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Beware of unmarked spoilers.

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    Part 1 
Becoming: Part 1
  • Jim's daily routine shows him making breakfast for his mother and best friend, Toby. And right before he leaves, he tells his mother this: "I love you, mom".
  • Jim standing up for Eli when the young boy is bullied by Steve.
  • Strickler advising Jim to take better care of himself and to actually talk to Claire instead of just staring.

Becoming: Part 2

  • Claire praising Jim for his incredible acting and putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.
  • The end of the episode features this dedicationnote :
    In Loving Memory of Our Trollhunter, Anton Yelchin

Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?

  • Toby sticking by Jim during his initial scuffle with Draal, his fight with Steve, and when Jim challenges Draal to a rematch. That's true friendship.
  • After Jim feels humiliated after his defeat at the hands of Draal, Blinky tells him there's nothing to feel ashamed about.
  • Blinky and Aaarrrgghh looking annoyed at Draal when the Troll makes disparaging remarks against Jim.

Gnome Your Enemy

  • Jim's Spanish teacher showing concern when it looks like Jim is in physical distress.

Waka Chaka!

  • As disturbing as their revenge motto is, the Goblins only do it because they feel that someone has hurt one of their own. It's sweet in a way.
  • Jim and Claire growing closer during their museum trip.
  • Aaarrrgghh joining Toby in "exercising".

Win, Lose, Or Draal

  • When thinking that he will die in his rematch against Draal, Jim decides to give letters to the people he's closest to: Barbara, Claire, and Toby.
    • When he gives Toby his letter before the fight, Toby tells him very firmly that he'll give the letter back to Jim after the fight, and then they'll get tacos.
    • There was also Jim's speech to his mother about how he would never leave the way his father did and he will always love her.
  • Toby hugging Jim after the battle with Draal and is honestly touched by the fact Jim considers him a "best friend".
  • Despite all of the unnecessary antagonism Draal dished out to Jim, the Trollhunter doesn't kill him, but offers him a hand.
  • Jim blatantly threatening a disguised Ms. Nomura in front of his mother when he sees a threat to her.
  • Draal promising to protect and fight alongside Jim for whatever battles come their way. The episode ends with them smiling at one another.

To Catch A Changeling

  • The beginning of the episode starts with Draal acting as a Big Brother Mentor to Jim by teaching him how to refine his swordskills and even smiling with pride when Jim learns to consciously move his sword.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but also at the beginning of the episode, when Jim lets Draal hold his sword, Draal studies the blade and finds his father's reflection proudly smiling back at him.
  • After getting his letter from the last episode, Claire thinks that the monsters Jim fights are figurative. But instead of calling him a "freak" or a "weirdo', she offers him whatever support she can give.
  • It's a small moment, but Strickler gets calmly enraged when Bular takes the death of a changeling as nothing more than that "she served her purpose".

Adventures in Troll Sitting

  • Claire kissing Jim on the cheek after he agrees to watch her little brother.
  • Toby and Aaarrrgghh as roommates — from Toby being happy at just the fact their roomies and both excitedly playing video games together.
  • As creepy as it is, the Goblins show a surprising tenderness towards the kidnapped infants.

Bittersweet Sixteen

  • Barbara and Toby celebrating Jim's birthday. It gets even better when Toby tells Blinky and Aaarrrgghh about his birthday and throw him a surprise party.
  • Even though Claire was angry at Jim for "thrashing her house", she's still happy that he came back to help with the play.
  • Jim using the line "Forgive me" to apologize to Claire and she responds with a warm smile.
  • Blinky getting the Vespa parts of the same model Jim wanted for his birthday. It gets better when Blinky utters the same words Jim's deadbeat dad did but means it. Jim then goes in for a hug with Blinky reciprocating.
  • Blink and you'll miss it but when the Stalkling is released to hunt Jim, Strickler doesn't look annoyed with his co-worker but more like saddened. He worries about Jim and he can't do anything about it lest their plans be ruined.

Young Atlas

  • Mary Wang, a friend of Claire's, pretends that Jim took her seat so that he and Claire can sit together.
  • While it did more harm then good, Draal made a genuine attempt to help Jim about his anxiety with kissing Claire.

A Recipe For Disaster

  • Subtle, but the fact that Strickler goes for taking the amulet instead of killing Jim shows he does legitimately care for the boy.

Claire And Present Danger

  • Gnome Chompsky volunteering to go into the Darklands.
  • Claire not leaving Jim's side when they are attacked by Goblins and Jim doing what he can to protect her.
  • After Jim explains his second life as a Trollhunter, Claire then chides herself for thinking a play was more important. Jim immediately tells her the play must go on.
  • Barbara staying by Jim's side when he has to go to the hospital after his fight with Ms. Nomura.

The Battle of Two Bridges

  • Barbara telling Jim he has some great friends. Jim states that there is no one like Toby. Then, Barbara comments that she was also talking about Claire.
  • Jim thanking Claire for helping him in the previous episode.
  • Even though he's an antagonist, Stickler tells Jim that if Gunmar is released he'll take care of his mother.
  • Draal thanking Jim for avenging his father's death by killing Bular.
  • Aarghaumont Actually killing Bular to protect Tobias. When Tobias worries about breaking his oath, Aaaaargh simply says his life was worth more.
  • The standing ovation the Romeo and Juliet received, as well as Jim and Claire holding hands while taking a bow.

Blinky's Day Out

  • Blinky's pure joy at getting to see the world in daylight for the first time as a human.


  • Toby admits that the reason he was being such a jerk to Claire for the whole episode is because she just so amazing while he thinks of himself as not and he was afraid that he wouldn't have a real place among the team, but Claire quickly states he and Jim are the dynamic duo and nothing will change that.

Angor Management

  • While setting up traps for Angor Rot, Strickler actually admits that he and Jim make a good team.
  • After accidentally scaring Barbara (who they thought was Angor Rot), Draal immediately and politely greets her.
  • Throughout the episode, Strickler makes sure that Barbara is safe from Angor Rot.

A Night To Remember

  • After Jim thanks Strickler for willingly undoing the binding spell the teacher has with his mother, Strickler states he's not doing it for Jim...but for Barbara. This moment and the fact he was about to confess his love for her earlier (had he not been cut off by Jim) shows that Strickler deeply cares for Barbara.
  • Destroying the binding spell is incredibly painful and Strickler cries out in agony, but makes no complaint, and apologises for what he's done to Barbara. Jim is clearly touched by the efforts Strickler makes for her.
  • Blinky gives Jim a Rousing Speech about The Power of Love and how the bonds it forges between humans makes them stronger.
    Jim: You're just saying that to make me feel better.
    Blinky: Of course I am! But I'm also saying it because it's true.
  • Jim and Claire skipping the Spring Fling in favor of a moonlit Vespa ride and awkwardly heartwarming Dance of Romance.

Something Rotten This Way Comes

  • One reason why Strickler decides not to stay in the human world — Because he has no future with Barbara. A subtle moment, but Strickler is respecting Barbara's wishes. Her memories of learning about Jim as a trollhunter and what Strickler did are erased, and he could have just pretended nothing bad happened and continued the relationship. But does he do that? No. He leaves probably one of the few things that made him genuinely happy because those were Barbara's wishes. Doubly heartwarming because until Barbara, Strickler was motivated almost entirely by self interest, but I Want My Beloved to Be Happy proves he is capable of selfless acts. Triply so because it was this that made Jim see the good in Strickler and express aloud hope for Strickler becoming a good person in the future.
  • It's a brief moment but Kanjigar's exchange with Draal is very touching, especially when you consider that the former distanced himself from the latter to keep him safe.

    Part 2 
Escape from the Darklands
  • While in the Darklands, Jim draws a portrait of his friends.
  • Draal deciding to go against the Troll Tribunal when they decide to destroy the Killahead Bridge, leaving Jim to die.
  • Jim making sure Enrique gets out of the Darklands, even though it meant he is caught.


  • It's pretty common in most media for villains to either not care about their children, or flat-out abuse them. So seeing Gunmar genuinely enraged with Jim over the death of his son can get a bit of an "awww"; crosses over into Tear Jerker territory.
    Gunmar: Tell me, Trollhunter... What should a father do to the one who murdered his only son?!


  • When Kanjigar possesses Aaargh, Draal hugs his father for possibly the very first time since he became a Trollhunter. Then later, the two share an affectionate headbutt when discussing the plan to free Jim.
  • The look on Gunmar's face when he mentions his son's death during his rallying speech is one of pure grief and rage. Again, crosses over into Tear Jerker.

The Creepslayerz

  • Steve and Eli actually becoming friends.
  • Steve's Heel Realization when he learns that Jim is actually the protector of Arcadia, not a changeling villain as he had imagined.

The Reckless Club

  • The kids all busting out of detention while Mr. Ubaldo is sick from Toby's burrito. They then proceed to have one of the most fun Saturdays ever. They all admit that their fighting when regular school is in session is ridiculous.
  • Steve protects Eli from a ball of paper.
  • Doubles as a Tear Jerker; Draal when facing death at Gunmar's hand states that he stands for the Trollhunter. Gunmar then realizes he has the perfect replacement for Bular and spares Draal's life to brainwash him to use against Jim.


  • When Jim learns that Draal became the Trollhunter in the alternate timeline, and that Draal was always worthy to wield it.
  • Even though he doesn't get his Vespa or the friendships with Claire, Blinky and Aargh, Jim actually enjoys himself and his normal life.
  • In the alternate future where Gunmar wins, Walter Strickler is the only one who believes in Jim's story! Not Toby. Not Blinky. It's clear why Jim saw him as one of his father figures.

In the Hall of the Gumm-Gumm King

  • When Usurna reveals she is the mole, the trolls go Mass "Oh, Crap!" and assume that she killed the trollhunter to leave them at Gunmar's mercy. Which means they never quite believed the show trial that convicted Jim of treason or that Jim killed Vendel, as Usurna said.
  • Jim calls Steve for help when he realizes the trolls don't have enough sun cover to escape into the woods. He calmly admits to Steve that he knows that Steve saw him fight in the previous episode, and that the trolls need him. Steve and Eli arrive with parasols and sun protection, politely greeting the trolls and escorting them to safety. Eli is also thrilled that all of his questions will get answered.
  • Claire starts to perform her Heroic Sacrifice by teleporting the last few dozen trolls out of Trollmarket. When they realize that she's dying from the effort, with her eyes going black and showing agony, every member of the Trollhunting team reaches onto the staff to take on the burden and save her. This doesn't just mean Jim, Toby, Blinky and Aargh; NotEnrique also goes Big Brother Instinct and holds on tight, yelling at her not to die.
  • Blinky becoming the new leader of Trollmarket.
  • The Reveal that, thanks to their disgrace, Strickler and Nomura have survived the Changeling massacre, and they've returned to Arcada to help Jim.

    Part 3 
Bad Coffee
  • A small moment, but when the corrupt Coach Lawrence begins verbally abusing Eli, Steve tells him to lay off.
  • Jim, Toby, Eli, and Steve have to undo their teachers' possession by Gumm-Gumm ashes by appealing to their humanity.
    • Eli connecting with Ms. Janeth and her being genuinely touched when he tells her she's his favorite teacher. Especially since earlier in the episode she expressed sadness that she didn't feel like she was making a difference in her students' lives.
    • When Steve has to save Coach Lawrence, who, in his corrupted form, blurted out to the other students that he is dating Steve's mom. Steve admits that while he isn't crazy about this, Coach has actually stayed compared to his actual father.
    Steve: You may not be my father, but you are my friend.


  • The Trollhunters and family all helping Jim adjust to his new hybrid form. Aaarrrgghh wrestles with him, he and Claire have a romantic chase through the forest, Toby chases him up three stories when Jim is stressed, and Blinky outright calls him his son, as they all promise to stay with him through the changes he's facing.

The Eternal Knight, Part 2

  • While the finale is a Bittersweet Ending as in Jim now permanently stuck to being a troll-human hybrid and is forced to abandon his human life in order to help the rest of the trolls with Merlin to set up a new Trollmarket at New Jersey, but Claire joins him and both tell Toby that they'll see him again someday.
    • This is coupled with the final lines of the show being a speech Jim previously made about becoming a hero, spoken by Anton Yelchin. It’s then followed by the last text being “This series is dedicated to Anton Yelchin”.

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