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Rie Nepas
Played by: Choobs

  • Big Eater: Justified by her enhanced metabolism.
  • Combat Stilettos: Not her usual footwear, but she has a pair of high heels which she claims she's more than capable of employing for stabby purposes.
  • Does Not Like Magic: Because magic can hit her no matter what she does.
    Rie shifted in her makeshift bed. Good thing no one tried to wake her up for the Mage festival. She sure did hate magic.
  • Double Tap: Rie's preferred technique is the Mozambique drill: two shots to the chest and one to the head.
  • Gun Fu: Her fight with Amorph has her wielding a pistol and a knife in melee combat.
  • Healing Factor: Whenever she shapeshifts, any dislocated bones and overall structural damage gets fixed. However, she can't fix wounds, tears, or breaks in this way.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: Shoots a metal rod out of Cesare's hand after executing a combat roll
  • Interrupted Suicide: She attempts to kill herself after Ender dies in End Game's finale. Natalie intervenes.
  • Knife Nut: The amount of knives she keeps on her person has now reached 24. In her cloak is another story.
  • The Lad-ette: Kind of. She's not sexually charged at all. In fact, she tends to (violently) nip any flirting that someone else instigates in the bud.
  • Lobotomy: We see her in flashbacks with more bloodlust and psychopathy, but after one incident, she is chosen to test the new phasing implant and she comes out emotionless.
  • Never Gets Drunk: Well, she can. She just has to try really hard.
    A moment passed. Then the girl's hand shot up at the bottle of beer, snatched it out of Death's cold hands, and put the top through the back of her neck. She pulled out the bottle, now noticeably emptier but still just as closed, before popping up like nothing had happened.
  • Pink Mist: She gets shot in the head nonfatally at the end of Head Games, breaking her phasing implant. Pink mist does indeed spray out.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: With Natalie. Best seen in their reactions to Ender's vanishing, where Rie goes borderline catatonic.
  • Required Secondary Powers: She can still breathe when the rest of her body is not interacting with physical objects. She loses this ability after her phasing implant is destroyed

Ender Kimoned

Played by: Choobs

  • Big Eater: Justified by his enhanced metabolism.
  • Cool Shades: He never, never takes them off except to sleep and to add drama to a scene. Or for Rie to wear.
  • Cool Sword: Made out of lightning! Demonic lightning!
  • Teleport Spam: This one time he shot someone from six different places at the same time.


Played by: Choobs

Ysane Tranquility

Played by: Choobs

  • Even Evil Has Standards: Subverted. She doesn't like killing, but her definition of death requires that the soul must be reaped. It doesn't occur to her that possessing someone and robbing them of independent thought might count as a form of killing them.
  • Familiar: Chaos and Insanity.
  • Instant Armor: Chaos can transform into a suit of armor.


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