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Characters / Tokimeki Poke Live And Twinbee Protagonists And Secondary Protagonists

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The eight main characters (Main and Secondary) of Tokimeki PokéLive! and Twinbee who have the most appearances in the various stories set in this universe out of all of the characters.

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General Tropes

    General Tropes 

The Main Protagonists

    Hilda White 
Hilda White is a 17 year old girl was originally from the Unova region of the Pokémon world before she stumbled into a portal that led to a universe where School Idols are the norm. After arriving, she meets an aspiring School Idol/Theatre Actress named Shizuku Osaka who lets her move in with her shortly after the two girls meet. Thanks to Shizuku, Hilda has become more girly in her dress and likes while still being a tomboyish girl at heart with some possible Bifauxnen elements, too. Her and Shizuku eventually marry after graduating from high school and when both are in their early 20s, they adopt a young brunette girl named Yoko Catherine Osaka White and the three become a happy family.

Here are the tropes that apply to this version of Hilda:

  • The Ace:Hilda is a very skilled Pokémon Trainer who usually wins any battle she participates in, though she has suffered a few losses before.
  • Berserk Button:Whatever you do, don't try and harm any of her friends and allies, especially her girlfriend Shizuku in front of her! In addition, don't abuse Pokémon in front of her, either!
  • Bifauxnen:It's implied that Hilda has a few Bifauxnen traits that apply to her. It helps that Shizuku thinks of her as being a female prince at times, too.
  • Brooklyn Rage:She originally lived in Unova, but since she moves to a different city in another dimension, it's Tokyo Rage, considering the city her and Shizuku along with most of their friends live in due to her staying the same personality wise despite getting a semi-Girliness Upgrade thanks to Shizuku. Like her Canon counterpart, this version of Hilda is more of a badass than violent.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes:Despite her badassery, Hilda is usually a very nice girl, unless you tick her off or try and hurt Shizuku or any of her friends somehow.
  • Ms. Fanservice:Like her Canon counterpart, Hilda is pretty attractive, especially when she wears something that's slightly fanservice-y though she does wear more modest outfits in fan art on occasion, which includes her default outfit for this universe.
  • Shout-Out:Hilda's default outfit in this universe resembles Serena's default outfit somewhat, though there are differences such as Hilda wearing sheer brown thigh highs with her outfit while Serena wears solid black ones and the collar on Hilda's fancy collared tank top is a white color while Serena's collar is a lighter shade of black.
  • Tomboy:Hilda is still a tomboyish girl with a few tomboyish interests at heart despite Shizuku helping her become more girly to balance things out as well.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl:The tomboy to Shizuku's girly girl.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak:This version of Hilda has both tomboyish and girly interests and she even wears both tomboyish and girly clothing too!
  • Tsundere:Is accused of being this in a teasing way by Shizuku among a few others.
  • Weapon of Choice:She primarily uses her Samurott, a starter Pokémon that she picks originally, during various Pokémon battles. Her Salamence that can Mega Evolve also counts as well, though it's not as used as often.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser:It's implied that during some plays, Hilda dresses in a male costume due to her playing the male role, and she enjoys every minute of it.

    Shizuku Kutashimo Osaka 
Shizuku Kutashimo Osaka is a 16 year old girl who was originally from Kyoto. During her childhood, she saw a play for kids at a Theatre, and that's how she started enjoying one of her hobbies that she still enjoys to this day. When she turned 15, her and her Seiran High classmates transferred to Otonokizaka High and Shizuku joined Muse and was a member until she transferred to Nijigasaki High alongside her Seiran High friends to join the ''Perfect Dream Project'' idol group. Sometime after she turned 16, she met a Pokémon Trainer named Hilda White, who she is still in a relationship with romantically. In addition, she helps Hilda get into School Idols and Theatre and in return, Hilda teaches her about Pokémon. When her and Hilda are in their early 20s, they adopt a brunette girl named Yoko Catherine Osaka White, and they become a happy family.

Here are the tropes that apply to this version of Shizuku:

  • The Ace:Shizuku is a talented actress during her plays she participates in and her play practices, she is an honor student at Nijigasaki High and the reason her and the others transferred to Nijigasaki High in the first place is because the senpai who invited her, Hilda, Shiori and Pastel and the others considered Shizuku and her friends talented School Idols as well.
  • Berserk Button:Don't try to harm her friends and allies, especially Hilda, in front of her. And don't cause a loud ruckus either, since she will give you an intimidating look so you'll stop making lots of noise!
  • Girly Girl:Like her Canon counterpart, this version of Shizuku is very girly, too.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes:Like Hilda, she's very nice and she is also innocent as well.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl:The girly girl to Hilda's tomboy.
  • Weapon of Choice:Shizuku primarily uses her Manectric that can Mega Evolve in battle and her starter Pokémon, Meganium, can also count, too.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser:It's implied that during some plays, Shizuku dresses in a male costume for her plays.

    Shiori Fujisaki 

    Pastel Cerise 

The Secondary Protagonists

    Bianca Shiro 

    Jennifer Bradley 

    Rina Tennoji 

    Freya Jerbarn 

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