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     Episode 1: End. Begin. All the Same. 
  • The Ritual Master's perturbed reaction when the Crystal ceremony fails is pretty amusing.
  • The juvenile way Rian and Mira snatch some food off the cart that some Podlings brought, with Rian claiming it was to "inspect for poison". Going off the way they say "See you tomorrow!" and Mira laughing that "They never learn" they likely do this on a daily basis.
    • He's later miffed that the Podlings snitched on him and Mira to his father.
    Rian: (grumbling) Tattle-tales...
  • Rian decides they should go Spitter hunting, but he and Mira don't know who else to take. In comes Gurjin who's eating some fruit and asking the two if they've ever tried it. They both turn to Gurjin and then slowly walk up to him, with Gurjin's voice shrinking with fear.
    Rian: How's my best friend today?
    Gurjin: What? What? What do you want?
    • Gurjin is then grumbling throughout their trip down in the tunnels.
    Gurjin: Ugh, this happens every time. You say, "Let's have an adventure, Gurjin". "It'll be great fun, Gurjin", but it never is!
  • The Collector, skekLach telling off Brea for wanting to see the Scroll-Keeper's library, claiming that his once beautiful face became disfigured by knowledge.
    skekLach: Do you see this face?
    Brea: Uh-huh.
    skekLach: Once, this was a beauuuuutiful face! (pus oozes from one of her pustules) Then came knooooowwwleeeeeedge.
    skekOk: Oh, hush! Such rubbish! You were never beautiful!
    skekLach: I remember...
    skekOk: Never. (He breaks into a mad cackle)

     Episode 2: Nothing is Simple anymore 
  • Aughra's Podling assistant's morning routine, as he eats some oatmeal, some of it falls to the floor and all he can do is sleepily roll his eyes in annoyance.
    • As he tries to comb his hair, he ends up shaking his head muttering "uh-uh" and shaking it until it's all messy which he approves of and kisses his reflection.
  • Aughra waking up, coughing up dust and rolling off of her seat onto the poor Podling.
    • As she realizes her legs are still asleep, she yells at them to wake up while hitting them. The Podling starts to run off to call for help which Aughra doesn't appreciate.
    Aughra: Get help? I am help!
    • She initially thinks to ask the Mystics what's going on but quickly reconsiders that they'll be no help ("I have no time for riddles."), as anyone who's seen the film likely nods in agreement.
    • Really, almost anything Aughra says that isn't profound and wise tends to be really, really funny.
  • The animosity between the Skesis can be incredibly entertaining to watch.
    Scientist: (Friendly tone) General!
    General: (Venomous tone) Weakling.
    Scientist: Oh.
  • Deet becoming friends with a stray fizzgig and even petting his belly when he rolls over. However, another fizzgig shows up and the scene plays out almost like a girlfriend walking in on her boyfriend cheating.
  • After dreamfasting with Rian, Gurjin decides to follow him and help him escape. He then asks if Rian had a plan.
    Rian: Yes. (beat) But you're not gonna like it.
    Gurjin: ...Ah.
  • Hup's introduction, despite being more aggressive than the normal Podlings, he still makes an effort to fight off the Spitter. With a big wooden spoon.
    • When he gets webbed up, Hup yelps out "Disaster", before chattering to Deet in his language. We don't get subtitles, but it's clear Hup's saying something along the lines of "It's okay, it's okay. Don't panic, everything's under control!"
    • After he gets caught in the Spitter's silk, Deet tries to help him but accidentally slams him into it. Surprisingly, it works!
    Hup: Jeje Podling justista!
  • Hup showing off his spoon, which takes Deet a beat to realize he sees it as his sword.
  • After Brea switches drinks with Elder Cadia, he tries to attack her only for Onica to hit him with a pan. His last word before going unconscious? "Bugger." And when he wakes up, he says hello to everyone, having entirely lost his memory.
    • Brea's reaction to this when Onica tells her it appears she's completely erased his memories. She also looks a bit unnerved every time Cadea cheerfully says "hello".
    Brea: ...I'm in so much trouble.
    Cadea: Trouble? I'm not in trouble. Maybe I am in trouble.
  • The Scientist notices that the Chamberlain took the essence and demands to know where it is. The Chamberlain claims that the Gelflings came in and took it, but the Scientist replies he may have believed that lie had the scales of the golden snake he used for his lock weren't sticking out of the Chamberlain's teeth. The Chamberlain meekly turns away as he hastily picks at his teeth.
    skekTek: Explain yourself, skekSil!
    skekSil: NO!
    • And special mention goes to this gem of a moment at the climax of their squabble, when it finally gets violent:
      skekSil: I am NOT afraid of YOU!
      skekTek: (Pulls out a knife)
      skekSil: (High-pitched scream)
      skekTek: What if I slice off that forked tongue?!
      skekSil: (Waddles away shrieking)
    • The Chamberlain making a showy deal out of hypnotizing the locksnake...only to pick it up and cram it into his mouth. Likewise, the fact that skekTek didn't see the need to lock the cabinet with something Skeksis don't eat.
      • IE, it appears, anything that isn't biological.
    • During the aforementioned squabble between skekTek and skekSil, they just start hissing at one another while shuffling around in a face to face circle. It's not the last time in the series we'll see bickering Skeksis behave like this and it's hilariously birdy.
  • Deet wondering how other Gelflings go about their lives with three suns in the sky.
    Deet: What if one falls?
  • As Chamberlain "recounts" the story of the Gelflings stealing the vial of essence, he hams it up by dramatically retelling how he was injured and puts the back of his hand over his forehead while wailing, "Woe is me!" Cut to the Scientist annoyingly shaking his head and rolling his eyes.

     Episode 3: What Was Sundered and Undone 
  • Brea meeting Juni who was put into the Order of Lesser Service because she befriended a Spriton boy, which her parents didn't approve of. When Brea gives her the run down of why she was here, Juni is left speechless.
    Juni: So... why did you get sent into the Order of Lesser Service?
    Brea: (beat) I created a diplomatic incident by erasing a Sifa elder's memories. Hmph.
    Juni: ...Oh.
  • Duadran, the head of the Order of Lesser Service, isn't kidding when he says Pod People like being filthy. They even eat literal mud pies. And when he announces the Deterge, the Pod People scream and try to run and hide.
  • During the Deterge, Juni has to chase around a butt-naked Podling, trying to put his pants back on him.
  • During Seladon's rant, Tavra just polishes her sword and says, "Uh-huh." like she heard this before. Which she probably has.
  • Brea has to clean Podlings during her time with the Lesser Service, while wearing a ridiculous jester hat. She finally makes a deal with a little Podling girl to not clean her if she won't tell that she's leaving, at which the Podling girl gleefully starts making a dirt angel.
  • What does Hup think of the Stonewood Gelflings? He blows a raspberry.
  • Hup's brawl with the drunk Stonewood Gelflings who bullied Deet. During his fight with them, Hup's spoon breaks, so what does he do? He grabs a bigger spoon and says, "Better!"
  • Cadia after getting his memory erased, cheerfully greeting everyone while wondering what his life is like. His assistant Onica also takes the opportunity to take over his job like she's long deserved.
  • As Deet rambles on why she's here to see Maudra Fara, the Stonewood guard is surprised to hear she's Grottan and Deet is visibly annoyed that all of the other Gelfling assumed the Grottans had died out.
    Deet: (sighing) No, we are very much alive, and we don't sleep upside-down. And we smell just fine, most of the time.
    Stonewood Guard: You what?
  • Aughra barging in on the Skeksis' spa time and the Scroll-Keeper is embarrassed that he's not decent. She doesn't care and then dunks her eye in his bath water where the viewers are treated to a murky view of the Skeksis' withered lower body. Later, when she pokes him in the belly with her staff, his response is to whine and splash his flowery bath water at her.
    Aughra: So little has changed.
    Scroll-Keeper: STOP IT! What are you doing?! Stop!
    • When she first calls out for them, they look around in confusion in a manner that's particularly birdlike. SkekSo at one point, for some reason, looks up at the ceiling.
    • Later, the Scroll-Keeper snipes that perhaps the reason why Aughra feels unwell is because her age has finally caught up with her, and Aughra hits back by telling the Skeksis they're ones to talk, calling them all "fat, shriveled, all at once" as she pokes the Scroll-Keeper's belly with her cane as she punctuates each word.
    • SkekSo ordering Aughra escorted out. It's a pivotal, very sad moment that marks the end of Aughra's relationship with her old friends the Skeksis...and it takes place while skekSo's dressed in his frilly bathing nightie.
  • The pair of guards escorting Aughra out question if she really is as powerful as they say she is. One guard claims she once infested her grandfather's village with ear mites because they forgot her birthday. The other guard claims that she once sneezed and caused a mountain to crumble. Aughra's response? "It's all true. All and worse. So you'll stay where you are or you'll suffer the wrath of all eight and a half fingers! Bah! Bah!" And she marches off in a huff. "Ninny wheelers. Ingrates."
  • As Aughra marches angrily down the hall, she passes by the Dark Crystal floating in the chamber. Then her footsteps stop and she quickly backpedals.

     Episode 4: The First thing I remember is Fire 
  • Hup is singing a song down in the cell, so the Gelfling guard yells at him to shut-up. Hup responds by singing louder.
  • Due to his Jabba Table Manners, the Gourmand ends up choking on his food and is saved by a nearby Podling. However, instead of being grateful, he calls the Podling an idiot and hits him upside the head.
    • SkekSil trying to sneak a bite off the Emperor's finger utensils.
  • Much of what SkekEkt the Ornamentalist says and does, starting with this moment.
    SkekEkt: Essence, essence, essence, that's all any of you talk about since I returned. It's my party, talk about me!
  • When the Chamberlain blows the horn to summon the Hunter, the scene cuts back to the dinner table revealing that two of the Skeksis, the Ornamentalist and the Gourmand, are asleep...until they hear the horn and they wake up screaming in horror, wondering who has called the Hunter.
  • There's something amusing by the fact that the Chamberlain whines about his injured hand to the Hunter, while the Hunter just mocks him and turns to leave. It's like a child whining to an adult due to getting a scrap on the knee, and the adult just growls "walk it off!"
  • As she grumbles to herself about mortality, Aughra says that all things grow old and die. Except for herself. She was born old.
  • While skekTek arranges his tools, the Emperor quietly enters.
    skekSo: Scientist.
    skekTek: (in a shrill voice of surprise) Sire! (he quickly clears his throat) Sire...
  • Aughra senses that Thra has gone quiet, but then the creature she's sitting on starts making a ruckus.
    Aughra: Sometimes not quiet enough! (whacks it with her cane)
    • Even better, it seems to be the same creature who's shown eating an unsuspecting animal in the film to quite scary effect.
  • Too tired from her walking, Aughra decides to ignore the arrow trail and sit down to rest.
    Aughra: I will go no further! (multiple arrows are shot near her) (beat and then grumbling to herself) I will go a bit further...
  • Aughra figures out the Archer's riddle that she needs to listen to Thra itself:
    Aughra: Could have just said this, clearly, succinctly! Without all the WALKING!
  • The General straps Gurjin to the draining chair and tells him it was time to find out if he was a good Gelfling, or a bad Gelfling.
    • Even after being tortured briefly through draining, Gurjin is still snarky towards the Skesis.
    General: Where is the fugitive Rian?!
    Gurjin: Have you checked the Great Smerth? It's particularly lovely in spring!
    General: BAD GELFLING!
  • Rian takes shelter inside a Podling bar and when he sits down he's given a drink. He tells the waiter he didn't order anything, and the waiter gestures over to an old Podling woman sitting off in the distance who blows a kiss at Rian.
    Rian: Excuse me, I didn't order this.
    Podling waiter: (points behind him) Lady. Lady. Lady.
    Rian: (sees an old Podling woman blow a kiss at him) Oh. Thank you. (Old Podling woman swoons)
  • Tavra telling Naia she will go along with her to help free her brother since she wants to see what the Skesis are doing with her own eyes.
    Naia:A Vapra and a Drenchen fighting side-by-side?
    Tavra: (laughs lightly) It really must be ends times.

     Episode 5: She Knows All the Secrets 
  • The Ritual Master bumps into some chrysalists because of his tall head gear.
    The Ritual-Master:: Bah! Curse those low Gelfling ceilings!
  • The General taking a yellow chrysalis off the ceiling and eating it, spitting it out when he tastes how terrible it is. After the All-Maudra leaves, he takes a blue one.
    The Ritual-Master: Don't... (General eats it and he sighs aloud)
    The General: Better.
  • Aughra's attempts to hear Thra sing. First she tries tossing stones onto the ground. "Bah. Stones are no help!" Then she tries chewing and spitting out leaves. "Leaves have nothing to say! No help!" Then she tries to sniff some white powder, but that makes her accidentally sneeze onto the symbol she drew in the ground. "Bah! No help!" Later, she tries using smoke, but all this does is make her cough. "Smoke is no help!" It slowly becomes a Tear Jerker when you hear the desperation in her voice.
  • After the guard lets Deet and Hup through as well as cut in front of the other Gelflings waiting, a male Vapran who was in line mutters, "Well, it is a lovely dress."
  • Chamberlain's screams of terror as the Gelflings successfully detach his wheels and his cart is sent flying in the air.
  • As the group converge back at their camp, Kylan cheerfully proclaims "And I made broth!" followed by a nervous chuckle.
  • Deet recaps her journey to Seladon, and when she gets to the current events, she explains that Hup stole this dress for her.
    Hup: (out of the corner of his mouth) No mention that.
    • Deet then offers to dreamfast with the princess to offer up proof.
    Seladon: (disgusted) When was the last time you washed your hand?
    Deet: (beat) Why would I ever wash my hands?
  • Aughra's gleeful dancing in the dreamspace.
  • As Aughra greets all the heroes, Gurjin is quite disappointed at not getting an impressive adjective like the others.
    Gurjin: That's it? Just Gurjin?
  • The General and the Ritual Master graciously greet Seladon, then turn around for a private discussion.
    General: Which princess is this?
    Ritual Master: Haven't got a clue. They all look the same to me.
  • As the two Skesis are sizing up their volunteers, Ritual Master takes an interest in a Gelfling that the General claims is too small. We get this response from the Ritual Master that is both funny and creepy as he laps his tongue around his lips.
    Ritual Master: It's not about the size! It's about... vigor.
    • Both of them sending off a Gelfling for being too old, yelling at him when he doesn't leave the room fast enough, and then (initially) refuse another Gelfling for having freckles.

     Episode 6: By Gelfling Hand... 
  • As Lore approaches the Skeksis carriage, the General decides that them making a run for it would be in their best interest.
    Ritual Master: At long last! You've had a good idea!
  • Chamberlain demanding that the Stonewood Clan house and feed him. Cue all of them closing their doors and pelting Chamberlain with rocks, mud, and foul smelling berries.
    Chamberlain: Ah! So mean!
  • As the Chamberlain arrives after being beat up by the Stonewood Clan, he is surprised to see the castle a mess with the remains of Gelfling armor and weapons littering the ground and the Gourmand urinating on the wall (whatever Skeksis have down there, it produces three streams). Once the Chamberlain calls out to the Gourmand, he turns to greet his fellow Skeksis causing the Chamberlain to screech in embarrassment and turn his face away. The Gourmand immediately excuses himself and adjusts his robes.
  • Naia and Gurjin's argument in the background:
    Naia: Stop complaining about everything!
    Gurjin: It's not my fault everything is awful!
  • Gurjin his happy with the nickname Rian gives him: Bold Gurjin.
  • Hup mimicking Rek'yr's actions and then following it up with a displeased raspberry.
  • Rian tells Brea that he doesn't trust Rek'yr, pointing out that he gave her a bone necklace. Brea likes the bone necklace.
  • As Archer prepares his meal, he's just about ready to dig in when Aughra calls for him. Which distracts him enough to cause him to drop his food. He sighs mournfully as Aughra approaches.

     Episode 7: Time to Make... My Move 
  • As the group enters the desert, Hup is suffering the most out of the others.
    Rian: (To Deet) How can so much come out of such a tiny body?
    Deet: Hup, are you feeling alright?
    Hup: (huffing from recently vomiting) Hup... Want... Die! Bleeeeeergh!
  • Rek'yr parts ways with the group, but not before dropping an incredibly smooth line to Brea, who is taken aback by it.
    Rek'yr: (after kissing Brea's hand) The most beautiful desert flowers are always the most dangerous. I hope our paths may cross again.
    Brea: (flustered) Oh.
  • The Gelflings being surprised by skekGra, and at first think they've fallen into a trap. Even when skekGra claims that they are safe, they're understandably cautious. You can just tell he chews up every scene he's in.
    Rian: Uh... you're a Skeksis?
    skekGra: I'M A WHAT?! (the Gelflings jump back in surprise) Heheh, that was a jest! I'm a fun Skeksis!
    • Earlier he asks for the Gelflings to "Look upon my wonder!" as he poses and starts eyeing them expectantly.
    Deet: Uh... we're looking.
    Brea: It's... a lot?
  • The group is hesitant on whether or not to follow skekGra. Hup, on the other hand, has already made up his mind.
    Hup: Should run! Skeksis are babolim! (knocking on his head) Crazy!
  • Everything involving skekGra the Heretic and urGoh the Wanderer, an insane combination of Go Mad from the Isolation, Stoners Are Funny, the sloth gag from Zootopia, and complete adoration of puppetry.
    urGoh: I...
    skekGra: Yep.
    urGoh: Am...
    skekGra: Here we go.
    urGoh: ur...
    skekGra: Go on, say it.
    urGoh: Goh...the...Wan...
    skekGra: Wanderer.
    urGoh: Der...
    skekGra: Wanderer! Derer!!
    urGoh: Der...
    skekGra: Say it! Just say "wanderer"! Just get it out there! YOUR NAME IS URGOH THE WANDERER!!
    urGoh: Rer...
    skekGra: Ugh, at last...
    • The fact that urGoh may have added the other "Der" in just to mess with skekGra more.
  • Just how indignant the Heretic is at the suggestion that they skip the "surprise." He and urGoh have been preparing for this for three hundred and seventy-nine trine, thank you, and the Gelfling are going to see the results!
  • The two try to get Hup to introduce their play, who absolutely does not care about being in this situation at all. The resulting argument feels like an impromptu skit straight out of The Muppet Show.
    Hup: (unethusiastic) In honor of Gelfling.
    urGoh: Louder...
    Hup: (annoyed) In honor, of Gelfing-
    skekGra: More wonder! (scoffs)
    Hup: (theatrically) In honor of, Gelfling!!
    skekGra: Augh! Never mind! (Hup argues in Podling) Augh, that's enough! Thank you! Thank you!
    Hup: (grumbling and stomping away)
    • skekGra refers to Hup as the Gelfling's "Podling slave." They correct him, but it doesn't quite take as he's calling Hup "friend-slave" a little later.
    • Also when he does refer to Hup as their "friend-slave", Hup is flabbergasted and looks at the others for support, but they offer none. They look at the podling as if saying, "Just go with it". Hup sighs and drags himself away, but not before blowing a raspberry towards the Heretic as he goes.
    Heretic: Wonderful...
    Hup: (blows raspberry)
  • Near the end of the first act of their "surprise", they sing an opera...which is basically urGoh making the low droning chant the Mystics are known for and skekGra making a squawking sound while ringing a spike nailed into his head. At this point, Rian would rather eat a hallucinogenic berry to pass the time.
    • As the opera continues, most of the group aside from Deet had already fallen asleep. Once they wrap up, Deet applauds the performance before turning to her friends who just woke up and did not enjoy it as much as she did.
  • Just as it looks like their story is winding down, the Heretic declares they will now tell them the story of how to defeat the Skeksis once and for all through the most ancient and mystical art form:
    urGoh: Puppetry. Yay.
    Hup: (face-palming) Ugh....
    Rian: Ugh, no...
  • urGoh's back, which is where he placed the puppet stage, accidentally catching on fire and skekGra has to quickly beat out the flames, screaming at the top of his lungs just as urGoh is. Which makes sense, since as counterparts they can feel each others pain.
    • Even funnier, skekGra tries to use the Gelfling puppet to put out the fire like it's all part of the show.
  • Hup falls asleep on Deet's shoulder during the puppet show, but when urGoh's back catches fire, Deet stands up in shock, causing the Pod Person to fall out of his seat.
  • When Fara's Fizzgig barks at Aughra, she barks back, scaring it into submission.
  • When The Emperor shows The General the fissure containing The Darkening and explains what it does, what does The General comment? Does he express his intimidation by the corrupting power? Does he marvel at its sheer power? Does he ask where it comes from? Does he ask why he's kept it a secret from the other Skeksis? Does he comment on the moaning and screaming the energy produces? No, instead:
    The General: It's... purple!
    • Even better is when The Emperor in response turns to him and asserts: "It is power!", with a noticeably sharp and irritated tone, as if he's in slightly annoyed disbelief that that's the first thing that came to his General's mind when showing him what is arguably his greatest secret.
  • An Arathim tries to control Aughra and she is not having any of it.
    Aughra: You dare try to control Aughra?! Aughra can barely control Aughra!

     Episode 8: Prophets Don't Know Everything 
  • While Aughra heals the Arathim that tried to take over her mind, she tells it trying to enslave her would have been pointless. "Your little mind would have popped!"
  • The Emperor showing a rare moment of playfulness when the essence is brought out.
    Emperor: Look at yourselves! Squealing, gorging. This essence is hard come by. Let's not use it all today.
    The other Skeksis: [confused murmuring]
    Emperor: I'm kidding, you fools! Dig in!
  • In the same scene, the Scroll-Keeper's reaction to his vision improving.
    Scroll-Keeper: I can see! My eyes working! I'd forgotten just how ugly you all are!
    Skeksis: (Cackling)
    Emperor: (Stopping mid-laugh) What?
  • For every grandiose and straight faced plea for mercy that Seladon gives, skekSo replies with a childish “No,” which is then followed by the laughter of the other present Skeksis.
  • The Arathim hiding in skekTek's lab with Aughra's eye to spy on the Skeksis. When it goes to leave, it accidentally drops the eyeball and chases it for several seconds over one of the tables.

     Episode 9: The Crystal Calls 
  • Aughra mocking the dramatically spinning lab chairs before she is drained.
    Isn't this fancy?
  • skekEkt and the others gleefully applying cosmetics to the unconscious Hunter.
  • Kylan's shriek of fear when he bumps into the Stonewood Gelflings.
    Brea: Kylan, you scared us!
    Kylan: Scared you? I was nearly frightened to death!!

     Episode 10: A Single Piece was Lost 
  • skekTek taking advantage of the other Skeksis' absence to get absolutely wasted on essence and pretend to be Emperor.
  • The Skesis's annoyed response to the Hunter dying and Aughra being reborn in his place.
    Scroll-Keeper: Oh no! Not her again!
    Ornamentalist: Does NOTHING stay dead anymore?!
    • Aughra herself is somewhat surprised that her gambit paid off - she genuinely wasn't sure if it'd work.
    • When asked if she's alright, Aughra responds with characteristic bluntness.
  • Kylan having some trouble learning sword fighting.
    Mine's broken.
  • Deet unleashes the Sanctuary Tree's full power against the Collector, but it seems to do nothing more than make all his pustules explode. The Collector says he thought that would be a lot worse...and then completely explodes like one big zit himself. Becomes Fridge Horror when you think of what happened to his urRu/Mystic counterpart. The poor Ornamentalist and Scroll-Keeper then scream in horror when what's left of skekLach sprays all over their faces.
  • The Scroll-Keeper mourning his friend.
    Scroll-Keeper: Poor Collector. skekLach never harmed anyone who didn't deserve it!
  • Cadia is still wandering around with no memory gleefully shouting "Hello!" at everyone he sees, even in battle.
  • Gurjin reveling in hugs (especially from the girls) during the victory celebration. He asks if anyone else wants to hug a hero, and is approached by one of the Arathim. After a beat he decides "What the heck," and dives in.
    • Aughra receives a hug from Seladon of all people and awkwardly hugs her back.



  • Netflix releasing this clip called: "NOW STREAMING FIZZGIGS".
  • They also released a Blooper Reel. A longer version was initially posted by one of the puppeteers, but was sadly taken down, however, it can be seen here.
    • skekSil tries eating a clapperboard.
    • Ordon acting out a "Behind the Scenes" moment like he's an actual actor for the series and not a character - and then his "We're all having lots of fun here" bit is immediately followed by a shot of a crew member's arm holding up a sign reading "HELP ME".
    • A real life pigeon lands on set and Brea tries to shoo it away.
    • A Podling ends up losing his wig, making him scream.
    • "My eyes are made of plastic!"
    • The "Ear Mishap Saga", where back to back a series of scenes depicting some issues with the Gelfling puppets' pointed ears falling off. Starting with Rian casually remarking "Oh, I've lost an ear!", Brea's ear casually falling off onscreen, Deet taking something off her head and pulling off her ear in the process, causing her to scream. Then a scene with Gurjin, Mira, and Rian where Mira's ear is missing Mira casually remarks "Uh oh.", and Rian screams in horror while moving about while Gurjin silently "faints" in the background.
    • This:
    skekSil/Warrick Brownlow-Pike: Please stop whining. (beat) Blow your nose.
    • skekTek/Olly Taylor: "I'm caught on this machine."
    • When skekSil (Warrick Brownlow-Pike) motions for the musicians, the camera pans to show the music chamber is empty.
    Unkown voice, possibly skekSo/Dave Chapman: They've buggered off!
    skekSil/Warrick: They've gone on lunch!
    Unknown voice: Tch! Typical musicians union!
    • skekSil/Warrick Brownlow-Pike asking if he and a captive Rian can stop off at a drive-thru McDonald's or a Wimpy.
    • During the Puppet Wrangling in between takes depicting the aftermath of the first essence draining, one of the most tragic scenes in Season 1, this happens:
    skekAyuk/Louise Gold: (Looks at skekTek)...and then is it lunch?
    • Neil Sterenberg having some fun staying in character as Rian during Puppet Wrangling Sessions between takes.
    Rian/Sterenberg: There's a very big hand, dad. It's stroking my head, what do I do?
    • The Gelflings singing "Ging Gang Goolie" around the campfire like Scouts.
    • "I'm a scat man"
    • While the Gelflings are dreamfasting, a crew member giggles.
    Rian/Sterenberg: We're dreamfasting, you idiot, shut up.
    • SkekZok/Victor Yerrid singing "All by Myself" in between takes.
    • A misfire with skekLach's Spitter causes a cameraman to get covered in Spitter gunk, with everyone sharing a laugh before they cut.
    skekLach/Helena Smee: Oh, dear. Misfired.
    • This moment:
    skekSo/Dave Chapman: What are you doing to my new juice?
    • Rian's dramatic "Meet your destiny" moment where he charges with the Dual Glaive, but Sterenberg accidentally smashes the Dual Glaive into a wall at the end of the charge, causing the prop of the legendary sword of Gelfling legends to instantly snap in half. Bonus points with Sterenberg making Rian physically look down at the now broken Dual Glaive prop in his hand.
    • Rian singing "All I Ask of You" from The Phantom of the Opera to Deet with improvised lyrics.
    • The scenes of the Skeksis bullying the director, like snarling and hissing at him as he squeezes through them during a scene, and another depicting them surrounding him, jeering to drain him of his essence.
    • As a crewmember runs by, skekSil casually greets her.
    • Someone put a beret on Tavra in one take and Neil Sterenberg starts putting on an over-the-top French accent.
    • skekTek/Olly Taylor: "I've got first dibs on Fred carrying me out."
    • This moment:
    skekSil/Warrick: We've killed Björk!
    skekSil/Warrick: Oh, we are naughty aren't we?
    • skekAyuk/Louise Gold: "So sorry. I've had a glass of port for breakfast."
    • skekTek/Olly Taylor freaking out about having a power drain.
    • skekSil/Warrick coughing mid-line.
    • A red-haired Paladin (Warrick Brownlow-Pike) being interrupted by Tolyn clearing his throat and quips, "Are you done?". On the next take he cuts himself off and looks around cautiously to make sure he's not being interrupted.
    • The Gurjin puppet is accidentally hit in the face.
    Gurjin/Dave Chapman: Ow! That's-that's violence in the workplace, man!
    • skekSil telling Gurjin he needs to brush his hair.
  • The documentary "The Crystal Calls" has some funny moments, like when the Chamberlain puppet is getting his mouth sprayed and smacking his lips afterwards.
  • This hilariously dark thread on Twitter.
    darkcrystal: (showing clip of carnivorous plants) Name these creatures. Wrong answers only.
    Chamberlain: Comfy bed for father!
    darkcrystal: Bad Chamberlain!
  • In one of the many Podling lessons Hup teaches, the captions on one of them really speaks to his character.
    "Hup is many things. An optimist might not be one of them."


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