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  • Not even a dance, but Tom showing the "I'm Still Standing" music video and highlighting Bruno's prominent role in it. If you listen closely, you can hear Bruno calling Tom a bitch, which only makes it funnier.
    • Kendra Wilkinson's face afterwards really topped it off.
    • Best of all, it was actually a surprise—they didn't tell him about it beforehand, and that look of shock is real as shown in the video.
    • Back in Season 10, Bruno actually mentions hanging out on a beach with Elton John when Kate Gosselin danced to that same song (he proclaims that she ruined the memory with the quality of her dancing). Bruno might have been better served if he'd kept his mouth shut.
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    • The video was referenced again in Season 21, this time with the addition of Sasha Farber imitating Bruno in the video.
  • Honestly, pretty much anything that comes out of Tom's mouth that isn't in the script. The man is hysterical.
  • In Season 9, Donny Osmond really wants to win. Not for the reason you think, though.
    Donny: If you had a sister named Marie who'd rub it in your face for the rest of your life, you'd want to win too!
  • Kenny Mayne and Jerry Rice doing "Dance Center" during the 2012 finale, complete with a fake "This is SportsCenter" commercial.
  • Season 16 - Team "Pickler-Dick"
  • Season 17 - Leah Remini, with Tony and Henry, did a trio dance as the judges.
    • Also, Bill Engvall's controversial staying power becomes this if you watch his special Just Sell Him For Parts and realize that he REALLY didn't want to keep being saved.
      Bill: Bill and Emma... you're safe. Oh my God...
  • Season 18:
    • In the finale, they show clips of Meryl and Maks being asked about their relationship status. Meryl gets embarrassed, says, "I can't talk about that!", and dances around the question. Cue Maks saying, without a moment's hesitation, "I want to ravage her and have ice skating, big, Russian, mean babies with her."
      • "When are you going to ask her to marry you?" "Probably tomorrow."
    • In Charlie and Sharna's Disney week dance, "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," Charlie accidentally dropped one of the props (a cane). They got the chance to re-do it during the finale, and they got past the problem-causing part without a hitch...only for the other prop, an umbrella, to break and go flying across the ballroom soon after.
  • Season 19:
    • The triumphant return of the Carlton Dance. Crosses over with Awesome since Alfonso Ribeiro scored a perfect 40 for it.
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    • Lea and Val's dance for switch-up week, featuring Val as a Dirty Old Man in a retirement home and set to "You Can't Stop the Beat."
  • Tommy Chong. Just. Tommy Chong:
    • For starters, Tommy Chong dancing cha cha to Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot". Complete with his partner Peta Murgatroyd dressed as a weed. And surprisingly dropping it like it's hot! Bonus points for Cheech Marin pumping the lowrider in a Funny Background Event.
      • Even better when they did the dance again during the finale...with Len Goodman in the lowrider's driver's seat wearing a hip hop jacket and some bling.
    • Then he danced a surprisingly good salsa where at one point, he ripped his shirt off to reveal his man boobs! (when Erin pointed it out, he asked her, "Wanna touch my boobs?")
    • Tommy imploring America to vote for him and his partner, "because if you do, we'll save the world!"
    • Erin asked him if there were beautiful girls in jail (he was incarcerated back in 2003) and he told her, "NOT GIRLS!"
    • Then Erin asked him if he wanted to dance with Tony Dovolani during the switchup week and he answered "I'll take Tony... I've been in jail!"
    • When he was criticized (rather harshly) that he looked tired while dancing the mambo he responded, "well I look tired because I'M OLD!"
    • Him and his partner Peta's first meeting... on a smoke-filled van. Peta's reaction is priceless.
    • Tommy taking Peta to the desert for some "relaxation"... then he hallucinated Cloris Leachman was talking to him on the cloudless SKY-pe.
    • His airplane/Mile-High Club-themed trio samba with Peta and Sharna to Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty". Since this is Tommy Chong we're talking about, the seats in the background were green, and before the dance, there was an announcement about "flying high on Chong Airlines". Right before receiving his scores, when he was asked how he felt, he said, "It was hard."
      • It's even funnier because after his other dance earlier that evening, the judges said he had "subtle elegance". Now watch as he throws that to the wind and replaces it with Dirty Old Man!
    • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but after Tommy got eliminated he went up to the judges' table to thank them; watch closely as he shook hands with Len Goodman: he's inviting Len Goodman for some pot session with him!
  • Season 22:
  • Season 17. Elizabeth Berkley. Jive pills. "I'm so excited! I'm so... scared!"
  • In Season 23, after Terra Jolé and Sasha Farber performed a Bewitched Quickstep in TV Night, Tom references a certain trope (which that series was the Trope Namer for) by asking Sasha whether he's supposed to be Dick Sargent or Dick York. Sasha's response: "I was a universal Dick."
  • One of the participants of Season 24 was former Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan. During the premiere, fellow Olympian (and season 6 winner) Kristi Yamaguchi tweeted to Kerrigan, "Break a leg!" If you're familiar with Kerrigan's rivalry with Tonya Harding, then this statement practically Crosses the Line Twice.
  • Also in season 24, David Ross, the first baseball player (active or otherwise) to do the show (mainly because both seasons of DWTS fall within baseball season). The Cubs' schtick for him in his final year as a player was to call him "Grandpa Rossy" and act like he was an old man (at 39). So the team name for him and Lindsay Arnold? Team "Lady & the Gramp".
  • Season 25, week 3, Guilty Pleasures night. Victoria tells Val her guilty pleasure is the song "Tubthumping" by Chumbawumba. His face falls, and he immediately tells her that he hates that song.
  • Terrell Owens (season 25) trying to learn from the other dancers by practicing his spy moves.
  • In Season 26, basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabar was among one of the contestants. Being well over 7 feet tall, he easily towers over his professional partner Lindsay Arnold. For their week 2 salsa, despite working well with Kareem regardless of the height difference, Lindsay came up with a gag where she is on the shoulders of troupe member Hayley Erbert, to meet his height, with a long white skirt covering Hayley. During one point of the dance, Hayley even reveals herself from underneath it. The bit lasts for a good part of the dance before Lindsay dances with him normally. It was very inventive and very funny.
  • Season 27 had Mary Lou Retton and Sasha Farber's Halloween Night rehearsal package reveal that Sasha pranked Mary Lou via jump-scares for THE ENTIRE WEEK OF REHEARSALS.
  • From the same week, in the beginning of Milo and Witney's rehearsal package, Witney reveals that she doesn't get scared easily. Milo then attempts to scare her twice right away, but Witney is completely unfazed.
    • Sasha's prank compilation from the same week, which included the following:
      • Dropping fake spiders from the ceiling, which resulted in scaring Jenna and Joe during one of their rehearsals.
      • Having mannequin figures placed in the elevator (with someone dressed up as a mannequin) to scare many of the contestants and pros that walked in to use it. It even resulted in Keo spraying them with a water bottle!
    • From Halloween Week as well: John Schneider and Emma Slater's rehearsal package has Emma excitedly describing her concept for their Paso Doble—John is Henry VIII while she's Anne Boelyn, and she's out for revenge for him beheading her in the afterlife. What makes it hilarious is that John doesn't know how to pronounce 'Paso Doble,' and he's never heard of Henry VIII or Anne Boelyn before.
  • Joe Amabile and Jenna Johnson's Salsa Trio with Jordan Kimball during Trio Week (Week 4) of Season 27. Words cannot do justice as of how hilarious it is to watch.

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