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  • VG Cats ran a strip in which Aeris is being annoyed by Leo's tasteless jokes, so she goes back in time to abort him on the day he was conceived. The artist got a bit of backlash for this, so his next strip had Pantsman introduce a toe-tapping dance routine... the Fetal Five. Consisting of four bloodied fetuses.
    Pantsman: Well that was good, but where's the fifth member?
    * Next panel shows a cat with a bloodstained mouth.
    Pantsman: Bugsy!...
  • Any given strip of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal crosses the line at least twice. This one probably crosses the line about fifteen times.
    • This one may have set the record for most line-crossing in a comic ever. And it did it in ONE PANEL. [1]
    • The double punchline in this strip is a particularly good example.
  • Xykon of The Order of the Stick. What he did to the Sapphire Guard (drove them insane with a magical symbol inscribed on a superball, leading them to slaughter one another) crosses the line so many times that the end result is hilarious. The same goes for the various tortures he's inflicted on O-Chul.
    Redcloak: And again when I found out about the Basilisk Staring Contest.
    Xykon: Technically, the paladin won that one.
    Jirix: He never blinked.
    • That's tame compared to what Xykon does in "Start Of Darkness". Rich Burlew has stated that he wanted to make a villain that has no sympathy from his audience.
    • Comic 755. Where to start?
  • This Rooster Teeth comic features this - draw your own conclusions on whether it crosses the line, or is telling people to start stepping back.
  • This Shortpacked! strip. Anything with the words "rape therapy" in it, in fact.
    • For that matter, pretty much everything Mike does in Shortpacked!, and most of what he does in Roomies! and It's Walky! too. This is a sterling example.
  • Pretty much anything involving Black Mage of 8-Bit Theater, like how his Hadoken spell works.
    • Not to mention his repeated orphaning and traumatizing of Onion Kid, and his repeat murders of his companions. Hell, he more or less defines it.
    • Some of the things other characters do qualify as well, like how Red Mage plans to get a ride off an island.
    • Fighter occasionally does it in a less absurdly sociopathic manner, but by being so bleeding stupid it crosses the line back into being weirdly clever. Like when he saved the party from fall damage by covering them and then blocking the ground. Or in this comic where his earnest reply when Black Mage questions him as to why Fighter has never seen an invisible sky castle is because Fighter assumes they're quite rare.
    • Most things Sarda does, especially what he does after Ranger tries to kill him.
  • Hellbound regularly Crosses The Line Twice, like in this strip for example.
  • Randy Milholland of Something*Positive often goes here. When you start out like this, you're only going to go further and soon you're writing strange super-powers. And that's without looking for the storyline where Kim rapes Davan (Found here).
    • An in-universe example also appears when Davan and Jason create the 'anti-play': A play that is intentionally written to be as offensive as humanly possible. Davan even lampshades the trope:
      Davan: Y'know, Jason, there's a fine line between parody and basically wearing a sign that says, "please lynch me".
      Jason: And it's our job to spread our posterior cheeks and empty our bowels upon that line - in a literary sense, of course. Now, we need a dance number. How's this for a song - "God Wants More Animal Testing"?
    • Not to mention Jason's musical about the crucifixion, "Nailed!"
  • In this and the following Loserz strips, the line is crossed twice.
  • In Sluggy Freelance, much of the demonic rampage shown during "That Which Redeems" is played this way.
    Sweral: You did kill and eat Reakk's cat.
    Tryka: It looked like my mom!
    • This strip is probably the best example, though. Demons invading Canada and eating a young boy alive? Horrific. The American news media digitally inserting "eh?" at the end of boy's screams so he sounds more Canadian? Hilarious.
    • Really, a lot of the strip came off this way in the early years; "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny hit hard in the new millennium.
  • Ansem Retort.
    • To give a slightly more specific example: the main characters ("heroes" is stretching the definition somewhat) have travelled in time, and need to recruit allies. They win the support of Jesus Christ by telling him how much porn is available in the future. (A panel in which Jesus reveals his favourite kind of porn is blocked out by the author giving an address to complain to.)
    • The very first strip has Axel laughingly reminiscing on blowing up an orphanage. It turns out this is a regularly scheduled hobby of his.
      Axel: But really, is drowning a kid in tequila such a reprehensible crime?
      Aerith: Yes.
    • In fact, it's pretty safe to say that whatever line was supposed to be there was completely annihilated by the time we got to the first strip.
  • Wonderella's home planet having blown up? Quasi-tragic. Finding out that it is actually still around? Heartwarming. Finding out that it's actually a hallucination caused by your mum so she can arrange a surprise party. Priceless.
  • Cyanide & Happiness has this in spades, but nowhere is it more apparent than in The Depressing Comic Weeks.
  • Sexy Losers pretty much runs on a combination of this, Squick, NSFW, and Fan Disservice.
  • The undead, firewielding warlock Richard from Looking for Group, unlives this trope; See his big musical number "Slaughter Your World".
    • In his first encounter with the allegiance conflicted elf Cale, he tries to make Cale realize and give in to the Always Chaotic Evil nature that his race are notorious for by defining evil as not "helping an aged dwarf woman across the road" but instead "shooting her in the face with arrows until it stops being funny".
    • Shortly after Cale and Richard's initial meeting, they walk into a village that Richard apparently has visited once before. According to the guards, he burned down an orphanage during his last visit. According to Richard, that was an act of self-defence, the orphanage attacked him first.
    • Burning the head off a gnome guard because he just denied you the authority to pass any further: Not very funny. Painting eyes and lips on your hand, placing it slightly above what remains of said Gnome's charred neck and making good use of your ventriloquism skills to have the gnome give you authority to pass, and apologize for his earlier rudeness, on the other hand...
    • Or having his minions do a musical dance number when the group finds the bodies of allies. Then using the bones to make a throne.
      • And yet, despite all of this, he's become Lawful Good (sometimes Chaotic Good) Cale's best friend. Richard even killed a smurf and made Cale a wallet from its hide.
  • Concession: The casual, petty murders barely even blip anymore as far as webcomics are concerned... but then comes the sex with crossdressing ten-year-olds. And a girl is eventually introduced with a harem of them.
  • Tomoyo42's Room: A story about Sakura and Tomoyo. This has everything, from baseball practice with aborted fetuses to a girl taking her recently decapitated dog and squeezing it to squirt her friend with blood. It's heartwarming.
  • Van Von Hunter has this example.
  • Blur the Lines features a comic where the protagonist Rick encounters a bitter ex-boyfriend who wants to get back at his girlfriend (who broke up with him because he "gave lousy oral") by getting multiple guys to masturbate into condoms and then dumping the sperm on her car. The line was crossed again by Rick when he suggests that the bitter ex give oral sex to the guys in the process to prove he can give good oral. And it works.
  • Penny Arcade does this at least every other week.
  • Used in this strip of LICD.
  • In Homestuck, the Trolls have a curious Pokémon meets Alien game called Fiduspawn. The details are yours to peruse, fair reader, but can be succinctly summarized as "Face Full of Alien Wing-Wong on stuffed dolls." And judging by its facial expressions the doll is quite alive during the process.
    • And later... "You love having a dead sister. Having a dead sister is an experience you would highly recommend to everybody."
      • And yet another one shortly afterwards when he spends four panels giving Gamzee the bad news with a machine gun...while calming elevator music plays. And then makes sure to Double Tap.
    • In the spinoff Paradox Space, all of Headed for Stardom is this. Gamzee hosts a talent show with the heads of the dead trolls.
  • Exploitation Now, sweet gobs Exploitation Now! Prior to the last storyline, at least.
  • Channel Ate. About 90% of the comics are this.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del, here.
  • Fireman Comics from Something Awful were the epitome of this. (Archived here)
    • In one comic, a man approaches a fireman to lead his son's cub troop camping trip. The fireman agrees, then buries all the children alive and starts a forest fire. When the man comes back to the fire station concerned about his missing child, another fireman refuses to help unless the worried father helps him cheat on his taxes. He then goes back on his word and instead of helping, uses the fire truck to deliver his tax forms. The fireman also steals the poor man's wallet, then seduces his wife using flowers bought with the victim's own money.
  • A Softer World, all the time. For example.
  • The entire point of Electric Retard. Killing small children and a giant angry naked Hitler are just the tip of the iceberg.
  • It's subtle, but in one comic of Grrl Power, Sydney goes into a Thai diner, and orders something really spicy. Declaring it to be not spicy enough (to general astonishment) she goes and get some spicy sauce off the shelf. One of the sauces she grabs is called "Ring of Fire," with the caption "Guaranteed to make you feel like the prettiest boy in prison."
  • In The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, Dan McNinja manages to make terrorists hijacking a plane funny.
    Dan: Oh, don't give me that look! We wouldn't have had to do this if you hadn't made such a big deal about the gorilla! Honestly, so rude.
  • Most strips of The Perry Bible Fellowship
  • Precocious: "Neglectful parent joke! Ha Ha! * writes angry letter* "
  • Dirt Pony: MACHOKE used POUND! (warning, very much Not Safe for Work or brain.)
  • Given its subject matter, Genocide Man's moments of Gallows Humor tend to be this.
    Girii: Are you seriously playing golf with children's skulls?!
    Jacob: Don't be silly. I'm just practicing my drives. It's not like I could putt with them, their little teeth would be hell on the green.
    Jacob: [Speaking to his Indian supersoldier jailer] But boy, dinner that night was great. You ever eat so much brisket that you just start to sweat?
  • "Bertstrips" are a type of comic which consists of an out-of-context screenshot of Sesame Street (or any other Muppet production) and a caption that makes it seem like something decidedly not kid-friendly is happening, typically involving sex, crime, drug use, racism, or multiples thereof. Here are some examples:


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