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  • The female gelflings use the males as a springboard to launch an aerial assault against the Skeksis.
  • The Hunter is made of villainous Awesome. While all the other Skeksis are slow, unfit for combat, shambling and awkward owing to their decrepit state, skekMal is fast, agile, and lethal, capable of leaping between trees, striking, and vanishing before you can even knew he was coming. He takes Multi-Armed and Dangerous to its greatest extent, quad-wielding his swords in a fight against Rian and his father. And despite being a journey that takes most characters a few days, he manages to rush from the Castle of the Crystal all the way to Stone-in-the-Wood after the battle commences to make his final effort to take Rian and claim his prize before it concludes. It's no wonder he's The Dreaded even among his own people, and that the only way to finally stop him is for the Archer to commit suicide.
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  • When two drunk Stonewood Gelflings push Deet to the ground, Hup immediately charges into battle and beats them up. And when his spoon breaks in half, he grabs a bigger spoon and uses it as his new weapon.
  • Naia has her own Offscreen Moment of Awesome when it's revealed she saved Gurjin from the Skeksis and escaped the Castle. The siblings then manage to track down Rian and save him from the Chamberlain.
  • Episode 5 has Aughra reconnecting with Thra, her chanting overscoring the dreamfasting of a trio of groups, growing more frenzied as it climaxes and culminates in the Gelflings and Aughra finally meeting within the Dream Space.
  • While hilarious, it's awesome that the hand puppets that the Heretic uses to tell the Geflings how to defeat the Skesis, was actually brought to life by Youtuber barnabydixon who's well known for his hand puppetry.
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  • When Maudra Fara challenges Seladon to trial by air, Seladon dons herself an outfit more akin to the Skeksis and declares herself All-Maudra by default since the Skeksis said so and that her mother was just a traitor. Outraged, Fara flies up and tries to attack her, but Seladon remains on the ground, grabs her by the neck and tosses her into the throne!
    Seladon: You will bow.
    Maudra Fara: I will never bow!
    Seladon: Then you will CRAWL.
  • The fact that Hup was willing to face the Hunter himself when skekMal attacked the party at the Circle of the Suns. Sure, he fared just about as well as you'd expect mano-a-mano against someone who even terrifies the other Skeksis, but that he even tried is a testament to Hup's courage. And special mention goes to skekMal's classically villainous response.
    Hup: No...hurt...Deet!
    skekMal: (Picks up the tiny-in-comparison Podling like it's nothing) (Squints) Cute. (Throws him across the room like he's just a pest)
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  • The Archer shooting arrows at the Hunter to stop him. He perfectly knows this will kill himself, but that doesn't stop him, particularly since he's the most proactive Mystic in the Dark Crystal universe.
  • The seven Gelfling clans uniting against the Skeksis after receiving Rian's message and arriving at the right moment.
    • Rian's message itself was truly inspirational.
      Rian: Gelfling. The Skeksis deceived us. Turned clan against clan. Murdered our All-Maudra. Drained our loved ones. Unleashed the Darkening upon our world. And now everyone and everything... is at risk. What was once unthinkable has become inevitable: Rebellion. This weapon, the Dual Glaive, was forged by two halves of a great being. And it has been foretold to end Skeskis power. It is now... in Gelfling hands. The Skeksis have sewed distrust amongst us for a thousand trine. Why? Because they fear what would happen if we were united. They were right to be afraid! Join me, at Stone-In-The-Wood! Here, we will make our stand! Not as many... BUT AS ONE!
  • Deet absorbing the Darkening and unleashing it on the Skeksis, making the Collector's head explode.
  • skekSil the Chamberlain orchestrating the downfall of skekVar the General is a masterwork of manipulation and deceptions that would make Petyr Baelish proud. It begins by placing the Gruenak slaves with skekTek to put himself back into the Scientist's good graces. He uses the Gruenaks — by promising their freedom if they help — to sabotage the General's dose of essence, taking it for himself and replacing it with doctored water to weaken him. This leaves him vulnerable when attacked by Tavra, and he is badly wounded. skekSil then steps in, mortally wounding Tavra by stabbing her In the Back, and returns the stolen essence to save skekVar's life. skekVar now considers the Chamberlain to be his friend, and vouches for him with the Emperor to restore his position as thanks. skekSil continues playing up his friendship with the General up through the Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood; when Rian calls the Emperor out, the Chamberlain instead steps in and manipulates not only skekSo into believing it better for the General to duel the Gelfling, but for skekVar himself to jump at the chance. Rian defeats and badly wounds him, forcing him to withdraw. With the General weakened and the others distracted by the battle against Stonewood, skekSil approaches him and — with the General still believing him to be his friend — finishes him off.
  • SkekSil gets another one when he and Rian are in the carriage on their way back to the Castle. Over the course of the journey, the Chamberlain slowly breaks Rian, using a mixture of lies, truths, and half-truths so cunningly constructed that when he gives Rian the option to run, Rian ends up refusing and very nearly resigning himself to his fate.
  • Aughra continues her tradition of giving directly insulting speeches to the Skeksis that was displayed in the film, but her greatest one in Season 1 is delivered to skekSo The Emperor, in which she firmly jams on his Fear Button, his own mortality, right to his face, in an implied attempt to goad him into taking her offer of draining her instead of the Gelfling. And when she at first gives no essence, she taunts him even more, even though she is about to perish.
    skekSo: (In disbelief) You would give up your own life, for a few of these...worthless Gelfling?
    Aughra: (Scoffs) Dimwits! We are all Thra...all except you! You do not return to Thra when you perish! What happens to you when your part of The Song is done? Hmm?! Never figured that out, did you?! Tried! But failed! Maybe NOTHING is all that waits for you! So...make your choice. Do we have a deal? Or will you sentence one of your endless oblivion?
    skekSo: Ahh!! Liar!! Cheat!! I gave you your Gelfling, now where is my essence!?!
    Aughra: You...are doomed! You...and all your kind! Parasites! Thieves! In the nothing...but...dust!
    skekSo: (Quivering with rage) I...will DUST!! NOOOO!!!


  • While most long-delayed prequels suffer from Cosmetically Advanced Prequel if there is a considerable gap as a result of advances in technology (for example, the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy) great pains were taken with Age of Resistance to match the aesthetics with the original film. While the puppetry is more advanced, and improvements in CGI were used to advantage, the series nonetheless meshes quite well with the original film.
  • The voice acting alone deserves a nod for just how well some the new cast replicated the voices of the original film. Aughra and the Chamberlain especially sound almost spot-on.
    • Mark Hamill on the other hand doesn't sound like Steve Whitmire, but he was still an excellent choice.
  • The puppet show by skekGra the Heretic and urGoh the Wanderer is a visual Moment of Awesome, and is an astounding feat of puppetry in and of itself, performed by independent puppeteer Barnaby Dixon. Jim Henson would be proud of such a tribute and love letter to his art.
  • In the documentary The Crystal Calls a quote a crew member wrote about the show was, "This is not a show about winning wars, it's an apology for the moral high ground."


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