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Morgana opened a portal to the Darklands before the final battle.
Evidence:a) Gunmar's army is surprisingly numerous given that most inhabitants of Trollmarket escaped and quite a few Gumm-Gumm soldiers had been killed already. Morgana bringing in reinforcements from the Darklands would explain that.

b)Not-Enrique and Gnome Chompsky do not encounter any Gumm-Gumms in the Darklands.

But most important, c) There is a giant Monster from the Darklands right in Arcadia! This is even lampshaded.

Jim and/or the Amulet of Daylight have become irreversibly corrupted by the Triumbric stones.
It is stated by the notes left by the troll-scholar Bodus that the triumbric stones are supposedly able to - when combined and harnessed - able to slay Gunmar.

In darkest tide when Daylight darest wane,
The Myrddin Wylt obscured a Shadow's bane.
Three forces elemental thou must seek.
In marshland, caverns deep and mountain's peak.
Where worthy perish,
Ye'll prevail in night
And eclipse all who quarry with thy might.

"In darkest tide when Daylight darest wane" may imply that the Amulet of Daylight (on its own, anyway) would be useless in the Dark Lands. How this would be the case may vary (powered by Earth's magic, the dark magic in the Dark Lands would be too strong, a safety precaution to protect its magic, etc), either way, the Trollhunter would be vulnerable should they enter the Dark Lands. The Dark Lands and Gunmar's influence is "darkest tide" and "Daylight" means the Amulet and the very legacy of the Trollhunter "wan[ing]".

"[T]he Myrddin Wylt obscured a Shadow's bane". "Myrddin Wylt" is concretely established to be Merlin (who may or may not be the Amulet's creator) and "Shadow's bane" is presumed to mean "Gunmar's bane", as in "bane (the thing that can harm) of Gunmar". However, why would Merlin "obscure" such a thing? Wasn't the Trollhunter created for fighting the forces of darkness?


"In marshland, caverns deep and mountain's peak" is easily explained for where they could (and have) been found, but "Where worthy perish, [Y]e will prevail in night [A]nd eclipse all who quarry with thy might" is a bit more ominous. "Where worthy perish" could mean that Jim will lose what made him worthy of the Amulet. Perhaps by some traumatic incident that made him resort to using his darker impulses and traumatize him somehow, "[Y]e will prevail in night" representing the abandonment of the valor, glory and virtue found in heroes in favor of the darker side of such power and responsibility, and thus would adapt to the new, darker-looking "Eclipse" armor he is seen wearing in the Season One finale Cliffhanger.

Also, let's not forget about the stones powering the Amulet now. The Triumbric stones are notable for their connection to Gunmar the Black (Lord of Darkness and all that). The first was what remained of the corrupted Heartstone Gunmar was birthed from (the Birth Stone), the second was harvested from the first troll he ever murdered (Killing Stone) and the right-eye of Gunmar himself (the Eye of Gunmar). The thing that birthed Gunmar, the thing Gunmar murdered and the thing from Gunmar. How can such darkness be trusted to end Gunmar so easily?


Lastly, after the new Eclipse armor formed over Jim, he was able to detach the amulet from his armor (something he could not do before) and leave the Amulet behind in Troll Market as he ventured into the Dark Lands. This could be a sign that he was moving beyond Daylight and leaving it behind, and it is possible that if he tried reapplying the Amulet after returning, it would not work (or at least not like how it did).

If all this is true and if the love of his friends and family bring him back to the side of good, one thing can be certain: Jim will never be the same.

  • Jossed. There does not seem to be any negative side-effects in using the Triumbric stones and Jim does not seem worse for wear in using them.

King Arthur was the first Trollhunter.
The Trollhunter is mentioned by Argante as "Merlin's Champion", and the incantation used to activate the Amulet invokes "the glory of Merlin", essentially insinuating Merlin as its creator.

Merlin himself is famous for being the mentor and royal wizard to the legendary British noble King Arthur Pendragon. Many legends surround Arthur have lasted through the ages (the round table, the Lady of the Lake, the Holy Grail), but none more legendary than the holy sword Excalibur. Various interpretations of Excalibur describes it as an impossibly beautiful and powerful sword, where Only the Chosen May Wield. The Sword of Daylight shares many of these traits, the Trollhunter being the only being capable of wielding it (as seen when Jim tired giving it to Draal, only for it to reappear in his hands).

It also does not help that in the first episode, Jim accidentally gets the sword stuck in a rock twice.

Of course this also brings up two possible sub-theories in the process:

  • King Arthur was the first human trollhunter (not Jim) and such a fact became lost to time.
  • King Arthur was actually a troll the entire time and modern day trolls knew this, but not mankind.

Vendel will be brought back to life.
He was poisoned by Creeper's Sun, which the Trollhunters have the cure for. And before someone posts that Vendel was shattered to pieces, keep in mind that Kanjigar was also shattered, but rebuilt into a statue.

The Trollhunter was originally made to hunt all trolls.
While the specific purpose of the Amulet of Daylight is never stated outright, it is clear that it was made as a very effective weapon against trolls. It is incredibly durable - being able to protect a fragile teenage human from punches by a full-grown Gumm-Gumm troll's punches'' - and it is made form, concentrated daylight. It is well-established that most trolls are very vulnerable to daylight, the sun's rays turning them to stone should they be exposed to it.

This also applies to the name "trollhunter". When this was brought up, it is explained away that it only means "hunting bad trolls." Even so, the title seems far to exact for such a dodgy explanation.

If this theory is true, why would the questionably sentient Amulet choose trolls to be trollhunters so often that troll-kind would think anything other than a non-troll trollhunter be preposterous? There could be a number of reasons. Perhaps at some point the Amulet was expertly tampered with so that it dedicates its power to protecting trolls. Perhaps the Amulet itself became so aware that it started deciding how its power could be used. Who knows?

The amulet can reverse sun light petrification.
As Jim constantly says when powering up "Daylight is mine to command", and as seen so far that means the sword literally called and made out of daylight and can also unleashed blasts of daylight from it. But if he can "command" daylight, why can't he command it in the opposite way, as in extract daylight from something? I don't mean as in causing things to become shadow or dark, but to remove the effects of daylight. As in, daylight petrifies trolls but Jim can use the amulet to reverse the effects of said petrification by removing the daylight effect from the troll, returning it to life. Of course, this should and would only work if the troll is not shattered as well. This would also give them a way to resurrect AAARRRGGHH!!! from his petrification as well.

James Lake Sr was called away on a military mission and could not tell his family, having either been captured or killed.
Not much is ever seen or mentioned of James Lake Sr, other than the fact that he disappeared on Jim's fifth birthday after giving him a bike (promising to help construct it with him) right before he disappears unannounced. It is implied that no one actually knows where he is, Jim and the rest only assuming he willingly abandoned his wife and child.

In "Recipe for Disaster", when one of Strickler's knifes get imbedded in a wall, one can briefly see a portrait of what one could assume be Jim's father, him resembling Jim but wearing a pair of glasses and a naval-uniform. This confirms that Jim's father is in some way involved with the military. It is never stated exactly what rank of the military or government position he held, but it is possible that he could have been very high in the hierarchy, so high that whatever called him away prevented him from telling his family where he was going and why.

With the odds of Because Destiny Says So, whatever called away James and kept him away all of these years may be Troll-related, or at least something supernatural happening to keep him from home, finding out his son being the Trollhunter (should he ever appear) become a topic of fascination for the man.

Eli will get in on the action in Season 2.
He knows there are creatures lurking out there in Arcadia. Even if he doesn't officially join the Trollhunters team, he may join the gang on at least one adventure.

Strickler will be the one to tell Barbara about the magical world in Season 2.
Jim did not tell his mom about his Trollhunter life out of fear she would get injured, which would later lead him to fight Gunmar alone because he doesn't want his friends to get killed. So, since it took at least a month for Chompsky to come back (technically, sent back by Gunmar), that may be how long Jim will be there; and since Barbara's memory was wiped, she has forgotten was Strickler did and may even call him to ask if he knows about Jim's whereabouts. This would be some confusion on his part since he thought that Jim already spilled the beans about his new life and for Barbara's well-being, Strickler will tell her everything, even all the bad stuff between him and Jim.

  • Jossed. Strickler does not officially appear until the very end of the season (not counting the alternate timeline presented in "Unbecoming") and Barbara does not learn about the trollhunting or makes that many appearances in the second season.

Señor Uhl is from Argentina.
How else do you explain a German-sounded Spanish teacher?

Barbara and Strickler have been magically linked to the Heartstone in some way.
During the spell Vendel used to undo the binding spell between Strickler and Barbara, the Heartstone began pulsing and glowing in such a manner that when it did so, all of the trolls in Trollmarket unrelated to the situation took notice.

How the magic affected them may depend, as both where inside the Heartstone at the time and the process used to undo the spell over them affected the Heartstone to such a noticeable degree.

Strickler will become an honorary member of the Trollhunters.
Strickler is a changeling that has nowhere to go. He was loyal to the Gumm-Gumms, but he openly abandoned such an ideal for his own interests. His connection to his fellow changelings (the Order of Janus) has been severed, the Order abandoning him when Angor Rot set out to kill him. He has no hope with non-Gumm-Gumm trolls, given both his history with the Gumm-Gumms and the stigma troll society holds against changelings. His ties to the human world are severed after Barbara's memory was erased, the last thing keeping him safe from Jim and potentially the rest of Trollmarket gone (as well as any emotional attachments he kept in his human persona). It won't be long now until he loses his human form when Jim finds his familiar, so he would not be able to build a new life in the human world even if he wanted to.

Where he left off too in the gyre is up for debate, but this theory places him taking a spiritual journey to an ancient location where he comes to the realization about his place in the world, returning to Arcadia a changed man... er, changeling... and dedicates himself to getting back in Jim's good graces. He spends the rest of the series committing acts of good, going along with the Trollhunters and their missions, taking figurative (and sometimes literal) punches from the Trollhunters and the trolls of Trollmarket and commits a public act of altruism so moving and impactful in front of the troll-public that they all raise him as a hero to the people by the end.

At some point we will find out there are multiple Trollhunters.
There almost has to be, Jim currently is a teen he can't travel the world helping out other troll warrens. Even before Jim the world is huge no single individual could protect every troll warren world wide. At some point we will find out Jim's amulet is the original and the most powerful, and the others while not as powerful might give different powers or power boosts to compensate to some degree.So we will find out there are multiple troll hunters who patrol in a large area like a knight errant helping out where and when they can. Otherwise the only option is that Jim is the only troll hunter, which means the other warrens will just slowly be killed off until arcadia is the only one since Jim can't travel and there are no other hunters to help them.

Jim's father is a CHANGELING.
Think about it - the amulet only chooses trolls; check. His dad disappeared out of their lives much like Hohenheim Elric, possibly to either protect them or to get stuff done for the Janus order; check. Strickler had an immediate affinity with both Jim and Barbara, and it didn't work out only because Jim knew they were on opposite sides in the Troll War; check. While he struggled at first, Jim became a natural at wielding both the amulet and all the magic related to it, as well as fitting into Troll Market; check. And, most important Del Toro has said that something in-universe has made it possible for the death of the dubber for Jim not to effect the story. This is because Jim will be gaining a new voice due to 'something that happens in the DarkLands' Del Toro said in a tweet which is likely the fact that JIM HAS TROLL BLOOD and that this will somehow effect him or save his life in the Darklands; double check.

Jim's father is a Troll.
We know there is a Potion that can turn a troll human and that it's got a few days worth of juice in it at the least. According to Vendel it made Blinky fully human and not like the Changelings' Glamours. It's also rare enough to become a part of Gatto's Keep's collection. So, Jim's father, a Troll; takes this potion after falling in love with a human woman {Barbara}. They have a son together: Jim who is human, as his father certainly was at the time. At some point between Jim's birth and his 5th birthday, the potion or one of its ingredients becomes scarce/impossible to obtain/extinct and realizing that he will soon revert to his troll form without regularly taking the potion, rather than endanger the lives of his wife and child Jim's father invents a story that will ensure his son or his wife won't eventually come seeking him out - that he is going to leave and run away with a new girlfriend and does this right before his son's birthday, thereby painting him as a complete jerk and allowing him to more or less disappear off the face of the earth. He never dreamed that because Jim shares heritage with a Troll that he could be picked as a Trollhunter. Plus it was some of the reason Barbara was attracted to Strickler; he reminded her of her ex-husband on a subconscious level. While it's possible that Jim's dad really just was a jerk to the nth degree, naming a child after yourself shows a certain level of investment and pride in having one.

Argante/Morgana is the big bad of Wizards
It seems fairly obvious that she will continue to operate behind the scenes in Trollhunters and possibly even in 3 Below, but won't become a major player until Wizards, where she will be the primary antagonist.
  • Could technically be, since she's not dead and can't be killed, but for the moment being her incapacitation is considered permanent.

Bular will be resurrected in the final season.
You know that set of Trollhunter gems that can be changed out of the amulet and give the Trollhunters special abilities? Gunmar will find one that can resurrect the dead. He starts getting the idea to use it to bring back his best warriors who were killed — starting with Bular. It works (via some troll magic that allows him to use it), and the two share a tender moment (obviously overlapping with Oh, Crap! on the audience's part). However, they both die in the series finale.

Jim's Father is a Wizard
To compete with the 'Jim's dad is a Troll/Changeling'. It's possible he left for some important wizard-related duty and sadly perished during it. It would explain why Jim would be chosen for the Amulet above any other Human, and why Jim continuously proves that he's not a Troll in any shape or form. Considering that they're also going to find Merlin himself in Season 3, we could know soon enough.

Jim's goal in Wizards is to become human again.

To those of you who have not seen Season Three or don’t want to be reminded of its Bittersweet Ending, please stop reading now.

…you still here?… alright then.

With much apprehension, Jim agrees to sacrifice his human life by becoming a troll through Merlin’s spell. It is made clear that this spell is permanent and that when he does it, he will be a troll for good. Merlin has no spell that could reverse it (the closest thing we ever see being a temporary spell done on Blinky by complete accident) and the spell won’t wear off, forcing him to abandon his human life to become the troll hunter 24/7.

It is established that the plot of Wizards will be that the Trollhunters and the protagonists of 3 Below will team-up Avengers-style with newer protagonists to fight some apocalyptic level threat. This is confirmation that the central cast of Trollhunters is not done for good and that we will be seeing a lot more of them later. With Merlin, Blinky and Claire joining Jim on their pilgrimage to New Jersey to set up a new Trollmarket, it is unlikely that they will take this lying down. After all, they all went to such extreme lengths to formulate a plan to enter the Darklands to rescue Enrique. Even if Jim accepts his fate, his friends sure as hell won’t and will try and find the closest thing to a cure.

And with the name of the show being Wizards, it is very likely we will meet various mages and spell casters that have learned to use magic in a modern age, possibly discovering spells and forms of magic the antiquated and ancient Merlin did not even dream of yet… or at least vow to help him on his quest to regain his lost humanity.

  • Jossed, though Jim does turn human again. It was just by accident.

Jim will likely experience symptoms of PTSD in Rise of the Titans

If you haven't watched Wizards, SPOILERS!

Jim may have had such an exciting adventure throughout his journey as the Trollhunter. However, during his time in the past, fighting off the Green Knight's shard of evil magic that left him critically injured and openly defenseless. After returning to the present, he was corrupted into a full-on troll and left under the Green Knight's control.

Although he does regain his humanity, thanks to Claire's undying love for him, it shouldn't wave off the fact that Jim could experience psychological/emotional trauma after everything the Green Knight and the Arcane Order have put him through, along with the rest of his genuine near-death experiences and the choices he's made in the past. Jim would question his self-worth if he even deserves to wield Excalibur (due to his corruption), experience nightmares of the Green Knight and his full-troll form (and maybe even his half-troll form, lecturing him on all of the consequences his choices/sacrifices effected the world around him), and/or keep his mental trauma a secret from his loved ones to keep them from worrying. However, this would be EXACTLY what he did with his mother when he kept his Trollhunting a secret from her, so, of course, his loved ones would still worry for him anyway.

And even though he'll try to live a normal life, it's not the same life he would try to live, now that Arcadia knows the existence of the supernatural. Of course, now that he's freed from his position as the Trollhunter, he would likely question what his true purpose would be now.

Jim may also have a scar on his chest where King Arthur stabbed him with his shard, which can symbolize Jim's internal turmoil and how he's not fully healed from everything he went through. He would still feel flashes of pain (which is not physical, but mental, yet it feels like it hurts).

One of the major plots of the film would be Jim trying to heal himself from his internal conflicts/turmoil and prove to himself that he's worthy to wield Excalibur, lead the Guardians of Arcadia, and save the world from the Arcane Order.

The Amulet of Daylight transferred all of its light magic into Jim before its destruction

Again, haven't watched Wizards? SPOILERS!

It was confirmed by Aaron Waltke that the amulet has its own "life", so (technically speaking) it knew that it would be destroyed once King Arthur would use it to resurrected his sister, Morgana, from the Shadow Realm. So, in order to keep its magic alive, in case Jim was ever freed from his corruption, it transferred all of its magic into him, turning him into a Living Battery of sorts. Also, he'd still be able to summon his armor and weapons without the amulet (and without the incantation). Although, he and everyone else would be unaware of this. And, you know, as they all say, opposites attracts (Jim would have light magic while Claire is dark).

However (if the above is ever true), if Jim does show signs of PTSD, it would likely trigger the dormant daylight magic in Jim. To add more fright to his own nightmares, his light magic would make his full-troll form and the Green Knight real, manifesting from Jim's conflicts and pain. Like how Douxie helped Claire master shadow magic, he would try to help Jim heal himself from his internal pain and control his magic.

And if Jim were to wield Excalibur, Jim's new light magic combined with the sword's might would add much more power if Jim is ever gonna defeat the Arcane Order, along with the rest of his friends.

Jim is a demigod


First of all, Lake is his last name. That seems to have to do something with the Lady of the Lake, Nimue, so maybe they're related? No one has a clue of where his father, James Sr., came from, and his mother, Barbara, is completely human. It makes one wonder if Jim is actually a demigod himself, just like the Arcane Order, since there's still the possibility that James Sr. and Nimue could be related in a way, as Nimue is mentioned to be a goddess. Perhaps Nimue is James Sr.'s great great grandmother or something?

Also, it's highly unlikely that Steve is worthy enough of wielding Excalibur. He did promise that he'll reform the Knights of the Round Table, but to be honest, Steve can be quite cowardly, as he ran from Bular and had Nimue fight him off for him. Jim, on the other hand did a lot of admirable things, as he was the one who killed off Gunmar and indirectly Bular, saved the trolls from Trollmarket when Gunmar took over, and resisted killing Draal when Gunmar tried to get him to do it, so I also think that he has a stronger will than Steve does.

Next, Jim is a foil to King Arthur. Jim moved on from his losses, still cared about the magical beings in the world, and was willing to sacrifice himself to save his friends from Morgana when she was still evil. King Arthur, on the other hand, never moved on from Guinevere's death, hated magical beings even when he was a boy (Guinevere's death pushed him into his extreme, genocidal crusade against them), and indirectly led to Morgana's death when he sliced off her hand.

Finally, after Jim was wielding the Sword of Daylight at his house, he accidentally got it stuck in a boulder, and tried to get it out but couldn't. However, he eventually got it out. It is highly believed that this is a foreshadowing of his wielding of Excalibur.

Arguebly, Jim was destined to wield Excalibur from the very beginning. Daylight was meant to help prove he's worthy while Excalibur will be his final weapon. The reason why he was unable to pull it out the first time was because he gave up and believed he couldn't do it, as he even questioned if he was still the Trollhunter since he no longer had the Amulet of Daylight. Due to all of this, I think that all Jim needs to do to wield Excalibur is remember the lines, "I'm the Trollhunter, Amulet or not", and believe in himself, that he can pull out Excalibur and that he is worthy of it, and one day, he will pull out Excalibur and wield it as if it were his own.

Instead of becoming a full blooded human, Jim will get turned into a changeling.

Allowing him to return to his human life.

  • Jossed. Jim becomes fully human again by the end of Wizards.

The cell reception in Trollmarket.

All the crystals in Trollmarket amplify cell signals, allowing for reception.


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