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Infinity Verse is a series of Massive Multiplayer Crossover, Shared Universe fics by Deadpoolzilla & JasonVoorhes2011, published by TheBaneOfHumanity, centering around multiple franchises varying from Western AnimationMost Prominant , Video GamesFull List thus far  FilmMost Prominate  and AnimeFull List thus far .


Most of the stories published, will be based on various Marvel Comics and DC Comics storylines.

Currently, the series consists of five stories. They are (in publishing order):

  • The New Frontier:
    • A series of one-shots stories, meant to establish the world and characters, the origins of various teams like Infinity League, Task Force M & The Society of Supervillains and build up to upcoming stories and events. It's complete and consists of 25 chapters.
  • Infinity Verse Spotlights:
  • The Dark Phoenix:
    • The first Major storyline of the universe, based on the Marvel event of the same name. An ancient being from beyond the stars has come to Earth, and it seeks a host! As its fire and fury takes control one of the heroes' souls, the sins of Optimus Prime's past come to light along with it. Now, a line in the sand is drawn as Earth's fate hangs in the balance. Can the world be saved, or will the world turn to ash from the fire of the Phoenix?
  • Infinity Verse: No Road Home:
    • A Time Travel, Mini Series named after the Marvel event. In which Renet, assembles a group of heroes from the Infinity League, to stop Savanti Romero from collection Time Baby's Chromo-Essence across history, and gaining more power. Together with Michelangelo, Ulrich Stern and several others, she travels through the past, present and future, encountering various different heroes along the way.
  • Mystic Wars:
    • Another Mini Series, set during the events of The Dark Phoenix. Long ago, when the pyramids were still young, Egypt had been protected by from the forces of darkness by the Sorcerer Supreme. Now, five thousand years later, the Sorcerer's greatest foe, the mother of all that is evil, plans to make her return. After all these years, the time has come for a new Sorcerer Supreme. But who will it be? And will he/she succeed?
  • Infinity Verse Max:
    • The more mature counterpart of Infinity Verse Spotlights, focusing on darker themes such as drugs, death & violence, in the vain of Marvel MAX Imprint & DC Black Label.

In addition, Deadpoolzilla has a series of videos on his Youtube channel, going further into the world of the Fanfic series, known as Into The Infinity Verse. A Playlist can be found here.

These fanfics provide examples of:

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  • Crossover:
  • Crossover Couple: The Ninja (Randy Cunningham)/Rena Rouge (Alya Césaire) is the main one. Neither knows the other's identity.
    • Also includes, Heidi Weinerman/SheZow.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: The hero team is called, the Infinity League for a reason. Not to mention, all the sides characters, villains, Kaiju and cameos.

    Infinity Verse Spotlights 
  • Dating Catwoman: It's revealed in Chapter 6, the Manny Rivera/El Tigre has resumed dating his former rival Zoe Aves/Black Cuervo.

    Infintiy Verse: No Road Home 
  • Legacy Character: Penny & Sashi's future son Jack, seems to have taken up the mantle of Scorpion.


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