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South Pole Summoners

Hector Guzman (Shahrazad Squad) has historically been allied with the Summoners before separating himself from them in more recent times. Cobra (Genlab) has also occasionally banded together with this group. Maude was once aligned with the Summoners, only to renounce their ideology later on.


Played by: Lee

  • Lethal Chef:
    • Lee's response to the Formspring question "If Miko were on Iron Chef what would his dishes be like? Let's say the secret ingredient is peanuts":
      Giant worm steaks with peanuts.
      Mushrooms stir fried with peanuts.
      Peanuts with a side of fresh peanuts.
      Peanut ice cream. With chopped peanuts.

      Miko's not exactly a great chef.
    • Interestingly, some of his more subtle character growth in recent years has been his embracing his Green Thumb powers to conjure fruits and veggies for making meals, and his growth as a chef. It's an outward indication of the more paternal bent he's taken since having a daughter.


Played by: Elliot

  • Berserk Button:
    • Threatening his friends. Spends the majority of Obscured Truth laid-back and carefree, but the second Dacten goes for Illiana, he jumps into action to incapacitate Dacten.
    • A second one appears during his first interaction with Nopcsa - mentioning Vincent in a negative light. His cheery attitude drops completely into something very cold, and when Nopcsa ignores Yoshimitsu's warnings, he physically restrains the mind-reader to make him stop talking. It's implied that he could, and would, have easily gone further with the violence if he wasn't part of the legal proceedings.
  • Determinator: In Light and Darkness Collide, which comes immediately after When We Are Black, Yoshimitsu finally joins the confrontation after suffering normal cuts, spiritual cuts, broken bones, scorched skin, exhausted but still ready to fight.
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  • Friend to All Living Things: Very mild example, but did extend a hand in peace to the alien in Reemergence, a stark contrast to Felix and Samm's attempts to contain and/or destroy it.
  • Healing Factor: He heals at a faster rate than the average person, which is linked into his super speed.
  • Mirror Match: Variation. During Reemergence, he squares off against Felix. Both characters have the power to create any weapon they want (Yoshimitsu through his summon monster, Felix through his ring).
  • Super Speed: Potentially the fastest character on the site. How much is genetic and how much is due to some underlying Power is left deliberately ambiguous.
  • Swiss Army Weapon: Word of God stated that as of his latest streamlining, Yoshimitsu summons Bahamut into existence in the form of whatever he needs at the time. Examples so far include wings, jet boots, an undefined sword, naginata, boxing gloves, hand cannon...

Illiana Silna

Played by: Elliot

  • Combat Medic:
    "I was versatile. I picked up on both basic combat magic and basic healing magic, so I learned them both. I'm not as good as summoners fully trained in either, but I'm more useful sometimes. Everyone needs a bit of healing on the battle field."
  • Dragon Rider: Her summon (and sometime method of transport) is the wyvern Gi.
  • Good Lawyers, Good Clients: Played with in Obscured Truth. Illiana is the heroine, she's all good all the time, and she's the defense attorney. Her client, Antonio, is innocent... of the murder that kickstarts the story. He's just guilty of other things. Pretty important things, like being the Butterfly and stuff.

Helen Mercury

Played by: Lee

Vathalé Mekranti

Played by: Loogs

  • Dark Is Not Evil: Her people have many trappings in common with folklore of witchcraft and curses, but they really just want to live in peace and have the freedom to be themselves.
  • Mama Bear: Hector runs off with Pleiades when domestic life becomes too stifling. Vathalé is less than pleased.
  • Ruritania: The Varkadians came from a region overtaken by Soviet Russia, and largely affiliated themselves with the Summoners in order to carve themselves out a new homeland with their newly acquired clout.


Played by: Lee

  • Big Eater: If his stories are true, when Detlef feasts, he feasts.
  • The Dreaded: Known and feared in Germany as "Die Goldene Faust".
  • Funetik Aksent: Of the German variety ("Und zere I vass...").
  • The Storyteller: He's got plenty of tales from his "mission" days in Germany.
  • Weighted Gloves: His metal gauntlets, combined with his burly physique, pack a serious punch.

Gerasim Kadazmanti

Played by: Lee


Played by: Lee

  • Adventure Duo: With Joseph. Tsubota's the lighter-hearted Lancer type.

Joseph Rednael

Played by: Lee


Played by: Lee

  • Sacrificial Lamb: Poor Aadab didn't even get a line before taking a fatal injury. Unless Gerasim can magically repair some serious trauma in the heart region.


Played by: Kevin

  • Sweet Tooth: Justified in that her species needs to consume a lot of sugar for energy.


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