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A gag-per-day strip by Ryan Hudson (and sometimes his wife, Vee) that updates a few times a week on average. Early on most of the humor came from humorous "notes to self" which often had some sort of twist or double meaning to them. Over time this format slowly disappeared to make room for more varied humor, although "note to self" comics still appear from time to time. Please also take note that this comic makes heavy use of dark humor and is not recommended for the easily offended. It can be found here.

Channelate contains examples of:

  • Anal Probing: The fate of all grammar Nazis that get abducted by aliens. They get their anuses probed.
    • In a later strip, a couple of aliens find out that all this time they've been probing people's anuses, when they've been meaning to probe their brains, as per their own unusual anatomy.
  • Art Evolution: The first few strips looked like a C&H ripoff. Later strips look like a really good C&H ripoff.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Very frequently, usually with the punchline ending up with the bonus panel. For example, a farmer tells his son that there's no reason to name something that's going to get killed, and refers to him as "Boy #2". It's revealed that it's the farmer's name and that he and his wife just named the kid after him.
  • Bedsheet Ghost: There are ghosts that look like flying bedsheets with faces in every strip, but in a few of those comics, those were men wearing sheets over their heads.
  • Clap Your Hands If You Believe: A man walks to the end of a rainbow and finds a pot of gold because he stopped beliving in the laws of physics. His girlfriend calls him out on this and says if that were true she could crap ice cream cones and fly..... he doesn't take the ice cream.
  • Crapsack World: 90 % of the population are assholes, the super heroes are either useless or assholes, the genies are lazy assholes, and assholes often commit suicide.
  • Jackass Genie: There's nothing worse then a lazy genie...
    "My third wish is this: I need to know for sure whether or not god exists." *BANG*"
  • Overturned Outhouse: In this comic, a guy named Andy is in a porta potty and it gets tipped over by a car backing into it. He's more concerned about his joint getting wet, though.
  • Teasing Parent: In the strip "Scary Stories", when the kids ask if they can sleep with their parents because they're afraid, mom pretends that the dad has disappeared, and the dad pretends to be a ghost.