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Quotes / To Boldly Flee

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Oancitizen: You're probably wondering why I keep appearing in your thoughts. It is because I have inserted myself in them. I am here to teach you about The Plot. A character's strength flows from The Plot. But beware the Dark Side. Protectionism. Stifling creativity. Selling out. These lead to the Dark Side. Darth Snob was seduced by the power of the Dark Side of The Plot. He thought infamy would make his work live forever. But he forgot something very important.
Luke: What's that?
Oancitizen: Bad art is a distraction. Great art changes people.
Luke: But how can we change people when there's so much crap?
Oancitizen: Patience. For every two-dozen Phantom Menaces there is a Return of the King. For every two-bit Shyamalan a Stanley Kubrick is born. For every poor soul who groans during an Adam Sandler-funded Rob Schneider vehicle, there's a child crying life-affirming tears when Bambi's mom is shot. Somewhere out there are film students finding out what Rosebud means for the first time. A man is pausing as Fredo says a Hail Mary on a boat over Lake Tahoe. A woman grasps her heart as Bogey's love flies off in the foggy night. All it takes is one moment to change a person, and that one moment, no matter how fleeting, is worth a thousand Transformers.
— Part 7

The Executor: Oh, it's just as my fortune cookie predicted.
— Part 8

The Nostalgia Critic/Plot Hole: I am the Nostalgia Critic.
— Part 8

Nostalgia Chick: But Critic, won't this violate your house arrest?
Nostalgia Critic: Why? I'm not leaving the house.
— Part 2