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Heartwarming / The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

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End. Begin. All The Same.

  • Misguided as her affection is, Brea hugging the Scroll-Keeper after he says he'll speak up for her is still adorable.
    • SkekOk the Scroll-Keeper himself is surprisingly warm towards Brea, as he's genuinely impressed by a fellow seeker of knowledge, even if she's a Gelfling. He even promises (and follows through!) to advocate for leniency for Brea. It's undermined somewhat later when skekOk gleefully mocks Brea for not realizing how monstrous the Skeksis were.note 

Nothing is Simple Anymore

  • Deet's attempts to befriend every creature she comes across. And her character in general, she's simply the most adorable and sweetest character of the Dark Crystal universe.
  • SkekTek appears to care for exactly one creature in the world and it's the fuzzy little bird he keeps caged in his lab. He's clearly distraught when the Emperor strangles it to intimidate him and rushes to comfort it.
    SkekTek: [gently] Hush now, hush now. All is well.
  • Aughra begs the Sanctuary Tree to save the life of an animal succumbing to the Darkening not for her sake, but for Thra's sake. The tree obliges and Aughra thanks it. And it's here Aughra learns her lesson: instead of forcing Thra to sing, she will just sit down and listen.
  • After seeing a poor farming couple forced to give up the wife's precious heirloom necklace as a tithe to the Skeksis, Brea sneaks out late at night and leaves it back at their door for the wife to discover in the morning, in what seems like a miracle. Unfortunately, Mayrim later finds out about it (and her giving Elder Cadia Laser-Guided Amnesia) and sentences her to the Order of Lesser Services (another word for community service).
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  • Hup beating up a pair of drunk Stonewood Gelflings with his wooden spoon when he sees them bullying Deet. She even returns the favor; when one of the Gelflings tries to attack Hup, she trips him.
  • Hup has breakdown after he and Deet fail to save Rian from skekMal the Hunter. He says he's not a Paladin, just a silly Podling with a spoon; a nobody. Deet cheers him up by saying that it wasn't nobody who saved her from the Spitter, the drunk Stonewood Gelflings and the gobbles, but Hup.
    Hup: Hup want to protect Deet. (looks at his spoon) Utta nea sword. Utta spoon! Silly spoon! (throws it down, much to Deet's surprise) Hup no Paladin. Hup nobody. (cries)
    Deet: Did nobody save me from the Spitter? Did nobody stand up for me in Stone-In-The-Wood? Did nobody protect me from the gobbles?
    Hup: No. Hup did.
    Deet: That's right. You're on your way to Ha'rar to become a Paladin. But if you ask me... (hands back his spoon) you already are.
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  • All-Maudra Mayrin appointing Hup to her Paladins. Even if, as she says, there's no time for a proper ceremony, you can see the little guy standing just a little bit taller upon realizing his life's dream.
    Mayrin: No time for ceremony now, Podling. Innocent lives are at risk. Stand, and prove the strength of your spoon by my side.
  • Deet consoling Brea like an old friend after All-Maudra Mayrim dies.
    • Brea also cries into Deet's shoulders after she suggests that they have a funeral of sorts where they've made camp.

What Was Sundered And Undone

  • Deet helping a struggling Rian light a fire. Rian, for his part, is just relieved to find someone not running from him in fear.

Time To Make My Move

  • Brea giving Lore a goodbye hug before he is deactivated.
  • SkekGra the Heretic and urGoh the Wanderer's obvious affection for each other, especially as they're the only pair who want to be rejoined.
    • They even included a scene of themselves hugging in their puppet show.
    urGo: We want to be rejoined now. Every moment one are two is too terrible for one to bear.
  • As the Hunter approaches Rian, telling him there was nowhere for him to run, Deet although terrified, immediately jumps in front of Rian and puts her arms out to protect him.
    • Following that, Hup take a large spoon and clashes with the Hunter.
    Hup: No! Hurt! Deet!
    Hunter: (beat) Cute.

Prophets Don't Know Everything

  • Aughra befriending one of the tiny Arathim after healing it. As she puts it, she is kind to all creatures of Thra, even the foolish ones.
  • Shockingly, the Skeksis get one with their horror at the Hunters wounds. They immediately rush to his side declaring that they must help their "brother". While it's clear the Emperor is primarily interested in covering up the idea that Skeksis can die, the other come across surprisingly genuine.
  • Deet saying goodbye to an injured Hup, kissing him on the forehead.
  • Deet and Rian flying through the Breath of Thra.

The Crystal Calls

  • Deet refusing to hurt her brother Bobb'N who's under control of the Arathim. Luckily, her kindness in saving him from a Nurlock convinces the Arathim to let Deet talk to the Ascendancy and join the Gelfling in the fight against the Skesis.
  • When giving his speech to the other Gelflings, Rian says that the Dual Glave was "forged by two halves of a great being" (referring to skekGra the Heretic and urGoh the Wanderer), this shows he has a great deal of respect for them despite their eccentricities.

A Single Piece was Lost

  • Deet and Rian seem to share a small moment together, but is ruined by Deet excusing herself when she notices the veins of the Darkening appearing on her skin.
  • When Brea arrives at Stone in the Wood, she happily greets Rian with a hug. Then when Deet notices her, she's quick to run towards Brea with a large smile on her face.
  • Rian and Brea scared for Deet as she takes in the Darkening, with Rian yelling at the Skesis to stop and that they were killing her.
  • Deet's Pre-Mortem One-Liner as she manages to reign in the Darkening.
    Deet: Get away... from my FRIIIIEEEEEENNNNDSS!
  • Many would probably be happy to see that Lore will have another role to play in the next season as Hup picks up the stone that activates him.


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