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    Part One 
  • Mechakara goes after Linkara again. And after losing two epic fights with him, this time he completely kicks Linkara's ass, leaves him locked in a closet (stuck in a Chinese finger trap, of all things), reveals he has Malachite's Hand and is attempting to obtain its power, and goes off to impersonate him and kill everyone else. Now that's how you avoid Badass Decay.
  • Small, but when he realizes he's got bigger problems to deal with, Critic asks Turrell if there's anything that he can legally do as punishment, and upon the answer "no", hangs up.
  • The last couple of minutes is just awesome for Ma-Ti!Spoony because he literally hacks into a computer and gives them the plans and location to where The Hole is Contact style. The plans are sent to every computer in the Critic's home and the monitor attached to Spoony at the same time. Somehow.

    Part Two 
  • Critic owning up to every Bad Boss thing he's done and begging the crew to help him fix one of his mistakes.
  • 8-Bit Mickey's dealing with the federal agents. Especially his brutal murder of Prick after he pressed his Berserk Button by making one too many short jokes.
    Mickey: Goat fuckers!
  • General Zod's entrance deserves a mention: A door slowly unfolds while some Awesome Music plays full blast at the background, out of the light steps him...who promptly looks at the camera and screams "KNEEEEEEEEEEEEL!" Bad. Ass.
  • Everyone banding together to turn the Critic's house into a spaceship, scored with an even more dramatic version of the hero theme from Suburban Knights.
    • The very fact that eighteen internet personalities with no engineering backgrounds can convert a mid-western split-level (with "borrowed" equipment that was probably not intended for the purpose) into a spaceship capable of reaching Europa note  within days and with a working internet connectionnote . Why haven't they been hired by NASA?
  • Critic proving he can be a Guile Hero when he wants to be, by turning his house into a space-ship and therefore technically not breaking his house arrest.
  • The Critic sitting in the command chair, with the rest of the reviewers as a crew. They aren't a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits any more.
  • The teleportation sequence when Critic gathers the reviewers together. Something about the music and the timing just makes it epic.

    Part Three 
  • Mechakara managing to assimilate Chick and turn her into Seven of Eleven within minutes is pretty awesome.
    • From what we could hear, Nostalgia Chick put up a heck of a fight.
  • Zod completely and utterly owning Turrell and managing to become a Knight of Cerebus without losing his goofy character.
  • JesuOtaku and CR putting together the machine they saw.
  • Mickey proudly stating that he's a Brony.
  • After Marz insulting him by assuming he never went to school, Critic showing his knowledge about the Europa moon. That finger bite was well deserved.

    Part Four 
  • Upon realising that Zod & Turrell's ship is manned with an exact number of crewmen, all of whom are specifically trained for their specific jobs, the Critic has Angry Joe beam aboard & shoot the tactical weapons officer, before promptly getting beamed back.
    Critic: Joe, would you like to shoot something?
    Angry Joe: [Absolutely earnestly] Why yes, Critic. Yes I would.
  • Turrell's Attack! Attack... Retreat! Retreat! when he beams aboard the Critic's ship, only to immediately have Todd and Paw point their guns at him.
  • MarzGurl taking over & serving as the Captain, whilst the Critic is off-ship & Phelous keeps being killed. Somehow.
  • Dredd!Critic blasting in and standing on his own against soldiers while waiting for CR to get the teleporation beam ready was pretty badass.
    • Hell, that whole scene is badass. He even tells CR to beam up other people before him, showing how brave he's become.
  • JewWario doing a barrel roll to avoid laser attacks.
  • On the villain side, Zod and Turrell deserve one for managing to not only damage the Critic's ship, but also almost killing them all. Turrell was even smart enough to capture Cinema Snob at the end and escape with no repercussions whatsoever. Not-So-Harmless Villain, indeed.

    Part Five 
  • Cinema Snob calling out Christopher Clod for complaining about how he's had to sell one of his six summer homes while his writers are underpaid.
    • The entire conversation between Cinema Snob and Christopher Clod over infamy in the film industry and the uselessness of critics could be considered a CMOA on it's own for the sheer level of sincerity put in the performance between the two. It is quite easy to get into the conversation.
  • Todd's RoboCop outfit is impressive and fitting for the character. Even better was its surprise introduction, with no hints about its nature aside from Todd's offscreen assimilation. Not even a trailer appearance.
  • Linkara finally escapes.
  • Film Brain willingly exploring Spoony's subconscious. Considering what could happen to him due to the fact that he is utterly at the mercy of Spoony's mind, it's pretty darn brave.

    Part Six 
  • Obscurus Lupa and JewWario fighting Mechakara, Seven of Eleven, and RoboTodd to save the others. The sequence includes a Heartwarming Moment (Todd shaking off the assimilation) and a Funny Moment or two (Jew Wario reenacting The Naked Time, Seven of Eleven screaming at the sight of Todd's exposed face).
    • A moment of awesomeness also goes to Mechakara. While Jew Wario is attacking him with the sword, Mechakara just continues reprogramming the ship, not giving a damn that he's being attacked. When he finally does decide to fight back, all he does is punch Jew Wario in the stomach to bring him down, and then goes back to reprogramming the ship as if he just swatted a fly.
    • The first thing Chick does after collapsing from seeing how horrible she is in Todd's face? Save Critic from Mechakara with a boot to the robot's head.
    • While it is small, a mention must be made for how the Critic (specially when put in contrast to Kickassia, where he hid behind Chick when things went wrong) merely asking Mechakara wants, then effortlessly crushing his hopes about Malechite's hand, he even calls him a moron for believing in such stupidity. while Mechakara has his gun pointed at him. That took some balls.
    • On the same note, there's the look everyone makes to Mechakara when Mechakara loses his weapon: You can see each of them cracking their fists as if they're all ready to kick his ass to kingdom come. Mechakara wisely retreats.
  • The make-up on Mechakara's face. Whoever they got for that should work for Hollywood.

    Part Seven 
  • This part has one of the most beautiful moments not only of this special but one of the most beautiful moments of all Channel Awesome history: The training of Luke by Oancitizen, which is shown as a beautiful reflection about what art really is, and why making a good film is important, instead of just making movies for the money, how films impact people and ultimately, what a film is. We go from the roots of modern cinema to Michael Bay, it is just a wonderful journey that is a Moment of Awesome on its own.
    • All of it summed up in quite possibly one of the greatest, and most true lines ever.
    Oan:"Bad art is a distraction, great art changes people."
  • In a less meta level, there is Angry Joe and Mazgurl taking out the systems of Zod's ship (which eventually leads to the destruction of their fleet when they actually try to fight), doing so while masterfully wiping the floor with Zod's troops.
    • That is intercut with The Critic flying with his car IN SPACE to reach the Plot Hole while having his final showdown with Turrell: Space Car VS Turrell's Spaceship.
      • And all of the above is intercut with The Nostalgia Chick and Zod singing (rather well) a song called "Distraction".
      • Not to mention OanCitizen and his final note. Perhaps this has been said too many times already, but the dude has pipes.
      Zod: Destroy that fantastic tenor!
      • The song itself should get special notice, since it legitimately sounds like a 80's pop song, as well as being a catchy number in and of itself. Bonus points for pulling off Lyrical Dissonance too, as the words are actually quite dark, fitting both a destruction of Krypton and the suicide missions a few producers are undertaking.
      • Even more astounding, the song managed to save the party.
      • Extra props to Doug Walker for managing to sing in Zod's voice and making it work without feeling Narmy.
      • Essentially, this whole sequence is Doug's Crowning Moment as a director: funny and tense in equal measure, and effortlessly switching between three different groups linked together perfectly by the music.
  • Phelous becoming Genre Savvy about the various threats on his life.
    Phelous: Finally, a Red Shirt is going to do something other than die!

    Part Eight 
  • Luke, after being told it's useless to resist:
    Luke: You're wrong. So long as someone resists, you haven't won.
  • Luke revealing that before she arrived in the Executor's chamber, she filled the Death Bomb's laser banks with sugar.
    • Even better is the fact that the crew accidentally ruined the USS Exit Strategy's lasers by putting sugar in them earlier. Luke clearly learned from this and thought ahead to bring some sugar with her.
  • Luke proudly proclaiming to the Executor that she will become a great comedian like her father before her.
    • Slightly overlapping with Heartwarming, Luke still defends her dad after the Executor tries to insult him, saying she's "just as brave" as her father is.
  • Bennett entering Spoony's mind to save Film Brain and going full on Tetsuo to defeat The Hole.
  • Linkara arriving in Comicron 1 to save the USS Exit Strategy during a savage attack from Turrell.
    • Also leads to a moment of awesome for the villains when you remember that Linkara's ship originally belonged to Lord Vyce. Turrel's ship took a direct hit from a spaceship designed to kill Gods, and SURVIVED.
  • The crew of the USS Exit Strategy firing a blue shell at Turrell's ship.
  • The scenes with the Critic and Doug, ultimately culminating in the Critic absorbing the Plot Hole and effectively becoming the universe.
    • The Critic's choice about what to do at the end of the confrontation. He lingers just long enough for the audience to not be entirely sure if he'll do the right thing or not, and there is no Mood Whiplash or joke to break the tension — the scene is entirely Played for Drama, and is quite powerful for it.
    • The Critic's line as he rejects freedom and a chance to enter the real world, instead to go back and save his friends.
    Critic: Eeh... it was probably just as phony anyway.
  • Getting no help from Doug, metaphorically or literally, for the first time, Critic steps up to the plate and tells the world what they have to do to save themselves; make the Plot Hole bigger.
  • How does Critic merge with the Plot Hole? He fucking punches it!
  • James Rolfe, AKA The Angry Video Game Nerd, pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment to help the Critic with the aid of Nash and Radio Dead Air and ultimately showing that the Critic and Nerd respect each other deeply. Awe. Some.
  • Film Brain willingly plugging in to Spoony's subconscious to rescue the Critic. Then Sage rescuing him.
    Sage: My powers may not work in the real world, but in here, it's a whole 'nother story!
  • A rare villain example as Mechakara manages to get into Turrell and Zod's ship, and single-handedly gets rid of anyone, including Zod and several troops in his way to get revenge against Turrell for lying about being able to give Mechakara the secret to Malacite's Hand, all while heavily damaged from his previous assault against the Reviewers. Even though he didn't get a chance to kill Turrell due to the Spiny Shell, he still was badass in the process.
    Mechakara {Grabs Turrell's shoulder and pulls him back}: Remember me? "Metal Moron" I believe were your words!
  • Sad Panda being the one to ultimately kill Turrell, Zod and Mechakara. It also a Moment of Funny in that he neither realized nor cared.
  • Dr. Insano, of all people, gets one when he hijacks the USS Exit Strategy at gunpoint, and flies off into the sunset.
  • Critic has come up with a plan to stop the Plot Hole, but it is obviously suicidal and quite possibly the stupidest thing that the crew has ever heard: make the hole even bigger. Their reaction to this? They immediately begin following his plan, no questions asked and with no concern for the danger to themselves.

  • The fact that the title is actually not just a joke, and describes a genuinely heroic action as Critic flees the government to save the world.
  • The makeup work for the damaged Mechakara. Are we sure Rob Bottin didn't work on this thing?
  • This quick makeup job for the blood covered 8-Bit Mickey and the fake severed hand of Prick, it was simple, yet effectively awesome to see.
  • The first half hour of Spoony's commentary, where he gives a detailed account of exactly why he left Channel Awesome, debunking the theory that it was his conflict with Lupa, and fully accepting a good deal of the blame even as he makes some good points about how their relationship was pretty much doomed from the start.
  • Rob's commentary includes plenty more about why the SOPA jokes were not dated, and how odds are the people complaining have no idea of the work other people put in so they can have a free Internet.
  • In Doug's commentary, revealing that they just signed a contract to let Distraction be used in Rock Band.