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Headscratchers / 3Below

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  • Why does the Royal Family talk with an accent when none of the other Akaridions on their planet (except for maybe General Mirando) do? Varvotos, Zadra, Izita, the Adviser with the Hammer Head, and the random Alien Families all show they don't have the Accent of the Royals, and since their society doesn't appear to be feudal, divided or poor, it doesn't make sense for there to be differences in vernacular and speech patterns between the Royal Family and literally everyone else...
    • Given characters have widely different accents seemingly unrelated to their social status (Varvatos and Zadra seem to both be of similar station but one has a midwestern American accent and the other Queen's English), it's possible light-based lifeforms in Akaridion-5 develop accents as individualizations of their speech patterns rather than linguistic developments. In other words, their accents are more like speech patterns/impediments (like humans who speak too fast, with a lisp or stutter) for them than what we perceive as accents.

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