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Protip: Never sign your name on a ransom note.

"Any first-day chemistry student could have told Ragby never to put sparks near a mystery gas. Unfortunately, Ragby had never met any first-day chemistry students, so it came as a complete surprise to him when the gas passed by Mulch Diggums ignited in a chain of miniature explosions."

Because most viewers have basic common sense, one would usually expect the same from fictional characters. Any negative deviation from such usually prompts a Face Palm and the comment "What an idiot!" or similar, hence the entry name.

Can cause A Tragedy of Impulsiveness, if the situation becomes more serious. It is also the usual reaction to a character demonstrating especially severe Genre Blindness.

Can also be a response to ineffectual contestants on a Game Show.

And please, as tempting as it is to defend your favorite work from forcing the Idiot Ball into its characters' hands, refrain from making Justifying Edits. With a Card-Carrying Villain or Idiot Hero, a few of these are to be expected. If the work as a whole has an Idiot Plot, it goes on that page instead. Also, do not assume that something listed here automatically makes it a bad work; it is usually more along the lines of "something else that is better could have been done". As explained on Idiot Ball, characters being idiotic can often serve as a weakness to them and sometimes make them more-or-less well-developed. And, of course, some characters are supposed to be idiots (or outright naïve at best), in which case we probably don't need a full and complete list of every stupid thing they do; a brief summing up would be more helpful. Characters making foolish decisions can also result in funny or dramatic moments, and therefore add to the enjoyability of a work; so writers can and have invoked this trope intentionally.


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