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  • Just listening to Nick Offerman ham it up as Vex, loudly declaring glorious death in every other scene he's in.

Season 1


     Terra Incognita Part 1 

  • What human disguises does Mother choose for the group that no one pays attention to? A girl for Aja, a Latino for Krel, and an old man for Vex.

     Terra Incognita Part 2  

  • The aliens experiencing earth.
    • Krel helps a girl scout with a rocket ship ride by actually making it fly off to somewhere in Arcadia.
  • Krel tries "covfefe" but hates it, Lugg ends up drinking it and is on a caffeine rush.

     Mind Over Matter  

  • What are one of the three rules of being a human? When in doubt, play with your phones.
  • To try and distract Steve from Eli, Aja knocks over a moon rock stand while holding onto the rock. She then dramatically calls for help as she holds it.
    Aja: Oh no! Help! Somebody strong, and brave, with golden hair!
    Random Boy: I got you!
    Aja: (stopping him with her hand) No. Somebody else!
    Random Boy: (backpedaling) I don't got you.
  • Miss Janeth sees Krell on the solar system model, cue plenty of jokes involving the planets. Especially that particular planet.
    Miss Janeth: (Uranus crashes into the wall) You just dislodged Uranus!
  • Aja and Krell believing that Steve was the alien, with Aja saying that he must play dumb really well. The next scene shows Steve choking on his burrito.

    Beetle Mania 

  • Aja and Krel spend the entire episode blaming the other for bringing the bugs to Earth.
  • Steve is still crushing hard on Aja.
    Aja: I believe the golden-haired human exalts me above other humans.

    Collision Course 

  • While Coach Lawrence is distracted by Krel's insane driving to avoid the bounty hunters, Eli starts driving crazier and crazier until he screeches into a perfect parallel park at sixty miles per hour.
    Eli: I did it! I Tokyo Drifted!


    D'aja Vu 

  • Krel plans to use his victory in the science fair to talk to the judges, the "finest minds on the planet." Coach Lawrence and Miss Janet walk in. Then Lawrence awards first prize to Steve's terrible volcano without even looking at Krel's project.

    Flying the Coop 

  • Vex instantly falls for Nana, especially when she easily beats him in chess.
    Phil: He never compliments my hair.
  • Birdy is briefly stymied by the Tarron "invisible force field." That is, the window.

    Party Crashers 

  • Aja has apparently never seen fire, and tries to hug the bonfire.
  • Mary names the Steve/Aja ship "Staja" and complains that Aja can't break up with him because "we just made Staja a thing!"

    Lightning in a Bottle 

  • Vex spends the entire episode chasing after Chompsky (who he believes is a cat) who has stolen Aja's serrator (which Chompsky believes is a doll toy). Chompsky figures out how the serrator works and gives Vex a real fight.
  • When Nana mentions that her cookies are "poison" (for pets), Vex pulls a massive gun out of his serrator. Nana doesn't notice because she was cleaning her glasses.
  • Aja and Krell running into Not!Enrique who's raiding the fridge. When he angrily tells them off, they just shrug their shoulders and close the door.
  • Steve tries to find Aja's serrator, worrying over the fact that she might not date him again because he lost it.

     The Arcadian Job  

  • The blanks accidentally distract the entire base by serving tacos.


     Truth be Told  

  • Aja is trying to rescue Steve, and instead of finding him strapped to a table, finds him riding a cow and ringing a bell trying to get it to ram the door.
  • Aja's disguise wears off after she jumps out of the ship to catch Steve in mid-air.
    Steve: You're an alien!?
    Aja: Yep!
    Steve: You can fly!?
    Aja: ...nope!

     Last Night on Earth  

  • Aja smiling dreamily at Steve who had just finished a love ballad song for her in the Battle of the Bands. It's screamo style shouting, acoustic guitar, and background pan flute.
    Aja: Do you think we can make it work as a long, long, long distance?
    Stuart: Of course!
    Krel: No!
  • As the Troll war is beginning, Aja, Krel and Stuart are confused at these newcomers.
    Stuart: Nastier than any earthlings I've encountered, and I've been to Florida!
  • Stuart runs towards a fence and as he jumps on it, it falls under his weight.
  • Varvatos combines this with awesome shattering a Gum-Gum in an alleyway seconds after he shifts into his normal form.
    Varvatos: Glorious.

     Bad Omen 

  • When Eli tries to tell Steve about the aliens, Steve says "pics or it didn't happen." He's congratulating himself on keeping the secret... until he realizes that Eli is actually running off to get the pictures.

Season 2

    Moving Day 

  • Eli's alien trap actually worked because he baited them with nougat-nummies. On Zadra, of all people.
    Zadra: None of my battlefield training had prepared me for the temptations of these delicious confections.

    Moonlight Run 

  • Foo Foo the Mighty's "intriguing" backstory.
    (Blasts the shit out of the bounty hunter holding Krel, then points his weapon towards the latter)
    "And now yours will be, too!"

    Dogfight Days of Summer 

  • Varvatos tries to convince Darcy's dad that an alien invasion is coming, but can't get his disguise to turn off. Apparently there are "real emergencies" going on... such as an old lady stealing shopping carts.
  • Krel programs a Bullet Hell game to trick Earthlings into piloting Akkaridian parking enforcement drones against Morando's ship. Morando is not amused.

    Mother's Day 

    Ill Gotten Gains 

  • Mary brings up "Jim Lake Disease" again, and mentions that she donated money to Toby's "walk for a cure."
  • Colonel Kubritz's men are significantly less evil than she is, and spend most of their time doing a terrible job of keeping the kids under control.
    Mary: If we don't have Jim Lake Disease, then why is that creepy guy here? [points to guy in hazmat suit]
    Sergeant Costas: That's just Tim.
    Tim: Hello!

    There's Something About Gwen (Of Gorbon) 

  • Gwen finally gets over Stuart by eating the ceramic object they made together. After it's gone she's completely flippant and doesn't care about him in the slightest.

    Asteroid Rage 

  • Krel calling a screwdriver "an engineering abomination!"
  • Toby accidentally hitting a soldier in the "gronk-nuks" with a can of soda, complete with a Stock Scream.

    Luug's Day Out 

    The Fall of House Tarron 

  • Aaargh tries to hide behind tiny bushes that are nowhere near big enough to conceal him. When a soldier spots him, he wacks the soldier with the bush.

    The Big Sleep 

    Race To Trollmarket 

  • Toby tries to do the huge, epic reveal of Trollmarket... but with the heartstone dead, it's little more than a dark cavern. Aja and Krel are not impressed.

    A Glorious End Part 1 

  • Toby's movie lasted all of two seconds before Colonel Kubritz trashed everything looking for the Tarrons; Toby is still curious what everyone thought. In the middle of a huge fight with Omen robots.
    Eli: We didn't really get a chance—
    Steve: I have some notes.
    Tony: Everyone's a critic.

    A Glorious End Part 2 
  • After having been told that there is a world ending threat coming to Arcadia by a talking cat, Toby and Arrrgh are left stunned. Steve though?
    Steve: AGAIN!? (Starts screaming to the high Heavens)

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