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  • Senor Uhl demonstrating he's not as heartless as we've made him out to be in Trollhunters as he learns Aja and Krel have been forced to flee their home following General Morando's coup, then promising to make sure no harm will come to either of them as long as they are in Arcadia Oaks High.
  • The Blanks going Mama Bear and Papa Wolf respectively on a tied up Stuart asking about him threatening their "children". It's the first hint they Grew Beyond Their Programming when Vex shoos them away to interrogate Stuart personally.
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  • Blinky promising that Aja and Krel would reunite with the Trollhunters in "D'Aja Vu".
  • Stuart's overall loyalty to House Tarron.
  • Pretty much everything about Steve and Aja's blossoming relationship. Even though he'd been suspicious of the presence of aliens in Arcadia, Steve is enthralled to see Aja's true form for the first time in "Truth Be Told." Aja in turn is thrilled that her boyfriend truly does love her for who she is.
  • The clear reverence and awe in Kanjigar's body language when he takes Gaylen's Core from Queen Coranda.
    • The fact that the meeting between the trolls and the Akiridion royal couple took place at the Kissing Tree, sentimentally an important place to Aja as well, as the site of one of her more romantic moments with Steve. The place where she really fell in love with Earth's natural beauty is right where one of the most sacred exchanges in her people's history took place.
  • The students of the fake summer school standing up to Colonel Kubrtiz in defense of the royals is an example of awesome and heartwarming.
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  • Sergeant Costas's Heel–Face Turn in the same episode as well, showing that he has more moral decency than his superiors.
  • Steve and Coach Lawrence watching the premiere of DJ Kleb together. When the final battle starts Steve takes a moment to tell the confused gym teacher that he is who is now thanks to his example, bringing out the Manly Tears.

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