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It is said that only Digimon who are continuosly victorious in battle without their spirits being "broken" may earn the coveted title of "Bancho", codenamed "BAN-TYO". At the moment, there are only five known members.

Tropes that apply to the Bancho as a whole:

  • Anti-Hero: While many of them still hold heroic spirits, their basis comes from Japanese Delinquents, leaving many of them rather rude or unpleasant. BanchoStingmon and BanchoGolemon in particular are this, as Golemon will only lend aid to those it considers allies, and Stingmon is extremely self-centered, refusing to forgive friend and foe alike should they damage its pride.
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  • Arch-Enemy: The D-Brigade, to the point where an assasination was attempted on them.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: Only Digimon that have defeated many champions can earn this title.
  • Badass Longcoat: All of their members wear one.
  • Chevalier vs. Rogue: They have this dynamic in their enmity with the D-Brigade, with the BAN-TYO delinquents being rogue and the military D-Brigade being chevalier.
  • Coat Cape: All of them wear gakuran jackets with their arms outside the sleeves (except maybe BanchoStingmon, it's hard to tell), making the jackets look more like capes and adding to their rebellious delinquent image.
  • Create Your Own Villain: Zigzagged, the D-Brigade were already their enemies, however a Tankdramon they shot down was taken to a research facility where it digivolved into a rogue Darkdramon, who hunts the group to this day.
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  • Japanese Delinquents: The main motif behind them is this trope added on to certain Digimon.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: A bipedal lion warrior, a bomb shaped creature, a fairy, an insectoid, a golem.
  • Red Is Heroic: All of them have red in their designs.
  • Specifically Numbered Group: Even before it became an official group, its number of members were confirmed to be five according to BanchoLeomon's profile. Unlike most groups, there is no symbolic significance to this number; it merely states that only five Digimon have been able to achieve the title.
  • Took a Level in Badass: All five members are Digimon that attained their titles from having unbreakable spirits, and all five are species of Digimon normally much weaker than their current Mega leveling. Of the five, Golemon, Leomon, and Stingmon were all Champion levels, and Lillymon and Mamemon were on the weaker end of the Ultimate level.

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Debut: Digital Monster Card Game
Attacks: (Original) Flash Bancho Punch, Shishi Raouzannote , Otokoginote , Otokodamanote , Burn Bancho Punch; (Dub) Flash Bantyo Punch/Flash Bancho Punch/Flashy Boss Punch, King Lion/Lion Slash/Lion King Slash, Chivalry, Man's Soul, Burning Bantyo Punch

A Beast Man Digimon which lives faithful only to the "Justice" in which it trusts. It is said that only Digimon who continue to emerge victorious in battles with fierce champions, without their spirit being "broken", are able to acquire the title of "Bancho", and only five Digimon which possess this title have been confirmed in the recorded history of the Digital World. As it is a boss that only serves its own "Justice", if something becomes an obstacle to that "Justice", it will see them as "Evil" even if they are a being like the Royal Knights or the Three Great Angels, and they will become an enemy that it has to eliminate. The "GAKU-RAN" worn over its shoulders is endowed with a defensive function that negates 89.9% of the opponent's physical strikes, and it wields a tanto named "Otokodama".

  • Anti-Hero: It's described as having its own code of justice, and that it won't hesitate to oppose the forces of good if need be.
  • Rated M for Manly: As part of the whole "banchou" theme.
  • Rebellious Spirit: It will attack the Royal Knights if they interfering with it.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": A victim of this on the Japanese side, in that its name is pronounced and really should be written as "BanchoLeomon". In a strange case of role reversal, the only thing to get this right is the Digimon Data Squad dub. The Japanese version has also been known to call it BantyoLiomon. His attack in the dub has been called Flash Bantyo Punch, Flash Bancho Punch and weirdest of all, in Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, Flashy Boss Punch.

BanchoLeomon Burst Mode
BantyoLeomon Burst Mode
Debuted in: Digimon Savers
Attacks: (Original) Burning Bancho Punch; (Dub) Burning Bancho Punch

In Digimon Savers, BanchoLeomon has the ability to become BanchoLeomon Burst Mode, in which he becomes surrounded in a burning aura of flame.


Debut: Digimon Collectors
Attacks: Senbon Dokkānnote , Bukkomi Otokodamanote , Golden Rush, Ougon Battonote 

One of the Digimon that have acquired the title of BAN-TYO, it fights strongly in spite of its small stature, and has a personality that sports a chivalrous spirit and deeply overflowing emotions. As it tries to rebel against the rules of the Digital World, it lives an independent life. It similarly extends a hand to those Digimon who feel ill at ease with and isolated from the world, and from living together they have formed a group called the "Mame-mon Rengō". However, continuing to betray the rules of the world is not an easy task for them, and although BanchoMamemon has had to fight those Digimon who aim to usurp it as leader under the pretense of a rebirth of the group several times over, the collective power of the Mame-mon Rengō have made those usurpers withdraw. It is thought that it acquired the title of BAN-TYO from being able to avoid enemies without losing its own family as well in all kinds of predicaments. As with BanchoLeomon, it wears a GAKU-RAN that negates the impact of physical attacks, and this defensive effect is often used to protect its companions. Its Special Moves are using its favourite clubs Ougon Batto, to beat enemies to a pulp (Golden Rush), and hammering out its brotherly Black Hickeys from the Ougon Batto (Senbon Dokkān). Moreover, it has a Technique called "Bukkomi Otokodama", wherein it extends the prison chains sported on its entire body as it charges towards the enemy.

  • Cephalothorax: Like with all Digimon of the Mamemon-species.
  • Dual Wielding: Wields two large bats, the "Ougon Batto".
  • Magnetic Hero: It has managed to form a group consisting of the Digimon who feel abandoned by the world, defending them from harm.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Despite its small stature, it possesses great fighting ability, as it has kept other Digimon from usurping it.
  • Rebellious Spirit: It goes against the rules set in the Digital World
  • Shout-Out: BanchoMamemon is essentially one gigantic love-letter to Jotaro Kujo. He wears his signature jacket and hat, has the knuckles of his stand Star Platinum, and also has a baseball motif, which is one of his favorite sports.


Debut: Digimon Collectors
Attacks: Absolute Territory, Nightmare Assemble, Twin Petal

A crimson tokkō-fuku wearing fairy-type Digimon. The gorgeous petals it had in the days it was a Lilimon have been dyed a dark color, and the pretty impression it made is long gone. In a Digital World of the survival of the fittest, it believes in fighting for the underdog, having saved a lot of those who were attacked by evil Digimon. It was awarded the title of "BAN-TYO" when it donned its tokkō-fuku, a testament to its beliefs.

  • Badass Longcoat: A crimson tokkō-fuku, as opposed to the black gyakuran worn by the other members.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: She has an x-shaped scar on one of the flower petals on her head.
  • Japanese Delinquents: In addition to being based on a "banchou", she's a classical "sukeban" in attitutde, and her tokkō-fuku and torn leather pants are evocative of the bosokuzu, a particular-kind of youth subculture in Japan.
  • Killer Yo Yo: It's made of vines.
  • Law of Chromatic Superiority: Her coat is a tokkō-fuku, unlike the others', and is said to be special and colored Crimson.
  • Paint It Black: Mentioned in her profile; the pink petals she had as a Lilimon are now black.
  • The Red Baron: She's called Lili the Black Lily.
  • Sailor Fuku: She doesn't actually wear one, but the shirt, tie, and torn pants she wears are definitely evocative of this.
  • She Is All Grown Up: She's more mature-looking than the relatively childish-looking Lilimon.


Debut:: Digimon Collecors
Attacks: Bloody Finish, Bakuraitennote , Redbutt

An Insect Digimon who is full of pride and survives by constantly intimidating everyone around it. It gives top priority to its own pride out of everything else, and its high-ranking pride is said to be first-rate among all of the Digimon. It has a behavioral trait where, if someone damages its pride even a little bit, it will not ever forgive them, regardless of whether they are friend or foe. It is said that it won the title of BAN-TYO through its pride alone, rejecting all offers of a compromise. Its symbolic Gakuran was minutely sewn with the shells of various insects, so it has become very firmly-made.Its Special Moves are skewering enemies with the drills on both of its arms (Bloody Finish), releasing Kiraichū that self-destruct when they hit enemies (Bakuraiten), and headbutting an enemy hard enough to shatter their face (Redbutt).


Debut:: Digimon Collectors
Attacks: Kanshaku Dustnote , Tenbagaeshinote , Yobori Claw Drillnote 

One of the BAN-TYO, this Mineral Digimon differs from regular emotionless Golemon in that it acts out of its own will. Its figure stands tall and imposing, unconcerned with its surroundings; its harsh treatment extends to everyone, and it will not show even the slightest sign of leniency. It puts even itself under harsh training by stationing itself in the fiercely inhospitable depths of Infinity Mountain.It is a mysterious Digimon that, although will hardly ever lend a hand to strangers in need of help, will show up even out of nowhere in order to save a comrade with whom it has exchanged blows. With its overwhelming power, it can turn the tables on a disadvantageous situation in one sweep and claim victory.Its Special Moves are gripping the enemy in its right hand and hammer-throwing them into the distance (Tenbagaeshi), reflecting the beam fired from the Kanshakudama in its abdomen off of Falling Stones, resulting in an attack with a large area of effect (Kanshaku Dust), and impaling the enemy with the gigantic excavator on its left hand, which is capable of pulverising even Chrome Digizoid alloy (Yobori Claw Drill).

  • Badass Bystander: Played with. It is this towards strangers, but if its an ally, it will put all of its effort to helping save them.
  • It Can Think: What sets it apart from normal Golemon, who lack any emotion.
  • This Is a Drill: It has one on its left arm. Unusually, it's tipped with half-melted rock.
  • Training from Hell: It put itself through this by training in the uninhabitable depths of Infinity Mountain.


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