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Fridge Brilliance

  • In "Flying The Coup", Senor Uhl doesn't hesitate to defend the Tarron siblings from accusations they're illegal immigrants. While it seems like an Everyone Has Standards moment at first, it makes even more sense when you remember he’s an immigrant from Austria; it’s very likely Uhl has been on the recieving end of xenophobia himself.
    • This would also explain why Uhl gets incensed when the term "illegal aliens" is used; it brought up some bad memories for him, and he knows first hand it's not fair for anybody, especially two teenagers, to be called that.
    • And earlier, Senor Uhl becomes sympathetic to Aja and Krel when they mix in some truth to their on-the-spot backstory, namely the bit about fleeing their homeland because of a coup by a dictator. Again, Uhl is from Austria; while it would have been before his time, it is likely that his parents and/or grandparents would have experienced the Pre-WWII Nazi takeover first-hand.
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  • The Blank Robots being nicknamed Ricky and Lucy isn't only appropriate for the I Love Lucy shout-out and the Akaridion's knowledge of Earth only being from the 1950s. The TV couple consisted of a Mestizo-Latino male character and a blonde Caucasian female character, which perfectly describes the human forms Krel and Aja adopted to hide out on Earth.

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