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The most normal panel in the whole strip... seriously.

Blur the Lines is a webcomic written by Bob Kusiak which uses the escapades of its two gay male protagonists, Rick and Drew (who are partners), to comment on popular culture, contemporary politics, and the dynamics of gay sexuality. According to the author, many of the situations in the comic are inspired by actual conversations he has with his real-life partner. Each comic is accompanied with a blog entry by the author about the train of thought that led to the comic's creation, his thoughts on recent events, messages to his readership, stories about his life, and other such things. The comic started in October 2009 and has grown in popularity thanks to links from other like-minded sites.

The element of gay chubby chasing is a big theme of Blur the Lines. Rick is a Chubby Chaser, Drew is a chub, and Kusiak is an unabashed chubby chaser himself, making Blur the Lines a clear case of Author Appeal. Even when the "more to love" demographic is not the subject of a strip, there is almost always a chubby character included. If you don't share Kusiak's taste in men, expect quite a few Squick moments from this comic strip. Even if you do share Kusiak's taste in men, the comic is decidedly Not Safe for Work and may evoke a Squick reaction in you, anyways.


Tropes used by this webcomic:

  • All Gays Are Promiscuous: Though Rick and Drew are partners, they frequently seek out sex with other men. They are also both ok with the other's promiscuity, leading to a My Girl Is a Slut scenario.
  • All Men Are Perverts: Crossed with The Internet Is for Porn here [1].
    "I was just helping give the group a nudge towards inevitability.. with my penis."
  • Angrish: [2]
    Jesus... Fuck! I... people... can't... fuck!
    Wife... ass... video... fuck... Bad! Bad!
    • No Bisexuals: Not in the comic itself (which is more about the creepiness of Yaoi Fangirls), but the accompanying blog entry makes it pretty clear that the author (and the commenters) thinks bisexual men don't exist, and therefore all "straight" men who ask gay guys for a hook-up despite having a girlfriend must really be gay and deep in the closet and/or just be in their hetero relationships to have babies.
  • Author Avatar: Though Rick and Drew resemble the author and his boyfriend, respectively, the author and his boyfriend themselves make an appearance in the 100th comic.
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  • Batman Gambit: Rick is very good at luring overweight straight men into sexual encounters without making them realize he is doing so, such as when he convinced a straight man to give him oral sex to get back at his girlfriend [3], or when he bet a man at PAX that he couldn't roll four evens out of ten. (For losing that bet, Rick had to give oral sex to every fat man in the room.)
  • Despair Event Horizon: The male escort goes beyond it when he realizes that if he wants to earn money by being "gay for pay," he needs to actually be gay. [4]
  • Time Stands Still: Rick accidentally stops time and uses the opportunity to get... intimate with a friend of his. [16]
  • Too Kinky to Torture: Subverted before Rick beats up a man with a homophobic bumper sticker on his car. [17]
    Rick: Thank God, because this would feel a lot more dirty if I thought you were enjoying it...


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