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Fridge Brilliance

  • In A Night To Remember, Claire's realization that Angor Rot stole her purse for the key to Trollmarket seems out of nowhere as she and Jim are dancing. However, listen to the song they're dancing to a bit closer and you'll realize that the music has a sound similar to that of jingling car keys!
  • The armor upgrades that Jim needed in Season One weren't to defeat Gunmar per se, as the previous Trollhunters claimed; they were to protect him from Gunmar's brainwashing blade.
  • Strickler while being a co-dragon to Bular makes several points that end up proving legitimate:
    • Attacking Barbara and Jim in their house would break the masquerade and be an unnecessary risk. The Janus Order needs the Trollhunter and his amulet alive to open Killahead Bridge, and Draal ends up protecting Jim. Also, the two times Jim is attacked breaks the masquerade for Draal and Claire respectively.
    • Gunmar doesn't care about changelings, so they should look out for themselves. Gunmar later wipes out the Janus Order after regaining his full strength.
    • Blowing his cover to Jim — something Bular does — makes stealing the amulet and later on using Jim to open the bridge more complicated. Jim refused to believe that Strickler was a changeling until he saw direct evidence, and he was devastated because he saw Strickler as a father figure.
  • Nomura drugs Barbara before engaging into battle with Jim, rather than take his mother as a hostage. It shows that unlike Strickler, who battled while Barbara was next door and later used her against Jim, Nomura is more pragmatic but has some standards about involving civilians. Yes she also beats up Jim to a pulp later and would have killed him likely after he had opened the bridge, but she only goes after him and no one else. She also respects strength, while Strickler respects kindness. It also foreshadows that both changelings eventually warm up to Jim and he saves their lives, but for different reasons: Nomura pities him for being full of hope in the Darklands as Gunmar repeatedly sends him into battle, while Strickler is grateful that Jim defends him after the bond with Barbara is broken.
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  • The fact that Jim, Blinky and Merlin are looking for a troll colony in New Jersey. Aside from the state's reputation as a general Weirdness Magnet, there's also the fact that, despite what the media tends to insinuate, there's whole regions full of vegetation, mountains and caves— perfect for trolls to live and/or hide in. (And then there's the infamous Pine Barrens....)
  • A minor one, but judging from the photographs on jim's house his mother went back and graduated from medical school as an older adult, which would explain Jim's prodigal cooking skills, as his mom was busy studying and doing shifts he had to learn to cook for himself and his mother who had no time to attend his needs because of her busy schedule. Also very heartwarmimg.
  • In The Cosmere, red generally symbolizes "corrupted" Investiture, magic that has somehow been altered from its natural state. This explains why the Eclipse armor has red Tron Lines even though neither Gunmar's powers nor those of the Daylight armor are red: using the Triumbric stones in the Trollhunter amulet "corrupts" them, turning them against the one to whom that power rightfully belongs.

Fridge Horror

  • This is definitely more trill Fridge Heartbreak but Aaaaaaargh got his name from people screaming 'Aaaaaaargh, no no, please stop!'. He thought they were screaming his name, not just screaming.
  • Another Fridge Heartbreak, but changelings used to be trolls before they were taken and forced to be Changelings. And they are neither welcome as humans or as trolls. What if they don't desire to serve Gunmar, like NotEnrique? Does this mean that their village would reject them if they attempt to come back?
  • If you're a changeling, and working for the Janus Order, you're lucky if you can defect for love, the way NotEnrique did for his "sister" Claire, get disgraced and kicked out like Strickler, or blamed and imprisoned by Gunmar like Nomura. When Gunmar gains his full strength, he wipes out all the changelings loyal to him. Only three changelings — Nomura, Strickler and NotEnrique — survive the bloodbath, precisely because they didn't pass muster.
  • Gunmar in Season Two was preparing to brainwash Jim and turn him into Bular's replacement. Try not to imagine how Trollmarket would have to protect itself against a trollhunter with no new champion for the amulet, and someone who could open Killahead bridge.
  • Draal didn't die in the alternative timeline because he was incompetent. He died because he didn't have Jim's circle of friends, Jim's All-Loving Hero personality, or forewarning about the bridge. Jim was really lucky to survive the Battle of the Bridge.
  • Jim has been kidnapped and gone missing for a minimum of two days at least once and it probably will happen again. Imagine how terrified Barbara must feel.
  • When Morgana has possessed Claire and is trying to tempt Strickler into siding with her, promising that he can win Barbara's heart — she's wearing Barbara's form. Meaning she's trying to seduce Strickler in a body that currently looks like a grown woman, but is still that of a sixteen year old girl.
  • As of the finale, Jim is now half troll. Given how long-lived full trolls are, there's a very strong possibility Jim will end up outliving all his human friends and family.
  • Season Three sees every familiar rescued from the Darklands. That means hundreds of Changelings, children as well as adults, will permanently revert to their troll forms. Imagine being the unwitting parent of a baby that suddenly transforms into a monster and then discovering your real child was kidnapped and frozen in time. (Though the majority of adult Changelings are already dead, from Gunmar's massacre of the Janus Order base. Any living relatives of their familiars will likely just never know what happened to them.)

Fridge Logic

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