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The ultimate Big Bad of Tales of Arcadia will be...
An alien wizard who is actually the progenitor of the entire Troll race.
Akridians are aware of the existence of magic
Aja and Krel don't seem surprised when they see a magical item or event (Gumnar's Invasion, Toby's Hammer, Zoe's Store). Considering that your species has interstellar travel and has contacted several alien species, it is possible that they have encountered one or more whose technology is based on magic, it should not be surprising that humans also used it.
  • Considering how their weapons have both the same blue glow as the amulet of merlin and the exact same effect on trolls as well as how Krel and Douxie discover that the alien tech and magic work very well together, my theory is that both powered by the same source of energy. If that's the case, then their technology might be a form a Magitek itself.