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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why is Paw aware of Linkara owning a spaceship, despite never watching Atop the Fourth Wall & having no knowledge of the show to the point he thinks Linkara reviews lamps? Well, Linkara has used the spaceship to bully the other contributors so he could win arguments in the past, word probably spread amongst the reviewers.
    • Beyond which, if Paw's been monitoring space with Angry Joe and the others, they're probably perfectly aware of the big honking spaceship in Earth's orbit. Joe was the one to capture it in the battle.
  • If the whole thing about Ma-Ti importing his character into Spoony before dying really happened, it puts a whole new spin on the ending of Suburban Knights, when Spoony breaks down and shouts "Ma-Tiiiiiiii" in the middle of one of his reviews for no evident reason.
  • The death of That SciFi Guy. Think about it, it's Sci-Fi Guy. This is the guy who has built up his review career on exactly what they're going into. If Sci-Fi guy had made it onto the ship, he might have noted all the twists and turns, so that despite the plot hole, he would know all the bizzare Sci-fi tropes and been able to report them safely before they got out of hand. He probably also had to go as he would have been something of a Game-Breaker if he'd made it on board.
    • This could also be part of the reason Linkara was swapped with Mechakara. Not only does it a) allow him to act as The Mole and b) take comicron-1 and the Arsenal of Freedom out of the equation, but it also neutralizes a known trekkie / whovian, further diminishing the crews GenreSavvy-ness.
  • Why does no-one figure out that Linkara has been replaced by Mechakara? Well, Spoony was the only one to meet him previously, and he's in federal custody at the time. And would you really leap to the conclusion that your co-worker is a robot after he's said two weird lines?
  • This movie offers an explanation for the Running Gag about Ma-Ti being Brazilian in the cartoon, but his live-actor being of Indian descent in this continuity: The original Ma-Ti must have nerd-melded with Bhargav at some point, allowing the character to live on. However, this brings up the Fridge Horror of the idea that Spoony's mind and personality could possibly be erased/subordinated to Ma-Ti's, allowing Ma-Ti to live in Spoony's body.
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  • He's the Nostalgia Critic. He remembers it etc.
  • The movie is about critics dealing with a Plot Hole, something that they've all had experiences with. The primary difference than normal is that the plot hole effects the story that they're in.
  • The transporter beam designed to transport Linkara picked up Mechakara instead. This is due to the fact that Mechakara is wearing the skin of a dead alternative universe Linkara in order to be able to use Linkara's own magic and weapons against him. It fooled Insano's transporter as well.
  • Turrell blames The Nostalgia Critic for blowing up his planet even though it was another one of his race who did it. But in the Critic's review of the Scooby Doo movie, he makes an offhand remark stating that he got the Psychlos into smoking in the first place.
  • Terl spells his name "Turrell" is the writers taking him literally when he said in the movie: "while you [another Psychlo] were still learning how to spell your name, I was being trained to conquer galaxies!". That is, he was so busy learning how to conquer, he doesn't actually know how his name is spelled.
    • Jossed. The misspelling was due to copyright concerns, though Linkara and the others in his commentary acknowledge this theory.
  • The Plot Hole is damaging all of time. In addition to covering all the plot holes in the past, it's explaining all future plot holes.
    • And isn't it ironic that a plot hole is being used to cover continuity errors?
  • When Paw meets "Linkara" during his vlog, he repeatedly mentions his role as a comic book reviewer. Most likely he felt bad about not knowing his coreviewer's specialty in the first part (especially when it cost him a spaceship), looked him up immediately after the phone conversation, and is trying to make amends.
  • The fact that Zod and Terl are able to fight evenly (if unimpressively) seems odd at first considering that as a Kryptonian, Zod should be a Physical God and able to swat Terl like a fly. However, then you remember that Zod was depowered at the end of Superman 2, putting the two on an even playing-field.
    • And even if that weren't the case, Kryptonians are only as powerful as they are in the presence of yellow sunlight. Since Earth is close to the Sun, Superman (and by extension, any earth-inhabiting Kryptonians), don't have to worry about losing their powers short of magic or Kryptonite. However, Zod and Turl are getting farther and farther from the sun. Odds are, he's saving whatever amount of his sun-enhanced abilities he has until he needs it: Turl was too much of an idiot to waste it on.
  • Remember that the story arc in progress on Atop the Fourth Wall is confirmed to be set after To Boldly Flee ends and deals with the idea that Linkara is slowly undergoing a Face–Heel Turn? Makes nobody realising he's been replaced by Mechakara all the more chilling, since everyone thinks it's actually in character for Linkara to act like that; effectively meaning that To Boldly Flee is providing some Futureshadowing to the ongoing Atop the Fourth Wall plot.
  • The Executor being revealed as a sleazy, affable politician/Director of MPAAA seems a little out of place considering Executor's shtick of "Darth Sidious Expy". Then you remember: Before he became The Galactic Emperor, Sidious had a double-life as a sleazy, affable politician (As Chancellor Palpatine) and a Sith Lord (As Darth Sidious leading the Separatists behind the lines), playing both sides to further his agenda. Exactly like The Executor has with Christopher Dod/The Executor identities. The Expy evolves even further.
  • There is a reason that Nostalgia Chick and Todd are assimilated and no one noticed. Nostalgia Chick always acts all aloof and emotionless and had even tried to kill Nostalgia Critic during Kickassia. And no one really knows Todd. In fact, with all the critics putting on costumes, his turning into Robocop didn't really stand out.
    • On this line of thought, why does Mechakara assimilate them into sci-fi characters? If they act out-of-character for themselves, people will just write it off as them getting into their roles!
    • And Lupa is the main recipient of the Chick's yandere moments, so naturally she'd be the one to see right through the Emotionless Girl act.
  • Critic still has no clue who Terl is when the latter shouts at him for destroying his planet. Seeing as how that never happened and he was actually trying to be nice when they discovered the psychlos were about to die, you can't exactly blame him.
    • At most, NC admits in a different review he once taught an alien race how to smoke and it ended badly, but he hardly could have expected that.
  • According to Lindsay Ellis, when you look at Todd's face, you're staring into your own soul, hence why The Nostalgia Chick freaked out when she saw it. Lupa, however, is a good person—and notice she remains relatively calm.
    • That also connects on why Todd is not willing to accept Chick's feelings for him, because he knows she's only in love with her delusions and aura of the mask, not with him as a person. The intention is portraying Nostalgia Chick as a character with a big ego and self-esteem issues, which also reflects on her reaction to his face.
      • Also, because Chick is mainly into Todd because of the mask, of course she'd freak out if he took it off (even without Lindsay's official explanation).
    • And also makes sense about the running joke on why most guys on the site are attracted to Lupa, more than just Heroes Want Redheads.
    • And why the Makeover Fairy freaked out at seeing Todd's face.
  • When Cinema Snob wakes up on Clod's holodeck, he's being fed cookies. As in, "Come to the dark side, we have cookies."
    • Expanding on that, there is The Executor eating the aforementioned cookies then saying "Hmm. Delicious". Literal Evil Tastes Good.
  • There's a reason why Mechakara couldn't figure out how Malachite's Hand worked; it's only use is to nullify casting from hit points. The glove doesn't grant magic powers, it only gets rid of the side effects. Mechakara does not know any magic spells, so it's just a useless glove to him.
    • Even better, Word of God says that Linkara's hat has the exact same effect... and Mechakara was already wearing that same hat.
  • Why is MarzGurl the one to continuously direct combat plans for the USS Exit Strategy? During her time in Kickassia, she was the head of the military!
  • Why does Luke confuse the Bothans from Star Wars with Star Trek aliens? It turns out that there is a Star Trek alien race that is also known as the Bothans.
    • Those all were Star Wars aliens (except the last one). No one knows because other than the line parodied they never appeared in the movies.
  • In the battle at the end of Part 7, only 3 out of 5 of Zod's shots hit, as compared to the strategic hits that they scored in the first confrontation (and the Exit Strategy's perfect accuracy). This is because Zod's new weapons officer is still trying to learn the job, and isn't as good as his predecessor yet.
  • When Luke is learning the ways of The Plot at Oancitizen's hands, it's done in the same way as John Murdoch's training in Dark City. Dark City came out in 1998, the same era as films such as The Phantom Menace, Lost in Space and later The Matrix, all films which were derivative of other works (One a TV adaptation, the other a prequel of an existing trilogy, and many would argue that The Matrix is largely derived from Ghost in the Shell, as possibly lampshaded by Marz Gurl's costume.) Dark City was critically acclaimed, and an original and creative piece, unlike the other (arguably) derivative films. Not only would this explain why Oancitizen would use its methodology, as it appeals to his High Brow sensibility, but it also explains why it would be the light side of The Plot - as opposed to the profit-driven machinations of the dark side.
  • The scene that has Darth Snob and the Executor talking and Luke being beside Snob all this time and Snob not noticing wasn't that he was an idiot. The Darth Vader mask has no peripheral vision.
  • Seeing Critic fight Terl in a flying car in space makes his excited reaction to the same thing in his Heavy Metal review much more understandable.
  • Why does Cinema Snob being corrupted whilst Oancitizen takes up his mentorship of Luke about the Plot make sense? Cinema Snob constantly is exposed to explotation films, which aggravates his pessimism about the industry. Oancitizen, by the other hand, reviews art cinema, where he's more familiar with the emotions of watching meaningful films, even if they are low-buget.
  • Of course Film Brain would be terrified at seeing The Last Angry Geek's ghost. He still remembers what the Geek did to him as Cloak #1
  • Lupa and Todd briefly quip that Todd could only date the Nostalgia Chick in some bizarre alternate universe. At first, this just seems like Reality Subtext, but really, it works as perfect foreshadowing for the fact that [the real world is an alternate universe beyond the Plot Hole.
  • Phelous's final rank was Jesus but [the Nostalgia Critic merged with the plot hole & thus still outranks as he's now Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence becoming part of the fabric of the universe.
    • A bit of a stretch, sure, but Phelous could be calling himself Jesus because—well, he also rose from the dead after being brutally murdered by his enemies.
  • A lot of people find it disheartening that only Film Brain seems to know or care about Critic dying, but watch the scene where they return to Earth again - Snob somberly notes that they're back where they fought Malachite & the Critic started "this whole mess", and nobody asks if the Critic made it, just Spoony, despite knowing that both were in the plot hole - No-one wants to say it, but they're all aware that the Critic's dead, especially after Santa Christ drops off Spoony, who had been left at his toy factory by the Critic without any sign of the Critic himself.
    • Supported in a Played for Laughs way by the Chick's opening scene of Cutthroat Island, as she contacts him to demand an explanation, knowing that he merged with the Plot Hole but not why. You'll notice his answer leaves out all the depressing stuff like making Film Brain cry, going on a suicide mission, finding out he was just a character and wanting to die a hero.
  • The Nostalgia Critic has done what The Entity could not: Become the universe.
    • Fridge Funny: and he does it by giving his best "I AM A MAN!" punch.
    • The Nostalgia Critic managed to enter the real world.]In other words, he was literally Atop the Fourth Wall!
  • In the commentary for the Nostalgia Critic's The Garbage Pail Kids Movie review, Doug and Rob said that the final scene of the review was originally planned to be the end of the Nostalgia Critic. If you look at that ending and compare it to the To Boldly Flee ending, they're almost mirror images of each othernote , the difference being that he met a, for lack of a better word, crappy end induced by an incredibly horrible movie, while his end in To Boldly Flee was of his own choice, saving everyone while finally finding peace.
  • In the past year, Doug took every opportunity (Facebook posts, Disneycember and his non-Bum Reviews) he could to prove that he's charming, intelligent and one of the nicest guys ever. Good on him, because otherwise his appearance in part eight would have likely been considered an idealized self-insert rather just him being his usual calm, eloquent, non-condescending self.
  • During the last scene of part 8 what do the cast do while they are hurtling towards the plot hole? They wax nostalgic about their first reviews and old projects. Why the brilliance? They are about to enter a version of their universe which has been absorbed into the Nostalgia Critic
  • Prior to the release of To Boldly Flee, the Nostalgia Critic was involved in a lot of crossovers. Now, with the knowledge that Doug was retiring the character after this movie, take another look at some of the reviews & who the crossover was with - Heavy Metal with Diamanda Hagan; Count Chocula with the Maven of the Eventide, Digimon: The Movie with JesuOtaku; and The Wiz with Todd in the Shadows. They were all reviewers that Doug had never worked withnote  before, be it in a crossover or an anniversary special - he was giving everyone a chance to get a crossover with the character before he hung up the tie. Like the Tenth Doctor, he was saying good-bye in his own way.
  • The sugar disrupting the laser cannons may seem like an odd and funny gag, until you realize that something similar was talked about in Thomas the Tank Engine's movie. The scene was just playing off the absurdity and see how they can pull it off.
  • Think back to the end of Kickassia. Who were the three people to claim ruler after The Critic was overthrown? Nostalgia Chick, Linkara,and Cinema Snob. The people with the site that Doug has worked most with in crossovers would be those three (Nostalgia Chick did Ferngully, Thanks For The Feedback, Armageddon/Bratz, and Alvin & the Chipmunks), Linkara (Superman IV, Alone In The Dark, Bum Review of Harry Potter 7 pt. 1, and Star Trek 9) and The Cinema Snob (Leprachaun, The Mime Skit, the Brad Tries Pizza Beer crossover, the Jaws III, Tommyknockers, and Transformer cartoon cameos, and the 80s Dan cameos in Temple of Doom and Scooby Doo). If you think about it, those three really did succeed The Critic.
  • The Nostalgia Critic's last review before this ended with a parody of the Star Trek: The Next Generation finale. Now, what happens after TNG was over? The series of big-budget movies marking the end of their adventure.
  • After asking the Writer what's going on after Ma-Ti leaves the Plot Hole, and the Writer pretty much says that the Critic's universe is screwed, the Critic responds with, "God, your movie sucks". That's right, the last film the Critic criticized was his Swan Song movie.
    • Made funnier by the announcement of The Nostalgia Critic Reloaded, a DVD which would have him doing episodes on the three anniversary movies.
  • In Oancitizen's speech on good cinema, its somewhat curious that he lists Return of the King as one of his examples; as he himself states in the commentary, while Return of the King is a very good movie, it isn't exactly one of the greats. However, look at the context- its being compared to the Transformers movies. The point of that line isn't to say "Return of the King is one of the greatest movies", its to say that, even in the infamously low-though-put-in sci-fi/fantasy action blockbuster genre, for every brain-dead bag of popcorn there is a movie of outstanding objective quality out there.
    • Or, perhaps, that adaptations aren't inherently bad.
  • In the past, Critic has been accurately regarded as a black hole of need, as he even called the loveless and emotionless V'Ger in Star Trek: The Motion Picture his perfect woman. So it's only fitting that his final fate should be selflessly merging with an actual Hole and staying there to protect his friends.
  • While Doug is talking, you might notice all the cars driving by in the window behind him. You might also remember that when Critic or any other character went out in their world, barely anyone else was there. It's a nicely subtle showing of Doug's point, that reality consists of people just going about their lives.
  • There is a possible reason for why Mechakara's head went boom when Nostalgia Chick gave off a high pitched scream. He's complained so often about Linkara's voice that he might have really good hearing. Well, except when he's plotting with someone.
    • It's also possible that a destructive scream is something he gave Seven-of-Eleven. After all, Nostalgia Chick was later shown to have a computer in her head to find the lyrics for the song titled Distraction. It's not impossible that Mechakara wanted the Nostalgia Chick to have this power for later use (as Mechakara shows elements of a chessmaster), but it backfired on him with the reveal of Todd's face.
  • It always struck this troper as odd that Terl - a hater of mankind - would never question the Executor. After all, the Executor is Christopher Clod, a human from Hollywood. Terl probably always saw the Executor in his robe, so it's possible that all he saw from the Executor is that chin, that mouth, and partly that nose; all this which still hints strongly at a human being. And then, it became quite clear. A lot of alien beings resemble humans, at least partly. All the Kryptonians - Superman and Zod being the best example - are just like human beings in appearance (it,s even a surprise that Terl doesn't question Zod's appearance at the end of Part 2, since he looks so human). Terl himself look enough like a human being to get the point further (it was the case even in Battlefield Earth, in fact). Terl probably went under the assumption that the Executor was from one of those alien species that look a lot like humans. Oh, if only he knew...
  • Post-TBF, Critic is using his Plot Hole powers (confirmed by Doug that he can change into anything he wants) to meld himself to what the other person needs. Film Brain needed reassurance, so he appeared as a human-looking ghost watching over the party. Chick needed a snarky laugh after losing her counterpart and project, so she was the first person he called and acted - literally! - the hapless muppet he used to be with her. Harvey is a no-nonsense tough guy, so he had to be wise and corporeal with him. Shadocon attendees not only had a hole in their hearts with The Nostalgia Critic ending, but a hole in their brains from the terribleness of the final Twilight installment. The Critic descended to riff on the film, though its abysmalness took so much out of him that he even wanted to return to the plothole.
  • Lupa's assertion that she can't see Todd because he refuses to show his face seems slightly ludicrous when you consider that he's, y'know, stalked her. But she's complained about that before, and he's clearly unable to get it through his head, so she picks on his facelessness specifically because she knows it's a dealbreaker for him. Kind of a last resort.
  • The Executor using Manos as a metaphore when corrupting the Snob is also a Stealth Insult directed at his work. He explains that Manos was created by a manure salesman who made a shit movie, and that Snob will be able to create the greatest shit movie ever made... thus he considers the Cinema Snob reviews shit as well.
  • Going with one of the themes of the film (indie filmmakers and reviewers refusing to go the Hollywood way), I realized something odd. Who are playing villains in To Boldly Flee? Doug Walker plays Zod as well as the Nostalgia Critic, the "star" of the site; Noah Antwiler plays Turrell as well as Spoony, who was the major TGWTG video game reviewer and still quite famous; Lewis Lovhaug plays Mechakara as well as Linkara, one of the few comic reviewers on the site and a star in his own right; and Christopher Clod, played by Rob Walker, who also plays, well, Rob Walker as the Critic's brother. As for the two who turn evil? The Nostalgia Chick (one of the major women reviewers on the site, also a celebrity of the site) who becomes Seven-of-Eleven, and Todd (the most-viewed music reviewer on TGWTG) who becomes Robo Todd. Cinema Snob, most known low-grade film reviewer on the site and played by Brad Jones, another famous reviewer on TGWTG, joins the dark side. Fridge Brilliance kicks in when one realizes that ALL the most famous reviewers on the site play a villain at some point or another in the film! As a hint that as you grow famous, the industry becomes more and more inviting.
    • Double Fridge Brilliance. All of these villains are based on characters from famous science-fiction films or franchises; therefore, not only does fame corrupt, but the corruption itself is related to the most famous science-fiction products to have come out of Hollywood. The ones that made the most money. Hollywood cannot help but mimic its own successes!
  • Considering how often Linkara's habit of nitpicking the smallest details is Played for Laughs in crossover reviews, it makes perfect sense that he is the very first person to speak up when the Critic tells everyone that they need to make the Plot Hole bigger by pointing out inconsistencies.
  • A nice bit of foreshadowing. In Part 1, Critic looks at a picture of Ma-Ti. Where did that picture coe from? It's a screenshot from the Critic's review of Battlefield Earth, where he first encountered Terl. What's more, in that review, Ma-Ti is the one who guides Critic towards reviewing said movie...

Fridge Horror

  • When 8-Bit Mickey comes back and tells everyone where Spoony is being held captive, all while being covered in blood and holding the severed hand of Prick, the first thing that comes to the minds of both Nostalgia Critic and Cinema Snob is that Prick made a short joke to Mickey, explicitly noting that "Someone must have called him short again." The operative word being "again".
    • Also creates some retcon fridge horror when you remember how close the Critic came to death in Suburban Knights for doing exactly the same thing.
    • As pointed out by a couple of Spoony's fans in the comments section of his site, Mickey killed Prick with a Weed Whacker. No, not a Woodchipper... a Weed Whacker. As one person pointed out, "Weed whackers are designed to not be strong enough to break human flesh". If that isn't a slip in the script, that... is pretty nasty.
    • What makes it really bad is Terl's hesitation to say that he's dead, as if it isn't true. So, he may still technically be alive, but so horrifically mangled that he might as well be, almost certainly in unimaginable pain?
  • Mechakara assimilating the Nostalgia Chick was already pretty horrifying, but for a fan of Star Trek who knows the actual details of how that tends to happen...Yeah...
    • Just like Linkara, she's known for being self-righteous and treated her Sex Slave robot like it was worthless. No wonder why it sounded like her assimilation hurt.
    • There's what looks like either a scar or some kind of tape on Chick's head after assimilation. To cover up the drill hole, maybe?
    • Plus the fact that everyone thought she and Linkara were just having sex meant that no-one did anything to help her. What's even worse than being attacked with a power drill? Being attacked with a power drill while your friends sit there and let it happen.
  • Todd's assimilation is even more disturbing when you remember that Alex Murphy was basically beyond repair when he was killed, and only retained parts of his brain, face and nervous system when he was converted into Robocop.
  • What happened to Film Brain in part six: see the Nightmare Fuel section.
  • Spoony's Super-Ego. It's a frail looking man styled after Feyd-Rautha from David Lynch's Dune. Now remember what a Super-Ego does: "The super-ego works in contradiction to the id. The super-ego strives to act in a socially appropriate manner, whereas the id just wants instant self-gratification. The super-ego controls our sense of right and wrong and guilt. It helps us fit into society by getting us to act in socially acceptable ways." According to this scene Spoony has a frail ego which tries to present itself as handsome and cool.
    • Which makes this Harsher in Hindsight, considering what Spoony has gone through recently.
    • It's actually worse then just having a frail ego. He has a frail SUPER-EGO...IE, the logical part of his brain. The Ego, in freudian terms, regulates the Super-Ego and the Ego. Basically, not having a super-ego means that he's not capable of understanding right and wrong, and is ruled entirely by "What's good for me". He essentially doesn't have a conscience.
  • According to Lindsay, the reason Seven of Eleven reacted with fear at Todd's face is...well, look at the Fridge Brilliance section above. Considering this is the Nostalgia Chick, it's not so surprising, but what was so horrible that it can make an emotionless cyborg scream in terror?
    • Also, keep in mind that Todd tells Lupa that he knew the Chick would respond like that...
    • The Chick's a creepy stalker to Todd, self-centered, treats Nella so bad that she once became Dark Nella & destroyed several cities, and is a Card-Carrying Villain. That probably covers it.
  • As noted on the Tear Jerker page, I'm a distraction is a song about the singer giving the listener a moment of happiness while taking their mind off of the end of the world. It was a top-rated Kryptonian hit single.
  • Before, there were just slight inconsistencies. The TGWTGverse is now actively and completely unstable, and chaos rules. That's...that's kind of horrifying.
    • Um... If that's how you feel, then I advise that you don't think to hard about our universe.
    • Just so. It sounds a fair bit like how "The Writer" described reality. No plot or "true" consistency, but rather, a world where one decides what do do with their life. Besides, have you ever looked at quantum physics?
    • Not to mention that the 'verse was pretty chaotic before, what with the evil clones and time travel and robots and whatnot. Given that the critics took most of that in stride, making it official likely wouldn't be much of a difference.
    • The creepier implications are concerning the Nostalgia Critic effectively becoming the universe. Assuming that the Plot Hole only swallowed the main universe and not alternate universes like Vyce's territory or the Mirror Universe, and that the current AT4W plotline (chronologically taking place after these events) invokes another universe, does that mean that extra-dimensional visitors/invaders are invading the Nostalgia Critic on a cosmic level?
  • After seeing what happened in Part 8, it's definitely a good thing that the Exit Strategy's crew didn't immediately activate the thermal detonator that Mechakara ate. It's doubtful that the Exit Strategy would have fared much better than the Death Bomb.
  • There's a horrible one that could be the reason why Spoony is no longer part of the gang in the 'verse. What happens to him at the end of the movie? He mentally regresses. The implication is that Spoony is physically incapable of functioning as he used to. Given his departure from the site, it's much, much Harsher in Hindsight.
    • Given that Noah still plans to do crossovers with the site's reviewers, however, I don't think we've seen the last of Spoony.
  • Darth Snob's threat about turning the Critic into the next Tommy Wiseau is amusing, but think about why Luke considered it a Fate Worse than Death. Critic a lifeless, dispassionate, zombie-looking whiner who everyone only watches for Bile Fascination? No.
  • The Nostalgia Critic's line of return never being an option for him and his decision to merge with the Plot Hole gets reinforced with a line in the Scooby Doo review. "EVEN THOUGH, EVERY FUCKING DAY HE EXISTS, HE WISHES HE DIDN'T HAVE TO! HE WISHES HE DIDN'T HAVE TO DO THIS BULLSHIT..."
  • I was confused as to the whole 'remember' Arc Words, but it all finally made sense with the NC's final line after he's become one with the universe "I am the Nostalgia Critic". Go ahead and finish that line...He remembers it, so we don't have to.
  • Unless he gets someone else to look after the Plot Hole for him note  or he descends note , Critic is going to last forever as the universe and even if time isn't linear, will eventually watch his friends die of old age.
    • Given that The Last Angry Geek becomes a ghost after his death, it is possible that other reviewers will become "one with the plot" and attain a similar status. It is also possible that the Critic would be able to create some sort of afterlife for them. One should also remember that an immortality spell exists in the Awesomeverse and some of the reviewers do have access to magic.
    • Well, it's a moot point now, because Douchey took NC's place, and we don't have to worry about him seeing his friends pass on because he has none.
  • The Plot Hole allows one to enter into Real Life and Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence-let's just say that we're very lucky that one of the villains didn't discover this(could you imagine Mechakara in the real world?!)
  • Out of the three parodies in Spoony's brain, Critic is the only one that moves like some kind of wind up doll; something you can just play with and throw away with no regret. Fitting message from such a smarmy date rapist.
    • He's also the only one that has "Danse Macabre" playing over his scene, an instrumental piece about the dead being raised and made to dance. Given how suicidal he is already (and how the music is repeated in an editorial where he reminds everyone that he's meant to be dead), no wonder Critic is pissed about seeing this.
  • Edward is still present in Jesu Otaku's head at the end of the movie, she can apparently take over whenever she wants, and Jesu has no idea that Edward is in her head- she also has no memory of anything that happened while Edward's in control. This really can't end well.
  • After a good portion of his face is burnt off and body damaged, Mechakara arises with a look of pure rage and hatred mixed with high octane Nightmare Fuel. Keep in mind that Mechakara is actually an evil alternate universe version of Linkara's Robot Buddy Pollo, who has his moments of being a Deadpan Snarker but cares about Linkara above all else and even pulled off a Heroic Sacrifice reminiscent of Spock's from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in AT4W. Just what exactly happened to Mechakara that made him so enraged?! And what did alternate-Linkara do to him to make him this way anyway?!

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