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Missing Connection is a James Bond fanfiction by Emilia Silverova, formerly known as Si1verEye with contributions by KaijuDirector. It is set in the same universe as the infamous Goldeneye Rogue Agent and primarily serves as a Defictionalization and Adaptation Expansion of the original game, crossing over with the larger Bond universe as a few points, especially the Pierce Brosnan movies.

The story starts in early 2016 with Kaiko "Silvereye" Morikawa (or just Silver for short), a midlevel enforcer for the Janus Syndicate with a silver-hued prosthetic eye. When its enigmatic head, ex-00 agent Alec Trevelyan aka. Janus, sends her on a hit on behalf of Dr. Julius No, her mission reaches a hitch when she is neutralized by the target she was tasked to eliminate.


Flash-forward a few months later when Silver arrives in Thailand, this time to question the designer of her implant about someone he recently fitted with the same technology: ex-MI-6 agent Jonathan "GoldenEye" Hunter, now working for Dr. No's archenemy, the infamous Auric Goldfinger. After her fortuitous meeting with Hunter, the Man With The Golden Gun himself, Francisco Scaramanga, promising that his allies Goldfinger and GoldenEye are not looking for trouble with her - but only if she defects to their cause. To lure her into cooperation, he also hints at being ready to help her take revenge on the man she despises most on Earth, Janus himself.

Not long afterwards Dr. No launches a raid on Goldfinger's Midas Casino in Las Vegas to obtain the powerful OMEN weapon, demanding that Janus sends in some of his operatives as well to make up for the botched Hong Kong job. Silver being offered a last-chance participation, she finally makes her choice and takes this opportunity to defect to Goldfinger's cause.


However, partly due to Janus' lieutenant Xenia Onatopp finding her out, a wild chase occurs where the OMEN is detonated and thousands of civilians die. Escaping thanks to Pussy Galore and GoldenEye, Silver throws in her lot with Goldfinger and so begins her new adventures to uncover Janus' secrets – eventually to execute a revenge best served cold.

Currently a work-in-progress, and far from done.

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