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"I'm him for the rest of my life, and have been for the last twenty-five years since the show was on. I don't mind that."
— Talking about his continued association with the role of Kerr Avon from Blake's 7

Paul Darrow (2 May 1941 – 3 June 2019) was an English actor. He had a long career in British television, but is best remembered for playing the iconic anti-hero Kerr Avon in all four seasons of Blake's 7 from 1978-81.

Initially a supporting character in the first two seasons, he was elevated to the lead protagonist in the latter two after the original lead actor Gareth Thomas (who played the titular Roj Blake) left the series.

He later reprised the role of Avon in audio form, first for two BBC Radio plays in the late 1990s, then for Big Finish Productions from 2012 onwards in their Blake's 7 ranges: The Liberator Chronicles and The Classic Adventures. His final performance as Avon, in their Resoration boxset, was recorded in May 2019, just weeks before his death.

Darrow is also known to sci-fi fans for a memorably over-the top performance as guest villain Mailyn Tekker in the Doctor Who serial "Timelash".

His roles include:


Live-Action TV

Audio Play

  • Blake's 7:
    • BBC Radio: 2 episodesshow list  (1998-99) — Kerr Avon
    • Big Finish: The Liberator Chronicles: 12 releases / 16 episodesshow list  (2012-2016) — Kerr Avon
    • Big Finish: The Classic Audio Adventures: 20 releases / 35 episodesshow list  (2013-2020note ) — Kerr Avon
  • Big Finish Doctor Who Main Range: "The Next Life" (2004) — Guidance

Video Game

Tropes that apply with his work:

  • Breakout Character: In Blake's 7, his character Avon was initially just supposed to be The Lancer to the titular Blake, but show creator Terry Nation (not to mention the audience) loved the spins that Darrow would put on his lines so much that by the second season he was a full-fledged Deuteragonist and when Gareth Thomas (Blake) left the series, it continued on for two more seasons with Avon as the lead protagonist.