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"Rogues & Brogues"

An incumbent alliance to be solidified at the end of Ishkabibble. The organizer, Terrian, can duplicate himself and held items, including money, which in particular has made him a very hot topic in the underworld of the Archipelago. He's assembled these allies on the expectation that duplicates aren't going to cut it as far as protecting him from the more monstrous presences in the Archipelago, and that having some friends with their own supernatural powers and other skills would kinda help. Note: The name "Rogues & Brogues" is OOC-only, a handy way to refer to the group in RP discussion, but not used in-character.

Rie Nepas (Genlab), Nopcsa (Fascere Order), and Helen Mercury (South Pole Summoners) also have informal ties to this group.

Terrian Brogue
Played by: Pohatu

  • Abnormal Ammo: Well, the Mage Masher loads normal bullets; it’s the gun itself that’s supernaturally enhanced. The effect is the same, though.
  • Adventure Duo: With Nopcsa. They go back and forth on who's who, though.
  • Bad Liar: In Rie's estimation, and... it's not an unfair judgment. Terrian's mouth runs really fast when he has to make things up. Ironically, the one time he tried to lie his way out of a situation with as few words as possible — Whisper in my Ear — the vampire Ryuu turned into a Living Lie Detector and repeatedly called Terrian out anyway.
  • Casual Danger Dialogue: Casual Danger Inner Narrative is equally common.
  • Characterization Marches On: Early appearances in e.g. Luxury Train Ride and End Game gave Terrian some shades of The Casanova, but this aspect fell very much by the wayside as the character developed, in small part because the Blaise/Terrian ship started getting teased, but mostly because the interpretation of the character as a fully effective charmer doesn't hold as much water anymore.
  • Combat Pragmatist:
    • Reveals this mentality in his first formal battle. First he refuses to play along when Summer throws down seeds onto a glass floor; then, when the plants manage to sprout anyway, his duplicates fight back by throwing shoes at them.
    • This is likely to settle as Terrian's approach to combat, since he doesn't have the strength or skill to fight in a straightforward manner, and his power kind of amounts to an archetypal form of fighting dirty (ganging up) anyway.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Not so much Terrian himself - in contrast to Nico, he's mostly snark and very little deadpan - but Alpha certainly qualifies.
  • Hey, You!: He and his duplicates address each other in thoughts this way.
  • Magic Pants: It had to be handwaved at the outset that Terrian’s duplicating power reflexively extended to objects covering a certain amount of surface area of his skin, so that all the duplicates wouldn’t be naked. Now that he can duplicate anything he’s holding, the explanation isn’t so necessary.
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  • Money for Nothing: A huge development as of the Ulima Tournament. Pretty much starts half of Ishkabibble.
  • New Meat: In Triannual, along with Garth. Despite the jokes from other Fascere members, though, both are valued a little more highly than the trope suggests.
  • Weirdness Magnet: He thinks of himself as this, but in all fairness, he isn’t exactly normal himself.

Blaise Euler
Played by: Lee

  • Alchemy Is Magic: She can use her blend of science and magic to, for example, alter an object's physical properties. Oh, does that not sound cool? She once grabbed a knife that was pointed at her throat, and in touching it, magically rendered it so brittle that it snapped in two.
  • Hollywood Nerd: Judging by a few hints and cues, she may deliberately invoke this image so people think she's even smarter than she is.
  • Meaningful Name: After Blaise Pascal and Leonhard Euler, famous scientists and mathematicians, both.
  • No Plans, No Prototype, No Backup: Since Blaise was forced to keep all of her most recent research exclusively on her uplink to stave off plagiarism, the destruction of said uplink set her back quite a long academic way... and down quite a few pegs in the eyes of her organization. Of course, she does justify this with her claim that knowledge cannot be dispersed across too many media in her field of work, without creating the possibility of inadvertently empowering outside agents.
  • Sufficiently Analyzed Magic: An interesting case; whereas for most mages in the setting, magic is instinctual or learned rituals, she works for the Parmigianino Institute, a group of mages in R&D that specialize in taking magic apart and developing all the new schools and styles that the other mages are taught.
  • Weak, but Skilled: In direct contrast with Helen Mercury, who's a natural savant with talent in any school she's tried her hand at. Blaise is an incredibly skilled mage, despite hints to her natural potential being far beneath that of other spellslingers.

Jonas Caliban
Played by: Sly

  • Bruiser with a Soft Center: Not that there's any concealing that center. He's an intimidating force in a fight, but when the mood is peaceful, Jonas' warm and outgoing nature is immediately apparent.
  • Expy: A big, bearded, wild-haired guy with a heart of gold and a mouth of apostrophes and vowel shifts? He's Archipelago Exodus' very own Hagrid.
  • Funetik Aksent: It's pretty hard to place with Jonas, though. Lower-class... something.
    “Ello! You’re Terrian right? Come on in,” Jonas said as he moved his ample amount of body out of the doorway, “Ya remember me right? I’m da fella ya met da night dat… yeah…”
  • Goggles Do Nothing: He likes to sport a pair of welding goggles, but they don't seem to serve any purpose other than general eye protection (we haven't specifically seen him welding or doing similar dangerous engineering work, for instance).

Rhys Sylas Whitticker

Played by: SV

Alyssa Morrose

Played by: Blood

Flora Isobel

Played by: Lee


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