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The Characters of ''Gigantor

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    Main Characters 

Shotaro Kaneda (Jimmy Sparks)

Voiced by: Kazue Takahashi (60's series), Eiko Yamada (80's series), Hideyuki Tanaka (FX, adult), Ai Orikasa (FX, child), Motoko Kumai (2004 series), Tomomi Saito (gao!)

  • Adorably Precocious Child
  • Age Lift: The original manga and 1963 series depict him as 12 years old whereas the 1980s and Imagawa-directed series depict him as 10 years oldnote .
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Happened once in the 47th Episode wherein he was used as a mindless "test pilot" of Tetsujin as part of the Canadian Criminal's plot to sell Tetsujin. He, however, was saved by Black Ox when the gyrocopter was destroyed by it.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: At the end of the 80's series, he takes out Uchuu Maoh, a living black hole!
  • Disappeared Dad: His father dying is pretty much a constant in all versions of the story, usually done before the story even starts.
  • The Power of the Sun: The source of Tetsujin's power in the 80's series. It turns out to be the opposite of Uchuu Maoh's black hole-granted power, making it the key to defeating him.

Professor Shikishima (Dr. Bob Brilliant)

Voiced by: Minoru Yada (60's series), Yoshio Kaneyuchi (80's series), Shigeru Ushiyama (2004 series), Kanehiro Yamamoto (gao!)

Inspector Shigeru Ohtsuka (Inspector Ignatz Blooper)

Voiced by: Kousei Tomita (60's and 80's series), Minoru Inaba (2004 series), Takashi Matsuyama (gao!)

Kenji Murasame (Dick Strong)

Voiced by: Shirou Kuno (60's series, 1st), Toshio Andou (60's series, 2nd), Yuji Mikimoto (Giant Robo & the 2004 series), Kanehiro Yamamoto (gao!)


    80s Series Characters 
This includes both recurring and minor characters in the 80s Series.

Makiko Shikishima (Bonnie Brilliant)

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Happened once in the series (22nd episode), wherein she was one of the children who were kidnapped during the rollercoaster ride and brainwashed to become mindless child soldiers plotted by a man disguised as a fancy-dressed lady. Fortunately, she was the first one to be "snapped" by Shotaro by having the helmet (brainwashing device) removed.
  • Distressed Damsel: Happened a few times, notably being hostaged by villains (7th Episode) and her in the cliff alsong with the car she rode (12th Episode) with the purpose for the villains to defeat or rob Tetsujin (by robbing Shotaro's V-Con).
  • Gender Flip: ... and Composite Character to Tetsuo Shikishima from the original as the child of Prof. Shikishima
  • Panty Shot: Happened briefly in some episodes.
  • Tsundere

Utako Shikishima (Bea Brilliant)

    80's Series Villains 
Includes both major and minor villians from the 80s Series.

Branche (Dr. Murkybottom)

Voiced by: Osamu Kobayashi, Ikuya Sawaki (Super Robot Wars)

  • Arch-Enemy: With Shotaro, due to him killing Dr. Kaneda in this version.
  • You Killed My Father : By Episode 24 although this was hinted during his flashbacks in the second episode

Gina Hayakawa/ El Satan (Marana)

Demon Beast Prince Gura (Coldark)

Voiced by: Keiko Toda, Mitsuki Saiga (Super Robot Wars)

Uchuu Maoh (Moldark)


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