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The plot will begin before the events of "Good Hands."
It's pretty obvious, really. The series will most likely start with how the aliens got here and might even repeat the events of the episode they first appeared in, from a different perspective.
  • Confirmed.

Zeron Alpha, will undergo a Heel–Face Turn.
Realizing, the pain of loss and grief, he brought upon many, after feeling it himself, loosing his own team, Zeron will realize, this pain is unjust, and help defeat Morando, so that no one will experience this awful pain, any time soon.
  • Jossed. Alpha remains a villain until his last appearance, gloating that he and his brethren were employed by Morando to target Vex's family so he'd be swayed into helping Morando bring down House Tarron, after which Vex kills him.

It will turn out that King and Queen Tarron are not be as good as they seem
I’m going to be honest, I came up with this theory due to originally misinterpreting to a spoiler I accidentally saw on here. But it did make me think of this theory so here it is.. What if Aja and Krell’s parents (who I forget the names of... do we even know their names? Anyway....) will not be as good as they seem. Perhaps the motivation for the soldiers who joined the Coup will be given a reason. One thing which lead sme to believe this is
the King’s refusal to go after the Brotherhood after the attack which killed Vex’s family. Even if you are a pro-peace kind of leader it is pretty strange to ignore those responsible for a terrorist attack which killed hundreds of civilians. This either suggests he either has an Honor Before Reason approach to his commitment to peace or perhaps he is secretly dealing with the Brotherhood.

While the second possibility is very unlikely it is still strange that despite clearly having an army and also have a law which dictates punishing treason with death that they wouldn’t go after the Brotherhood.

So perhaps at the very least the King and Queen aren’t as good of rulers as some believe. And the soldiers who helped overthrow them aren’t just doing it just for power.

Another reason why this is possible is that it would create another obstacle for the main characters. Since the King and Queen will have to regenerate eventually, if they really are as competent and good as they seem then it might lower the stakes and take away agency from Aya and Krel (who would likely defer to their parents on what to do).


If they are bad or at the very least don’t make the best choices then it would give Aya and Krel a reason to defy them thus allowing them to be able to take charge and fight their own way.

(On a side on I just finished binge watching the entire series for Trollhunters to this one, a few minutes ago. And it was.. well, GLORIOUS! Also sorry if I got anything wrong in spelling or information, it’s late and I just finished binge watching the series.)

Season 2 will be all about the aftermath of Gunmar's invasion.
The Season One finale of 3 Below is essentially the series finale of Trollhunters. Gunmar and Morgana invades the surface. The people of Arcadia are struggling to put their live back together after the aftermath. Their homes and jobs are rubble and they may even be mourning the casualties of the conflict. The existence of otherworldly beings like Trolls have left everyone in Arcadia on edge. Tensions will be high. There might even be radicalized hate-groups who see monsters where none exist and try to enact their own brand of justice akin to witch hunts.

Col. Kubrits and her agency at Area 49-B - who are established as being xenophobic crusaders - will see all evidence of the troll-invasion and the alien's presence and will set up shop there. Not only will she be the one responsible for all suppression of the invasion from being broadcasted outside of the town to the rest of the world, but she will also establish a draconian hold on the town. Arcadia might even be Quarantined with Extreme Prejudice similar to the likes of Seattle from Infamous Second Son and Gotham in Batman: No Man's Land. People needing to pass through detectors as they walk into school or move to different parts of town, unlawful searches and seizures, agents with guns bullying the populace with complete disregard for the rights of the citizens. The aliens and Aaarrrgghh!!! will be in-danger, their allies doing everything they can to keep Kubrits from discovering them. Oh yeah, things have just become Darker and Edgier!


A perk would be the reveal of James Lake Sr. showing up, revealing that he was not being unfaithful to his wife, but rather was called in due to issues of national security and has now set up shop in Arcadia out of a twisted desire to protect his wife and mysteriously absent son.

  • Jossed.

Kubrits will part of a Big Bad Duumvirate in Season 2.
But she and Morando will not join forces.
  • Jossed.

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