After Toby and Blinky are swallowed, they realize they have to exit through the, ahem, backdoor.
  • Toby is hesitant to use his phone since they're on another continent and the roaming fees will be terrible. Even though it will save their lives.

     Blinky's Day Out  

  • Blinky's first moments as a human out in the sun are both heartwarming, and hilarious.
    • As the gang steps out of Trollmarket, he stumbles onto a busy street and an angry driver throws a soda can at him. Blinky mistakes it for a snack and attempts to eat it only for him to not being able to chew it and not tasting the same.
  • The gang gets surrounded by Angor Rot's trash golems in the park and must fight them off:
    Toby (holding up a giant rock) Welcome to the rock show! (throws the rock, which barely lands a foot away from him) Well that looked a lot cooler in my head.
  • Blinky attempts to punch a golem, only to realize that his human form isn't as strong as his troll.
  • Toby tries to hide in the dumpsters only for the golem to follow. He quickly climbs out and Claire helps him cover the creature with the lid. Blinky congratulates Toby for his thinking and Toby lies saying he meant to do that.

    The Shattered King 

  • Toby has asked out (and been turned down by) every girl in school except for Claire.
  • When the tribe demands Toby share a song, he improvises a dance with a short chorus: "Boom! Shake the room! Say whaaaaaat?" It catches on.


  • Coach Lawrence continuing to be a hilariously bad teacher.
    Lawrence: (Reading straight from the book) "The human skeleton completely regenerates every 7 years." (To himself) Whoa, is that true? That's crazy!
  • Toby suddenly becomes heavy, forcing Claire to drag him around in a wagon. The two of them are confronted by a cop for skipping school and Claire makes up a story of how Toby is her boneless brother whose wheelchair was stolen and she is taking him to the hospital The officer buys their story and they run away just as they're about to get a ride to the hospital.
  • NotEnrique takes a selfie of him and Toby when the latter is floating by Claire's house pleading for help.

     Where Is My Mind?  

  • A lot of the students' reactions to the Pixies' effects.
    • Steve sees multiple copies of himself all proclaiming to be the real him who is better than the actual him, causing him to panic.
    • Mary Wang thinks someone stole her clothes.
    • Ms. Janeth is apparently onstage with all eyes on her but she can't recite her lines.
    • Toby trying to escape his Nana's kisses. It gets pretty elaborate, too.
  • One of the last things the episode ends on is some of the students agreeing to never speak of that ordeal again.

     Party Monster  

  • Mary Wang hitting on a nameless troll in a darkened room thinking he's a college student.
    Mary: Yeah, this party is pretty crispy. So, umm, where are you from?
    Troll: Underground.
    Mary: Love the underground scene! So, are you like an art major?
    Troll: What is ... art?
    Mary: Wow, that's so deep! We should do something sometime.

     It's About Time  

  • Blinky telling everyone how the crystal works, but ends up wasting two of the three shots that they had.
    Blinky: Ah! Powers of this device are limited to three rules. According to the inscription, if my Salickacious is correct, the first is that only one person can step outside of time.
    Toby: Oh.
    Blinky: Secondly, the time-stopping effect lasts for precisely 43 minutes and 9 seconds.
    Claire: And the third?
    Blinky: You can only use it, uh, three times. Well! Now, we know the rules!
    Toby: Wait! You just used that thing, like, twice!
    Blinky: Well the first was to test its ability and the second, to demonstrate it to all of you.
    Jim: Blink, you wasted our shots!
    • After his second travel, Blinky had put the entire group into weird yoga positions whilst stacking books onto them. Aaargh mutters that he didn't like this magic.
  • Jim deciding to have a little fun in between his tasks including making Senior Uhl stab himself with a pencil and setting up two of Steve's cronies to knock down his book stack and slap him in the ass.
    • Him saving Blinky and struggling to drag his mom out of the stalls and back to her seat, apologizing along the way.
    • Also messing with Strickler while he's at a dentist appointment.


  • Toby's senile Nana finally meets Aaaarrrgghh, and Toby "explains" to her that he is a Japanese sumo wrestler exchange student.

    Angor Management 

  • When Jim's Mom comes home early, Jim and Strickler try to explain all the traps for Angor as "a school project." Then Barbara almost gets cut in half by a battleaxe. And then Draal comes running up the stairs and sets off the rest of them.

    A Night to Remember 

  • Miss Janeth is far too quick to give Toby CPR when he is apparently choking.
    Lawrence: Remind me never to choke.

    Something Rotten This Way Comes 

  • Black Comedy, but the Long List of people Gunmar will murder to get back at Jim includes the obvious ones like his friends and family, but also Steve, Coach Lawrence, and apparently every named character in the show.

Part 2

     Escape from the Darklands  

  • Toby as Jim trying to make Barbara breakfast. It leads her to state that he may be taking cooking lessons from her.
  • Blinky telling the Troll Tribunal that if they're willing to kick out Toby and Claire they should also kick him out. They do just that.
  • The revelation that Strickler's real first name is actually Waltolomew.


  • Steve is still trying to lord his status as Spring King over everyone, complete with staff and crown.

     Grand Theft Otto  

  • Toby goes back to the dentist, just after he got his braces removed!
    • The dentist even tells Toby that he would always service him because his constant trips are helping him put his kids through college.

     Kanjig AAARRRGGHH!!! 

  • Toby insists on trading the staff to Otto like a spy movie. He orders him to stop twenty feet away and throw the antidote to him. Except Otto wrote down the recipe on a piece of paper, so he can't throw it more than a foot. He tries this repeatedly.
  • After the trade is made, Otto has trouble getting back into his car because the goblins keep locking the door.


  • Nomura saves Toby but when he thanks her she growls, "I never liked you."
  • Nomura wrapping a chaining around Toby's waist to swing him across the chasm. Toby mutters that it was a little tight, causing Nomura to angrily loosen it and hiss, "Is there anything else I can get you?" Toby stammers no.
    • She uses Toby to swing them both across and he thanks her for saving him again, she throws him off and says, "Still don't like you."
  • During The Big Damn Kiss between Jim and Claire, AAARRRGGHH covers Toby and his own eyes saying "Private" as he does so, though he peeks.
    • Draal and Nomura have a more squicked out reaction, Draal still considering the practice "savage".

     Hiss Hiss, Bang Bang  

  • Jim being so happy to be home and enjoying all of the simple things in life. Like his alarm, cold and hot showers, his mom's cooking and even Steve!
    • Toby wonders if something's wrong with Jim because no one is happy going to school!

     Hero with a Thousand Faces  

     Just Add Water  

  • The trolls were apparently playing a game of D&D. Blinky notes it to be highly addicting, and the others are also enjoying it.
  • Finding out that a troll arm was being displayed at the rock show in Arcadia leads Blinky to yell, "Who could be so careless to lose an arm?!"
    Draal: ... Wasn't mine.
  • The Slow-Motion Pass-By of Steve and Eli in the car.
  • The end of the episode where it turns out everyone's flour baby except for Toby and Darci's was destroyed, and the Coach's berating of the rest of the class as a result.
    • This line from the Coach: "I weep for your offspring and pray I'm retired by the time they reach high school." Said while genuinely weeping.

     The Creepslayerz  

  • Eli asking Steve what to name their flour baby, causing him to yell, "I don't give a flip!" He ends up saying this phrase at least a few more time throughout the episode.
    • Eli ends up calling their baby Flip.
  • A lot of Steve and Eli's exchanges are gold.
    Steve: This is nutzoid! Why—Why haven't you told anybody?
    Eli: I did. You shoved me into a locker.

    Steve: (Trying to report on what he's learned) Something happened in the bathroom.
    Eli: (Mortified) Isn't this something you should keep to yourself!?
  • The goblin leader using an alphabet toy to communicate to Steve and Eli.
  • Eli and Steve overhearing the troll's D&D campaign and thinking they're actually planning on attacking Arcadia.
  • It's a quick moment but at one point, Eli tries to shake Steve while telling him to Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! but since Eli is practically half Steve's size, he just shakes himself while Steve remains still.
  • Steve having to admit that Jim was the good guy. He sounds like he's been told to swallow poison as he says these words and even shudders in disgust.
  • The end credits have Steve and Eli singing their own theme to the tune of the opening music. They then hang around and comment on the rest of the credits, waiting for their picture which never comes.
    • The dentist gets a picture.

     The Reckless Club  

  • Senior Ul getting stomach pains from eating Toby's breakfast buritto, and the noises coming from that bathroom do not sound like he's having a blast. Toby even notes that there were three ghost peppers in there.
    • The way the kids' faces light up when they realize Ul might be in the bathroom all day.
  • The entire montage of the kids having fun around the school.


  • The alternate reality Strickler anxiously asks what happens to him in Jim's original timeline, and when Jim doesn't immediately answer (distracted by a call from his mother) Strickler starts to wail that Bular likely ate him.

     Mistrial and Error  

  • Blinky keeps pulling out explosives to "intimidate" people, despite having no way to turn them off.

     In the Hall of the Gumm-Gumm King  

  • Understandably the finale of part 2 is a little light on laughs but there's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment when Jim calls Steve for help and Eli is climbing to the top of that rope with the bell at the end. Not only does he meet his objective, he gracefully backflips to the ground, to the astonishment of the Coach. Even funnier is the fact that this is a background event that most people won't notice is just so appropriate for this character.

Part 3

    A Night Patroll 

  • The team has been putting up signs for Mrs. Nunez's campaign all over the area that are covered in wards, to limit the movement of the Gumm-Gumms. One man is extremely insulted by this, since he's running against her.

     Arcadia's Most Wanted  
  • Toby tells Jim that's he currently in a high-speed chase from the law. Cut to outside, he's driving remarkably slow.
  • After spending the episode assuming that the troll Glub has been committing crimes around Arcadia, Toby is surprised to find ordinary human criminals.
    Toby: Wait, so the burglaries were committed by actual burglars?
    Burglar 1: Of course, what did you think? This whole town is crazy!
    Toby: But why did you steal the cat?
    Burglar 2: What? Why would we steal cats?
    Toby: Okay, so that was Glub.
  • When the robbers chasing Toby catch sight of Arrrgghhh, they turn themselves in, jump into the cop car and plead with the cops to take them to jail.
  • At the end when Toby is given a Medal of Honor for helping catch a trio of thieves.
    Nana: Yay, my Toby finally did something!
  • Darci kisses Toby for the first time, on stage.
    Jim: ...and they're still going at it.

    Bad Coffee 

  • After Toby locks all the students out of the school, Darci tries to get back in. Then she realizes she doesn't actually want to go back to school and just leaves.
  • The only thing Senor Uhl loves enough to calm him down is his truck.

     So I'm Dating A Sorceress  

  • Claire telling NotEnrique that she was fine and to stay out of sight. She smashes her locker on his face three times before it fully closes.
  • Strickler attempting to get back together with Barbara. It goes as well as you'd expect and she literally slams the door in his face, his cheek pressed against the cold glass.
  • While Claire getting possessed by Morgana is terrifying, her subsequent behavior is funny for the fact that Lexi Medero (Claire's voice actress) seems to be doing a nearly spot-on Lena Headey voice.
  • Morgana!Claire is utterly terrible at pretending to be normal, bluntly stating her desire for blood, trying to stab Jim during dinner, wearing a Slasher Smile at inappropriate times, etc. Somehow, Toby reads it as the date going well.
  • Jim leaning back as he watches a grind house movie and just dodges a Groin Attack when Morgana!Claire attempts to stab him with her staff.
  • Morgana!Claire frustrated that Jim has never heard of her.
  • Jim hoping Claire could hear this, "Claire, I want you to know that I did not trash your house this time!"

     The Exorcism of Claire Nunez  

  • Strickler approaches the house in an awesome recreation of the iconic shot from The Exorcist...until he steps in something.
  • A Funny Background Event of Morgana!Claire using her telepathic powers to wrap Toby up in a blanket and bouncing him off the mattress.
  • Blinky goes off to find a gag for Morgana!Claire and he also grabs a bat. He spends a few moments weighing on whether to use the gag or the bat.
  • Claire coming back after overpowering Morgana and screams as she sees Strickler holding a knife over her. She then asks if he was planning on stabbing her with it.
    Blinky: No.
    Strickler: Yes.

     Parental Guidance  

  • Claire's dad tries to go into disapproving parent mode but keeps getting distracted by how awesome everything is.
  • While everybody is fighting the blood goblins that stormed the Lake house, Toby's Nana mistakes them for "kitties" and feeds them cookies.

     The Oath  

  • Aaargh catches Toby by his underwear.
    Toby: Oh, I've never been so happy to get a wedgie.
  • Jim faces off again with Angor Rot, but he doesn't go down easy.
    Jim: Rule number three! (kicks Angor Rot in the gronk-nuks)
    Angor Rot: Urgh! Not again!

     For The Glory of Merlin  

  • As Merlin shows the group an illusion of the last battle with Morgana, Blinky proclaims that when he was there everyone including himself was fighting honorably. Gilligan Cut to Claire pointing out a form of Blinky running away from spears with his arms up and asking if that was him. Blinky denies this and quickly walks away claiming that it could have been another troll.
  • Claire's parents worrying when they don't receive a text from their kids. Mr. Nunez says the reason they're worried is because he claims nothing stops a teen from texting.
  • For the adults waiting at home, the fun really kicks off when Detective Scott comes a'calling, catches sight of Dictatious, and is then knocked out by Nana wielding a shovel.
    Nana: Oh, don't be such a bunch of daisies! Help me move the body! (giggles)
  • When discussing how to deal with the somnolent detective, Dictatious has an idea!
    Barbara: We're not going to kill him.
    (Nana quickly hides the shovel behind her back)
    Dictatious: Ooo. In that case, I don't have an idea.
  • Their solution is to pretend that they're rehearsing for an amateur dramatics play, complete with Bad "Bad Acting" and Dictatious and Strickler 'in costume'. Barbara also gets to work out her frustrations on Strickler with a broom handle, much to his dismay.
    Barbara: And now, the Third Rule!
    Strickler: No! Scene! Scene!
    • By the end, Detective Scott is utterly engrossed.
  • After Merlin fixes the amulet, Jim uses a different version of the incantation:
    Jim: For the glory of, well, you, daylight is mine to command!

     In Good Hands  

  • Merlin being fascinated by modern technology as he constantly opens and closes the fridge door.
  • Jim shooing Merlin away from his vespa and catching one of the items the wizard throws before it hits his dear machine.
  • Senior Ul is apparently the principal now, and notifies Jim of his 43 absences. To cover for Toby, Jim asks if he can make up for it by playing the piano and starts hammering away at the keys.

     A House Divided  

  • While everyone is arguing, Jim is staring ahead at a poster, drowning everyone out as he still has yet to get over the shock of his vespa being taken apart to make armor for Claire and Toby. When they finally get his attention back and ask him to weigh in on the situation himself, Jim's response is hilarious.
    Jim: But he broke my vespa.
  • During his duel with Jim, Merlin accidentally steps on the TV remote, turning the TV on. He is immediately amazed by a show starring a giant robot. He believes the TV is a talking crystal. Too bad the distraction doesn't last long.
    Merlin: Huh, a talking crystal.


  • After realizing that Jim was troll just like him Aaargh is giddily bounding around the house like a dog being asked if it wanted to go for a walk.
  • Claire and Jim chasing each other among the trees, and Jim's delight at his new half-troll speed as he teases Claire.
    Jim: Still haven't touched me~. (kisses Claire's cheek)
    Claire: No kissing!
  • Jim finding out he can't eat human food anymore, but now finds appliances and the cooking ware especially delicious.
    Barbara: Are you eating the blender?
    Jim: (holding the rest of the blender in his arms) (beat) Not all of it.
  • Dictatious and Nana watching a crime tv show together.
    Nana: I think the butler did it.
    Dictatious: I may be blind, but even I can spot a red herring from a mile away.

     The Eternal Knight Part 1  

  • Nana calls Toby to inform him that Dictatious has eaten all of the pies and if he's seen their cat. Dictatious claims to not have seen the pet as he happily licks off his fingers.
  • Senior Ul meeting Strickler in his changeling form.
    Strickler: Calm down you fool, it's me!
    Senior Ul: Nein! Nein!
  • Nomura saving Steve and Eli, causing the two to have a Crush Filter on her, much to her annoyance.
    Eli: I've never felt this way before...
    Steve: She's so tall...
    Nomura: (eyerolls) Ugh.

     The Eternal Knight Part 2  

  • Upon possessing a Gumm Gumm, Unkar declares that he'll no longer be unfortunate. Only to be immediately killed.
  • When Jim is leaving with Claire, Blinky, and the other trolls, Not!Enrique's backhanded way of comforting Barbara is to simply hand her and Strickler "a million new babies to raise" (the babies rescued from the Darklands).


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