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  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus: Everything about the games' One-Scene Wonder cameo: A deranged 71 year old Adolf Hitler who pukes and pisses blood in full view of the actors he's auditioning for his latest (terrible) propaganda flick, and winds up shooting all of them bar in-disguise B.J..
  • Bulletstorm crosses the line twice in not only violence but also in swearing; the game loves its obscenities beyond the point of all reason.
  • Dwarf Fortress tends to have some grisly moments, but when you combine loads of free time with modding abilities, you get the tale of Obok Meatgod. This is so terrible it crosses past the point where death comedy is funny and becomes just PURE EVIL.
  • Bad endings in the Fate/stay night game. Getting your stomach obliterated by a crazed giant? That's one of the better choices.
    • The ridiculousness of some of the deaths (you have to actively try for a few) is lampshaded in the post-death 'Tiger Dojo,' which coaches you on what to do differently next time. When Saber kills you, she appears super-deformed, angsting in the background - unless you got that death from pure stupidity, in which case she's nowhere to be seen, no matter what she did to you ("she doesn't get depressed if the fault isn't all hers").
  • The infamous ending in Tsukihime where you get eaten by a shark. On the top floor of a hotel.
  • I Wanna Be the Guy is something like this, except the line is between "frustrating" and "funny", rather than "vulgar" and "funny".
    • For many fans of Nintendo Hard games, this is the reasoning. Dying repeatedly in the same spot, or to a death trap that was absolutely impossible to see coming, is simply hilarious.
  • Also, check out many Let's Play segments, like the Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) finale.
  • Ellis invokes this in Left 4 Dead 2 with one of his stories about Keith.
    Ellis: My buddy Keith tried camping out on top of a building once. He was shooting crows, but the police were too busy tear gassin' him to ask what he was doin' up there. He screamed for an entire year every single time he opened his eyes! Oh man! At first it was funny, then it just got sad, but then it got funny again! Oh man!
  • MadWorld not only crosses the line twice, it stomps all over the line, rubs the line into the dirt, and smears a bloody gangster corpse across the line just to obliterate it even further. Every minigame is outright Black Comedy at its finest. When one mini-game involves using a spiked baseball bat to chuck mooks at a giant dart board for points...
    • Reaches a climax when you use CIDER BOTTLES to launch ALIENS at dartboards shaped like HOT WOMEN with the targets positioned at their PLEASURE CENTERS. It doesn't get weirder (or sexier) than this.
    • The Black Baron. Does the fact that he isn't actually black, just in blackface, make it more, or less, offensive?
      • On a somewhat related note concerning the Baron, his voice actor would later go on to voice Mudflap, whose offensiveness is on par with (if not higher than) the Baron's. He did not get away with it, which tells something about Madworld.
  • Ninja Gaiden II, the 360 one, has bloodshed to such ridiculously over-the-top extents that it avoids being offensive or disturbing.
    • And yet, the PlayStation3 version Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 had to be cleaned up anyway, turning all the blood into "purple mist".
      • Although that's more of a technical thing as the blood splatters and limbs flying around caused the framerate to nosedive.
  • Not from the game itself, but from one of the World of Warcraft forums: the brother of a player called Nano logs into Nano's account to tell everyone that Nano has passed away, they've had the funeral, "he was a good person and I'm sure many of you would agree".
    loroldonfarm: Did he drop any good loot?
    • Another from World of Warcraft where a character died in real life and they planned an elaborate in-game funeral announcing it on the forums and asking people to be respectful and not disturb it. You can guess what happens next. [1]
      • Also, players of high level characters will sometimes escort lower level characters through instances, deliberately drawing as many enemies as they can before setting off a high-power area effect attack. One enemy dying? Not funny. Two enemies dying? Still not funny. Several dozen enemies dying at the exact same moment, with identical, perfectly synchronized actions, expressions, and vocalizations? Utterly hilarious!
  • A similar joke to the Warcraft example above came from a Dota 2 player whose mother was dying. note 
  • The GTA Radio is this in spades. One great example from Vice City Public Radio:
    Maurice Chavez: Dios mío, you shot him! There's blood!... and pubic hair!... all over the studio!!
    • On a show in Liberty City Stories, gourmet chef Richard Goblin happily allows a pregnant cow to give birth into a frying pan, then proceeds to stab the cow to death. Just to top it off, Goblin eagerly slurps up some of the cow blood before exclaiming "It's fresh!".
    • In an episode of 'Just or Unjust' in GTA IV, a man rapes a thirteen year old girl, impregnates her, stalks her and then laughs when she is torn apart by lions in front of him. He has his throat ripped out moments later by the same lion, so it kinda evens out...
  • EVERYTHING ABOUT the Saints Row series crosses the line twice! Examples include using the Penetrator (a giant dildo used as a melee weapon), scarring a man's face by mixing toxins with tattoo ink, rescuing a pimp from a sex dungeon and getting away on a cart drawn by men in horse-themed bondage gear, committing insurance fraud in Hell...
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day was one of the earliest games to do this. You think climbing up the side of a giant mountain of literal shit was bad enough? Wait until you go inside and fight The Great Mighty Poo in a showdown of musical proportions. This game does everything offensive and rolls with it to absurdity.
  • This is the rejected icon for the Childkiller perk from Fallout 2. So so wrong, and yet so, so right...
    • Pre-Bethesda Fallout gets like this a lot. Think: what other game allows you to shoot a little kid in the groin with a missile launcher? You can also shoot women in the groin, which elicits all sorts of dark comments like "Character's childbearing operations have been compromised" and "She takes it like a man. That is to say, it hurts like a motherfucker."
  • ANY game made by Nippon Ichi. In every way.
  • The Postal series is full of this: pissing on a pizza and eating it; using a cat as a silencer; setting a gay club on fire; playing catch with a dog using a head or a grenade; pissing on people, making them throw up; tasering someone until they collapse, crying and pissing themselves in pain as you kick them in the face then douse them in gasoline and flick matches at them, setting them on fire, followed by kicking them a few more times, pissing on them again to put the fires out, and finally finishing them off by knocking their head off with a shovel or dropping a molotov cocktail on the ground just out of reach (but close enough that they're well within the blast radius) and watching them crawl toward it on charred limbs and belly, ostensibly in an effort to snuff it out, and see it explode in their face, sometimes splattering their head into little, bloody, bony chunks; the whole slaughterhouse sequence in the second game...
    • Did we mention that both blood AND vomit have liquid physics applied to them? You can induce vomiting on someone at the top of a hill, then decapitate them (the vomit will keep spraying forth from the neck) and watch a mixed stream of blood and bile run down the hill and pool at the bottom. Get your angles right and the head will bounce down the hill right alongside the fluids.
  • BlazBlue's Hazama / Terumi Yuuki is a prime example of this trope, and it is one of the reasons as to how he can be so audacidly monstrous, while still remaining so laughably likable. In the 2nd game's True Ending he has Mind Raped Noel into embracing her Super-Powered Evil Side; Mu-12, Sword of the Godslayer: Kusanagi, by revealing everything about her Cloning Blues past to her, and when Ragna arrives for his Big Damn Heroes moment to save his sister's clone, only to realize that he's too late, Hazama gives us this gem of a Villainous Gloat:
    Hazama/Terumi: Awwww, that's so cute... Who's my good little sword? It's you! Yes you are! Yes you are! Oh now don't get jealous Rags, but this sword is all mine from now on, OK? Isn't she nice, though? It wasn't cheap, but I thought "Hell Hazama, you deserve it... Spoil yourself! Spring for the 'Ragna's Little Sister' model"!
  • This is one of Mortal Kombat's selling points. The fatalities tend to fall under this, since you're adding insult to injury, or further injury to injury, whatever.
    • One particular fatality involves Cassie Cage knocking her opponent's entire lower jaw off... and then taking a selfie with the corpse, and uploading the pic on social media and some other kombatants making Incredibly Lame Puns on top of that.note  Bonus if the opponent in question is Sonya Blade, as she's uploading a picture with her and her mother's dead body. That she killed. It's also the reason, why Mortal Kombat X wasn't put on index in Germany. The Fatalities were so over-the-top in their brutality, they reached a level of ridiculousness and were assessed to be extremely unrealistic. It was literally too brutal to be indexed.
  • That's the main selling point of Duke Nukem and its satire of action movies. Same with Duke's Build Engine brothers Blood with horror productions and Shadow Warrior (1997) with Eastern culture.
  • On that note, Grezzo 2 (Grezzo 1 was never made), a FPS made by two Italian guys with assets from DOOM, Duke 3D, Quake, Blood and so on, plus a ton of blasphemous content against Catholicism, Toilet Humor and gruesome mockery of Italian TV personalities and tabloid celebrities. It was even banned on Twitch. It's intentionally poorly made, and that's the point. Some commenters noted that it looks like what religious extremists think video games are... and probably that's also the point.
  • The final battle in God of War III allows you to cross the line as many times as you want by punching Zeus in the face until the screen is completely covered in blood... and then punching him some more.
  • Surgeon Simulator 2013 gleefully does it with style. Drill bit stuck in the patient and bleeding out? Gruesome. Trying in vain to get the drill bit out as it spins in the patient? Bloody hilarious.
  • The Shin Megami Tensei franchise gives us Mara, who is literally a giant green penis with tentacles in a golden chariot. Mara became one of the most popular demons in the franchise, and said popularity grew when Mara started spewing puns based on how he's a giant penis, with the words "thrust" and "penetrate" being common. Said puns get to the point where his own stats contain jokes on his appearance, with the most recurring being a weakness to ice.
  • Blatant jingoism, nationalistic insults, and casual stereotyping really shouldn't be amusing, but Team Fortress 2 in general is a good example of how to invoke this trope. A cast that includes outdated nationalist stereotypes is offensive and not funny... unless those stereotypes comprise the entire cast. The Soldier, for example, is proudly patriotic to the point of blind idiocy and patent absurdity that he becomes damn near the funniest thing in the game and its supplemental materials. It helps that he's a Hot-Blooded Cloud Cuckoo Lander and thus tends to loudly proclaim nonsense or act like the Large Ham he naturally is, taking any offensive edge off his words by virtue of being so deranged and moronic as to be hilarious.
  • Super Mario World Dark Horizon. Mario going against Those Wacky Nazis in an alternate universe version of World War 2 where the Mushroom Kingdom and Earth merged via Nazi super science is potentially crossing it far enough, but to the have Mario fight through the war on terror and take down Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban, who have now allied themselves with the Nazis? Super Saiyan Hitler with final boss level powers from a magical meteor? Mario actually taking down an Iraqi nuclear missile? The game's so ridiculously over the top it's almost hilarious. And then every level just finds another way to offend just about everyone for the sake of it.
  • Mario Kart. Picture this: You're playing with your friends and are well in first place. The finish line is just a corner and a stretch away. Suddenly, you get hit with a stray Green Shell, stopping you. As you try to accelerate again, you're smacked with a Lightning Bolt. You then hear the dreaded sound of a Spiny Shell coming for you and then slamming into you, knocking you upward again and making you lose several positions. Finally, a heavier opponent knocks you off-course, forcing you to wait as you respawn back on the track. You are now in last place. At this point you have probably gone through a few cycles of alternating between threatening to kick your friends in the face and laughing your ass off.
  • Bayonetta is practically built around this trope. The titular character doesn't just cross the line, she runs it down with an 18-wheeler, blows it up with a nuclear missile, and tap-dances on the ashes. It's possible that she doesn't even care that a line exists. Here are a few notable instances. Note that these are from the first game alone.
    • One cutscene where Bayonetta has just defeated the boss Tempermantia and elects to blow it up by shooting a stream of gasoline coming from a peeing baby angel statue. When it fails the first time, she shoots the statue in the spout. When the head flies past in the ensuing (huge) explosion, it's crying.
    • The first time we meet Joy, cue the gentle laughter when there's a little impromptu dance off. Drop your jaw in shock/horror/hilarity when Joy chooses to finally... reveal herself. Then the line is tossed out of the window when you perform the torture attack on her.
    • At one point, Bayonetta starts a motorcycle by jamming her middle finger into the ignition switch.
  • In the original Star Wars: A New Hope, when Leia breaks down into tears after watching her home planet be destroyed by Tarkin's Death Star, we mostly joined her in it. In LEGO Star Wars, when the same thing happens with the addition of Tarkin pointing at her and laughing like a school bully, however...
  • In Subnautica, an offensive Easter Egg where the Seamoth submarine AI would rarely make a sexual reference "I love it when you come inside me" upon entering it did this. It was later removed. There is at least 1 complaint thread on the Steam forums.
  • Knights of the Old Republic:
    • HK-47 is a homicidal assassin droid whose 90% of dialogue involves how much he enjoys killing. It's a no brainer he crosses the line many times. However in the sequel you have the chance of crossing the line on him. You can install a Morality Chip in him, turning him into a pacifist. It's the most horrible thing you can do to him - and the most hilarious.
    • Jolee's escape on the Leviathan. He mind controls a guard in letting himself out and then mind controls him again stating the guard should be locked up instead for letting him out. As if that wasn't enough Jolee decides to drop the mind control just to Troll the guard while he's down.
    Guard: "Damn you, old man! I'll kill you if I ever get outta here!"
    Jolee: (With a cheerful tone of voice) "Then I'll be sure to never let you out. Goodbye, sonny!"
  • The Steam game Who's Your Daddy? is a casual 1v1 game about a Bumbling Dad and his suicidal baby. The way "Daddy" wins is keeping his baby from killing themselves for a few minutes. "Baby" wins by drinking cleaning supplies, eating batteries, jamming objects into power outlets, and drowning in the bath tub. As of December 2015, the game is currently in alpha so it can only get worse for the dad from here.
    • As of January 2016 (Alpha V0.4.0-V0.6.0), it does; the baby can now crawl through the ducts of the house to quickly reach places that were once out of reach and can slow the dad to a crawl by slashing his ankles with a knife. Dad however has several tricks up his sleeves in order to combat this, such as "Breaking Dad" (Dad can now eat dangerous objects such as glass or keys) and using a taser that can pin the baby to one spot.note 
  • There pretty much isn't a line on the titular Space Station 13. Part of the fun is getting killed in the most hilarious way possible, and boy are there a lot of ways to die.
  • Terraria: If the player character fails to kill the Wall of Flesh in time and die to it after reaching the world's edge, you'll be greeted with this gem.
    "<Player> was licked."
  • How does a modern player stay sane in the vast well of Deliberate Values Dissonance that is Crusader Kings? By taking the general brutality of the era, and going above and beyond in terms of both depravity and creativity. Not for nothing did one reviewer call it the best Game of Thrones game you'll ever play, and much of the humor in After Action Reports consists of this.
    • For one famous example, one player playing an Orthodox ruler discovered he could farm gold by matrilineally marrying his seventeen-year-old daughter to rich landless men (to bring them to his court), excommunicating them, imprisoning them, and executing them.
  • Fight Of Gods. The idea of a Fighting Game featuring Jesus and Buddha, among other religious and mythological figures, was offensive enough to get Malaysia to completely ban Steam for a short while, before reducing the ban to just the game. In other countries, people just find the concept offensive enough to be funny.
  • Cuphead:
    • During the Boss Battle with Goopy Le Grande, you don't just fight him. You also fight his tombstone. It can move around and smack you flat.
    • When fighting against the giant cuckoo clock bird Wally Warbles: Once defeated, it will become knocked out and featherless, then his son, a chick with psychic powers will fight you instead. After defeating the chick, Wally appears again, now featherless and lying on a stretcher carried by two smaller blue birds that aid him in the battle. Once Wally is defeated again, the blue birds choose to prepare to cook and eat him, salting and peppering his body.
    • The curtain in Sally Stageplay's fight proudly displays that it's made of asbestos.
  • Making fun of the saddest scene in an already sad anime/VN is just terrible... Unless, of course, you do it via Super Mario World autoplay.
  • The Binding of Isaac is a game about a fanatical mother who takes everything away from her son, strips him naked, locks him in his room, and tries to kill him under orders of a voice claiming to be God. What would be a dark premise is turned in to a dash of Black Comedy, as to summarize one possible run: Isaac could potentially jam a rock in his head to increase his damage, poison himself with ipecac so that he can fire exploding vomit and blow up other naked children that are infested with flies, kill a literal pile of shit larger than him as one of the potential first bosses, pick up a cancer tumor because it increases firing rate, trade fifteen cents for hooking a car battery to himself to a shopkeeper that resembles him but having long been killed and dried out after apparently hanging himself, eat a placenta to give himself more health and the power to regenerate, and sell some of his health/soul to Satan himself to get his own personal succubus. And that's just within the first two floors.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate goes this route with two of its character introductions.
    • Ridley skewering Mega Man, smashing Mario's face against a wall, and breaking the walkway to attack Samus? Nightmarishly callous. Twirling Mario's cap like the plumber himself did in the Odyssey reveal trailer after the fact? Hilariously callous.
    • As if Luigi couldn't catch a break before, he finds himself in Castlevania, hopelessly outmatched by the myriad monsters before him, only to be desouled by death and later accosted by Carmilla, and Simon doesn't know or care about all this. You will either be weeping for the poor man in green or laughing your ass off. Or both.
    • Even the stuff in-game can reach this level of Black Comedy. Take Paz's spirit note  for example. Her power is giving the character a Bob-omb upon starting a battle. Anyone familiar with the end of Ground Zeroes where she dies via a bomb that was implanted in her body exploding after the first one was removed will likely be alternating between laughing their asses off and shaking their heads in disbelief at how NINTENDO of all companies could get away with that kind of reference.
  • Much like the show itself, the South Park videogames are all about crossing the line as many times as possible.
    • South Park: The Stick of Truth has Nazi Zombie fetuses, and the abortion thereof, as a fundamental plot point, as well as an alien-produced serum that turns people into nazi zombies and are eager to probe people.
    • South Park: The Fractured but Whole gets a little more varied with its line-crossing, and it starts early on with the difficulty slider only changing your skin color; hard mode is black. Worse things follow, including Butters/Professor Chaos hiring illegal immigrants as his minions, a fight against pedophile priests, the infamously racist cops revealing they were arresting black people to sacrifice them to Shub-Niggurath (think about the name, and you'll get why it prefers "black meat"), and a difficult boss fight against Jared Fogle, packing the most hideously suggestive (and hideously damaging) attack ever.
      Jared's Aide: We'll handle these kids for you, Mr. Fogle!
      Jared: I think I know how to handle a kid, thank you.
  • Kirby Star Allies: Hyness sucking the life out of Francisca, Flamberge, and Zan Partizanne to replenish his own? Disgustingly callous. Subsequently using their inanimate husks as makeshift clubs to clobber you with? Hilariously callous.


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