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YMMV: Warframe
  • 8.8:
    • IGN's review gave it only 7.5 and made a few factual errors that showed the reviewer clearly didn't bother understanding the game's systems.
    • In particular he referred to the solar map as galaxy map and talked about the player being tasked to kill aliens. It's an easy enough mistake to make if you've only fought infested, but the game mostly uses humans and robots as enemies.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Warframe: A race of superpowered ninja killing machines awakens from a long slumber and proceeds to systematically wipe out the remains of the human race...or at least until the Red Veil showed up.
    • There is a lot of fanart which displays the Tenno as a bunch of pranksters, goofs or otherwise comedic outside of missions.
    • The corpus are men in suits accompanied by robots. Tenno operatives routinely go to their planets and exterminate them by the hundreds, sabotage their economies by destroying their (non-military) mining installations, and destroy their ships. One of the grineer bosses is marked for assassination simply for attempting to reverse the genetic deterioration of his people. Is it a stretch that the Tenno might actually be the villains here?
      • Getting to be more of a stretch with the introduction of the Red Veil, and the way Grineer treat them.
    • The Lotus: Savior of the Tenno and leader of the resistance against the Grineer military dictatorship, or Chess Master playing an army of amnesiacs to steal Orokin technology and eliminate threats to her plans (military or otherwise)?
      • Corpus transmissions have referred to her as "traitorous", and even the developers have hinted that she's not to be trusted.
    • So it turns out that the reason why the Stalker is murdering Tenno is because the Tenno murdered the Orokin. Why exactly, we still don't know yet.
  • Base Breaker:
    • Prime weapons are starting to become one of these. On the one hand they're powerful item rewards for completing missions in the Void and they're aesthetically very pleasing with gilded edges and flowing lines like the rest of the Orokin technology. They make an excellent reward for the later game play. On the other hand, they're typically direct upgrades to default weapons with significantly better stats in a number of important fields like damage and fire rate. This wouldn't be so much a problem in and of itself but a lot of people have invested rare resources in upgrading these default weapons or even bought them with real money before the Prime version came out. This has lead to some players developing "prime paranoia" and avoiding the use of catalysts, formas, or heaven forbid platinum on something that's just going to be made obsolete later. The introduction of Prime Access that allows you to directly buy Prime gear with real cash only made things worse. There are also those who find that prime weapons and warframes are not powerful enough over their base counterparts and complain about DE's focus on new prime weapons.
    • The Rhino Prime frame. Up until this point, Prime frames only had extra polarities, not counting the Lost Forever Excalibur Prime. Rhino Prime has all the tanking ability of the original without the slower movement speed, making him a Lightning Bruiser even without the Vanguard Helmet. And now a Loki Prime with a bigger energy pool than the original has been released, so this appears to be the new standard for Primed Frames.
    • The Soma assault rifle is this now, too. It's an assault rifle/light machine gun hybrid with low damage... but exceptional critical stats. A properly built one will beat most weapons in the game in terms of DPS. It's also available to low-ranked players and doesn't even need dojo research. It's since been recently changed to be available to high-ranked players, but players who already had the Soma get to keep and can continue using it.
    • The Nova Warframe, see Game Breaker below. There are some player which consider her to be fine and advocate that the other Warframes should be buffed to her level, while other say that she should be brought down a bit more together with the former.
      • Ultimately the latter camp seems to have won, as Nova's abilities were adjusted around Update 13.4; though for balance and performance reasons (too many enemies dying at once could cause processing hitches from the number of ragdolls created in a single frame). Balance reviews of frames are constantly ongoing, however, so it's entirely plausible that she may be buffed back up again.
    • The Nekros Warframe. Due to his Desecrate ability (and playstyles that are built to spamming the key), he is considered something of a Crutch Character for rare mod and component farming, although his other skills have been acknowledged by DE as being more lackluster. This has spawned several camps - those who consider spamming 3 boring and want the crutch replaced with something less Metagamey (often requesting that regular droprates be buffed to compensate), those who want to keep Desecrate (at worst turning it into a passive loot aura) but buff his other skills, those who are unimpressed with his Necromancer title and want him to be revamped to focus on pets and debuffs, and even those who believe removing Desecrate's drops will make Nekros useless and want it to become the sole focus of the frame.
    • The Gradivus Dilemma event. Partially because players were forced to choose between aiding Alad V who kidnaps, dissects and sells the parts of fellow Tenno or advancing the fascist Grineer empire in taking over another planet; and partially because getting all of the rewards required the completion of 100 Invasion missions, the highest of any event.
      • It should be noted that most players found it easier to side with the Grineer, their sworn enemies, both because of their attachment to fellow Tenno and comparative lack of interaction with civilians the Grineer were supposedly enslaving (in fact, unless you looked at certain screens, you wouldn't even know they were going to enslave civilian areas), as well as the early rewards of the event favoring the Grineer (while scoring was based on loyalty to one faction).
      • Well... That or the Grineer were a lot less annoying to fight against in normal missions.
    • Orthos is by far, the most powerful weapon, having high DPS, range, and speed, as well as cleaving, of course, then comes Orthos Prime, which is even better in all catagories. Some argue however it's worse than Galatine, seeking to Buff Orthos.
    • Many argue that the Dragon Nikana, although being one of the more difficult melee weapons to acquire, is a bit too strong, as reports of players being able to massacre level 30-40 enemies with an unranked version are popping up.
    • The new UI that comprised the bulk of Update 14 has stirred up some controversy immediately after it was released. In general, much of the criticism against it seems to be coming from veteran players who had grown accustomed to the old interface, with a few cries of Ruined Forever flying around. It remains to be seen if the changes will become Vindicated by History or not.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: Many weapons and Warframes can be bought in completed form for Platinum with a slot and coveted Orokin Reactor or Catalyst pre-installed whereas players would otherwise have to craft all these items over intervals of real time after farming the required materials. The materials themselves can also be bought and the build times circumvented using Platinum and the cash shop also contains mod packs with guaranteed rare mods. All players have access to all items that actually affect gameplay (barring only Warframe and Weapon slots) with only cosmetics being cash shop exclusive but DE certainly sells a high level of convenience. The Prime Access that allows players to directly buy Prime gear rather than having to spend lots of time farming them doesn't help. Somewhat mitigated by the fact that new players get 50 Platinum for free when starting out, and players can trade with each other for Platinum.
  • Character Tiers: Somewhat invoked - certain frames are meant to be flat-out better than others in certain ways, others are not. With frequent balance changes to abilities, weapons, and frames, the tiers themselves can fluctuate regularly. Plus some of them are situational. For instance;
    • Ember's fire-based powers make her amazing against the Infested - but less so against the Grineer.
    • Volt's electricity-based powers? Very effective against Corpus, okay-ish against Grineer, much less effective against Infested.
    • Ash... well, highest max health without considering modifications (tied with Saryn now), good armour and damage mitigation (increasing effective health), good shields, high sprint/run speed, and a nice set of powerful and effective abilities. He's not much of a team player, though, lacking any forms of crowd control, AOE or utility.
    • Due to the potentially infinite durations of survival and defense missions, frames with lots of utility, crowd-control, and group support are preferred over frames with direct damage abilities, since the latter tend to fall off hard past the 30 minute mark. Enemies escalate in level as time goes on, becoming bigger damage sponges and capable of downing players in a handful of shots. Thus, frames like Ember, Oberon, and Valkyr are often ignored in favour of Nyx, Loki, Vauban, Nova, Frost, and the like, all featuring builds that disable droves of enemies from causing damage or defending key objectives from attack.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Infested Ancient Disruptors and Toxic Ancients used to be this when their abilities had a 100% affect rate. ONE hit of the Disruptor used to screw up your interface, sap your shields to zero and, worst of all, drain your entire energy store. Since energy doesn't regenerate on its own unless you have the right aura mod (in which case it regenerates painfully slowly) one hit from a Disruptor when you're being attacked by a swarm of lesser infested would basically kill you in one go, especially since they knock you down. Toxic Ancients were surrounded by a poisonous cloud that bypasses shields and they leeft behind said cloud when they died. An inattentive player on anything other than Rhino (whose Iron Skin temporarily negates the poison and blocks the Ancients' knockdown attack) could die in seconds upon running into several of these noxious beasties, especially on higher levels when they spawn in packs and their poison damage was ridiculously up-scaled.
    • The Fusion Moa is a bit more threatening than most Corpus units because of its highly damaging beam attack, but the real danger is that if not killed fast enough it can release a flying Drone with even heavier armor than its parent unit and the greatest firepower of all Corpus proxies, capable of stripping any Warframe naked in seconds at higher levels.
      • Made worse in that, for some time after the release of Void Survival missions, the Drones were capable of spawning in after only 5 minutes... while their parent Moas wouldn't appear for another ten.
    • Grineer Napalms have a nasty AoE on their weapons - big enough that it can hit you through a non-Stretched Snow Globe - and the damage-over-time can mess you up very fast. To make matters worse they don't use a Painfully Slow Projectile like their Bombard comrades.
    • As a rule of thumb, anything that's restricted to one map only will be one of these. Grineer Hellion who can fly and endless bombard you with missiles, or Corpus ANTI Moas, who fire energy blasts that cause large shockwaves in hit, which also knock you down when it directly hits.......only to bounce and still be able to do harm. while they're avoidable, they have a tendency of aiming behind you, either from luck or on purpose making it very hard to see it coming.
    • Drahk Masters are a Grineer unit which counts as a heavy, who summons packs of Drahk, which are armored Grineer-trained Kubrows. And to add to the demonic spideriness, they have a ranged attack which can knock your current weapon out of your hands, forcing you to go find it or switch to an alternate weapon.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Some of the fans have a strong sexual attraction to Captain Vor, guts and all. Especially his guts.
  • Evil Is Cool: Some players seem to think so towards the Stalker, motivating them to use the coloring options to paint their own Warframes in his colors. Needless to say, some players see his "edgy" style as just a cheap attempt at trying to be cool making this Narm for them.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Potato(es) for Orokin Catalysts and Orokin Reactor, for their shape.
    • The Stalker is sometimes called Santa by high-level players who farm him for the blueprints of his powerful weapons.
    • "Bonedaddy" has become a popular nickname for Nekros.
    • "The Master Race" note  and "Rusemaster" for Loki.
    • "Chickenframe" For Ember.
    • "The MANframe" For Rhino.
    • "Booben" for Vauban.
    • "Salad" for Alad V.
    • "Louise" for Nova due to both causing much Stuff Blowing Up.
    • "Space AK" for the Karak.
    • "Naked Nick" for the guy that used to be in the Defense cryopod, it's not even the player nickname for him, but that of the developers.
    • "Hallway Hero(es)" for people in defense maps (both regular and mobile) who camp in the hallways instead of near the terminal.note 
    • "Zorencopter" or "coptering" for the trick of performing sliding melee attacks with Dual Zorens equipped to super-sprint across the map. Since the Melee 2.0 update, the Scoliac whip and Amphis staff outstrip the Zorens for coptering potential, both featuring a slightly higher attack speed allowing for more impulse on the slide attack. The nickname has stuck though.
    • "Lotus Interrupt" for when the Lotus interrupts your current mission to tell you to kill everything in sight.
    • The "Pacifying Bolts" augment to Nyx's Psychic Bolts is also known as "Dancifying Bolts" because the stunning effect makes enemies look like they started an impromptu dance-off.
    • "Friendship Door" for the doors that need two players to open in multiplayer games.
  • Game Breaker: The 'Nova' warframe is widely considered to be wildly overpowered - It has abilities that can, with the right mods and equipment, do everything from one-shot bosses to allow whole groups to bypass agility/parkour challenges to cause all mobs to take double damage from every attack then explode when they die, resulting in a chain-reaction that can kill entire waves at once in defense missions. With proper auras and energy management, it can often spam these abilities for as long as it needs to.
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • The Grineer Rollers/Grinders. Unlike the rest of the Grineer, which are gigantic, hulking clones, these guys are tiny metal balls that roll around stages at high speeds, turn on a dime, and stun you with each attack. If they come in groups, especially near a Grineer heavy unit, kiss your life goodbye if you don't have an AoE attack primed. One player once observed that all the Grineer would have to do to conquer a planet without sending in troops would be to drop a handful of rollers from orbit and the entire planet's inhabitants would very quickly pack up and leave. It got to the point where a member of the dev team drew joke concept art of a boss Roller in response to jokes about a boss Roller.
    • The Grineer Seekers are green-colored soldiers that constantly throw mini versions of Rollers called Latchers. If a Latcher rolls into you, it sticks to you and detonates in a few seconds, unless you dodge to dislodge it. Even worse if you're on a team, as they will shock and disable you until your allies manage to destroy the annoyingly durable and hard to hit thing.
    • A new addition to the Grineers Goddamn Bats are the Scorpions. Female grineer melee fighters, who by themself are not more dangerous than the standard melee Grineer. What puts them into this category is that they have a high accurancy with their harpoon special ability which throws a Tenno to the ground and pulls them towards the Scorpion, and they fire it as soon as they see the player.
    • The Corpus Osprey also count. They have no attack, but project a shield around all their allies and fly around in random patterns, making it hard to kill them. They are so annoying that players might charge into formations of enemies just to take them out for the rest of the team. And in high-level games, they're durable, too, and are often shielding herds of 10+ enemies.
    • Corpus Shockwave Moa can knock Tenno down. One by itself is still okay, but when there are multiple it gets worse. Even worse if you're running solo and they stunlock you to death.
      • It's cousin the Anti-Moa can fire shots which create shockwaves at their impact location.
    • Grineer Shield Lancers for the same knockdown reason.
    • All of the light Infested qualify. Despite supposedly having 'weak' attacks, Chargers will somehow stagger a Warframe with almost every hit and they're fast enough that several can blindside even the most alert of players. Leapers also stagger with their punches but will additionally knock down Warframes with their eponymous leap attack. Runners can't take swings or leap but their kamikaze explosions will stagger all Warframes in a sizable area and they can juggle a Warframe that has been knocked down.
    • All Heavy Grinner can and will perform a ground pound move when a player comes closer than 7 meters to them. The shockwave will always hit players in that radius and knock them on the back for a few seconds. To make matter worse the attack will always be performed when the animation starts, even when the animation is interrupted and it will always hit, including Tenno who are in the air something not even Shockwave Moas can.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • "Zoren Coptering". Hitting the melee attack button while jumpsliding forward causes the Tenno to whip out the Dual Zoren axes and perform a spin attack, which rapidly propels the player forward in a spinning motion.
    • Radial Disarm, The Loki's top-tier ability, is a powerful ability that destroys the held weapons of nearby foes, forcing them to attack you with weaker melee strikes. It also was able to physically disarm common Infested.
    • In a Rescue mission, you must bring a hostage to the extraction point to get them off the ship. However, the game doesn't remove the hostage when you reach extraction, so the last thing you see in a escort mission is the hostage watching their saviors board a shuttle and fly away without them.
    • Melee attacks clip through doors, allowing you to kill enemies that are on the other side.
    • It was once possible to rescue a hostage by lingering around the brig until the Lotus declared the mission successful and leaving without opening the cell door, making it impossible for enemies to kill the fragile prisoner by any means. This was finally fixed in Update 9.
    • When the Kogake was first released, it was possible to instantly kill anyone, even bosses, by knocking them down and then standing over their downed form. This was swiftly expunged.
    • The Kestrel boomerang was able to ragdoll any enemy and throw them several meters back. Since Hek, Regor, Ruk, Kela and the old Golem are basicly recolored standard enemies, they are not immune to the Kestrel's effect. The result is that players could potentialy knock them over into the pits around their arena killing them with just one throw.
    • Update 9.8 brought a much needed buff to the Mag. It, however, turned Mag's basic (which is only meant to yank enemies close so she can smack them with a melee weapon or execute them with a shotgun) into the Jedi pull on steroids - it would yank anything in front of Mag (be it one enemy or an entire room) and deal armor-piercing damage that killed almost every non-elite. And elites can just be stunlocked by waiting until they stand up, then yanking them again. This was later toned down with the change to damage.
    • When downed, you count as stealthed, causing any kills you make to register as stealth kills.
    • The Heavy Impact mod allows a player to create a damaging shockwave when landing after a certain height. The power and radius of the wave is based on the time spend in the air. Some players found out that sliding down a wall counts as time you fall. As a result running up a 5 meter wall and sliding down caused a shockwave that could clear entire defence maps.
    • When a knocked-down enemy gets up, you can still perform a ground finisher on them for a few seconds. If you have something like a hand-to-hand melee weapon, this results in your warframe crouching down in front of your target and punching their feet until their body explodes.
    • Attack on Stalker. In Archwing missions, the Warframe and Archwing are actually scaled down in porportion to normal assets. This means that when Stalker goes after a Warframe, he's at normal size while the Warframe has been scaled down.
    • Raptor was one of the more annoying Corpus bosses due to being able to fly away, but it was previously possible for a Loki to stand inside a prefab building and use Switch Teleport to switch places with Raptor. The Raptor would then be trapped and unable to fly out, and players could then open the doors and shoot Raptor with impunity. This was patched out around October 2013.
  • Les Yay: Between the Lotus and Mirage.
  • Mondegreen:
    • The Corpus Worker's Black Speech-inducing helmets often led to this. A popular one is "MISTER ROBOT!" for the noise they make when they see you.
    • Before they got their own language the Female Grineer had screeching voices which often led to people hearing "DEATH TO THE LONGEARS" ("Death to the Lotus").
    • After the switch to the Grineer Con Lang, you may hear "Looks great Tenno. Attack!"
    • "GET GLAM!"
  • Memetic Badass:
  • Memetic Mutation: Greedy Milk The community is still trying to figure out what it is.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: "Change of plans. Ignore your original objective. Leave nothing alive on this ship. Exterminate all life."
  • Narm: Most of the Grineer bosses taunt you with ridiculously flaccid insults and threats.
    • "Take the 'Warfra' out of 'Warframe', and what are you left with? That's right, ME!"
    • The Lotus, in the Operation: Arid Fear preview, got called an "eyeless slag". The update warning included "Tenno, get revenge on the corpus for calling the lotus an 'eyeless slag'."
    • The new non-English update to the Grineer voiceset occasionally makes the female Grineer sound like The Muppets.
      • The male Grineer now have the tendency to shout "Tenno SCOOOM!", which is most likely meant to be "scum" however the fact that they constantly repeat it, that it's a normal english word in the otherwise alien language and the way they say it makes it rather silly sounding.
      • On Phobos, it is possible to listen to Grineer yelling "TENNO SCOOOM!" while fighting desert skates. This happens even when you are undetected.
      • They also keep repeating it when you side with them in invasions.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Heavy melee weapons like the Galatine greatsword are good early-game weapons, but fall behind other, faster weapons due to their increased speed and comparable base damage for higher-tier play, resulting in them being abandoned by high-level players. During Update 15, however, DE buffed heavy weapon damage, including more than tripling the Galatine's base damage. Properly modded, the heavy melee weapons can now one-shot most enemies, even high-level ones, and with supercharging, the right mods, and a good stance they can one-shot the Stalker. Needless to say, heavy weapons are a viable option once again.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Corpus laser doors. They're SUPPOSED to encourage the party to stick together, but unless you're literally walking in lockstep, they tend to do the reverse. More often than not, the first person through the door will trigger the security camera without seeing it, causing the SECOND person through the door to run head-first into the laser door and take massive damage. Even worse if the second person can't take out the camera from their side of the door and the first person doesn't notice (or care) that they've left their ally behind. Worse still, a player can trigger a camera which will lock in another player in an entirely different section of the ship, with no way for them to take the offending camera out. An update eventually made it so that you can slide past them, but cameras still tend to have the irritating habit of triggering while walking through a door.
    • Secondary objectives are also annoying. Fought tooth and nail to reach an Artifact and expect to make a mad dash for extraction? Nope. There's intel that needs collecting! The worst of which is that Intel missions tend to be extremely long, especially in big tilesets, like Grineer asteroids. Another classic is having to drag a fragile hostage along on the Datamass hunt. Good times.
    • Knockdown in general is widely disliked because of the enormous length of time it incapacitates the player for. In a game where you can easily die from 2-3 seconds of sustained fire, being knocked down and unable for move for four or five seconds often results in death. This is made worse because the mods that allow knockdown resistance and improved knockdown recovery are both extremely rare.
    • Update 10 initially had a heavy change to the stamina system. Stamina now had a timer before it would start recovering and would take longer to do so. This was meant to make Stamina more important and encourage players to use stamina boosting mods. However the actual result was that players would be unable to run for more than 10 seconds without stopping to let the stamina recover. After an uproar in the community it was quickly readjusted closer to the original state.
    • Update 12 added two more traps to the Grineer tilesets. "Broken lights" zap the player with a bolt of lightning, create a flash that can blind at a bad moment, and are nearly impossible to destroy beforehand. They will one-shot low-level Warframes. "Sensor bars" over doorways create the same Mana Burn and Interface Screw disruption effect as Ancient Disruptors - and most often can't be attacked, as the players will be on the wrong side of the door.
  • Tear Jerker: Ordis' desperate pleas for help when Vor's Ascaris seemingly fully takes control of you.
    Ordis: Lotus... Lotus, do something! Save the Operator!
    • The whole Mirage quest.
    • Operation: Gate Crash involves a battle with a pair of Grineer sisters. The more immature sister, Sprag, will make emotional pleas to "Wake up... Ven'kra, wake up..." if Ven'kra Tel dies first.
  • That One Attack:
    • The Corpus Jackal is a fairly easy Warmup Boss. However, it can and will abruptly decide to launch a huge carpet of missiles in front of it, capable of one-hitting even a level 30 warframe - and thanks to the peer-to-peer networks, the attack often doesn't show up, unless you're host. Oddly enough, it stops doing this once it has less than 50% health. The icing on the cake is that it also bypasses several Warframe abilities that are pseudo-godmodes in regular play.
    • The Corpus Raptor's missiles are much the same, as a single player can only tank it with Iron Skin, and Raptor will position itself to bypass other defensive skills (such as Snow Globe) if need be. It also has the added bonus of randomly going invincible.
    • In earlier versions, the Stalker was annoying because he could No Sell crowd control and debuffs, but otherwise could be handled if you met him in a full team. The later addition of Dispel and Absorb enabled him to get rid of buffs to warframes and do Attack Reflector, making defeating him much harder.
  • That One Boss:
    • The original Corpus Hyena was nothing to laugh at, but the new pack of Hyenas is a real pain especialy when going solo. Prepare to rage. There are four of them. Each with their own unique aura and attack pattern. One can slow you down with a freeze aura, another can create flame shockwaves that can knock you back and a third can take away all your energy just by being in your proximity.
    • Captain Vor's remake coincided with the release of Nightmare Mode. A bug with his scaling coupled with the Nightmare boosts resulted in level 100+ Vors that could disintegrate a whole squad while barely taking damage. He was reined in shortly after.
    • The Corpus Raptor, which doubles as a Get Back Here Boss. He flies rather quickly, which makes it impossible to melee him down and difficult to aim at him. He'll snipe you with a salvo of homing missiles that can block your line of sight and absolutely will OHK you and your teammates if you don't have a defensive skill up. Even if that defensive skill was a Snow Globe or Bullet Attractor (the only two capable of protecting your whole squad), he's been known to fly just close enough to unload a missile from inside the barrier or drop some landmines on you. He also randomly closes his wings in the air and becomes invincible while his shields recharge. To top it off, his location marker isn't always entirely accurate, providing scenarios where players cannot find him until he takes a pot-shot at them. The only way to stop his nonsense is by being Rhino and constantly Rhino Stomping him while his wings are open, which makes the vulnerability window much longer.
    • Hek used to be one in the earlier builds when Earth was a mid level area of the solar map. He would move around the arena and always into cover instead of exposing himself to gunfire like most Grineer bosses do. Adding to that his shields had an insane recharge rate, starting to go up again the moment he would not receive any damage. Meaning players would need to get close to a shotgun wielding maniac with shields that recharge the moment you need to reload. Not to forget that he would spawn decoys of himself making players waste even more ammo. Most low and even mid level players could easily run out of ammo trying to bring him down. He is now somewhat easier but low level players who now reach him earlier can still have a hard time without the right weapon mods. Also thanks to a bug his decoys are now a different color than him, making them easier to ignore.
      • His retool as of Update 13 once again lands him in this trope. Now, even accessing him is an exercise in frustration. Players need to farm special rare enemies called Prosecutors that only appear on one planet (Ceres) and can only be damaged by one of the four base elemental damage types (Heat, Cold, Electricity, and Toxin), in order to collect four different types of beacons needed to craft the key to access the mission. The fight itself is divided into two parts. In the first phase, he flies around the map, invulnerable everywhere except his periodically-covered face. Once he's chased down into the final arena and his health is reduced sufficiently, he dons a mechsuit, starting the second phase. His new form can be damaged anywhere, but it is much tankier, and it comes with new tricks. He can sap the health of nearby mooks to recover his own health, and he can spawn two varieties of drones, each with their own annoying effects. The teal Propaganda Drones buff nearby Grineer while weakening the Tenno, while the red Orbital Strike Drones can easily take down the party if left unchecked.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: A common complaint of many players after the new Damage 2.0 mechanic was introduced in Update 11. For the most part, complaints have subsided once players figured out the new damage system and its increased focus on faction-specific loadouts and elemental combinations.
    • Also a common reaction to the new UI introduced in update 14, with the common complaint being that most menus now take an extra click or two to access.
    • Again with the new mod appearance in 14.5. The common consensus is that they look pretty but make it harder to find what you needed.
    • In fact, pretty much ANY big update provokes this in spades, especially before the bugs get fixed.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Damage-based Warframes such as Ash or Ember tend to suffer from this at higher levels, since the damage dealt by their powers doesn't scale nearly enough to keep pace with enemies' health and armor.
  • Uncanny Valley: Mag Prime invokes this for many players, primarily because out of dozens of featureless insectoid and pseudo-ceramic faceplates, her base helmet is the only one with a distinct mouth-shaped orifice in the middle. With lips.
  • X Meets Y: Mass Effect meets Crysis meets Ninja Gaiden meets Tenchu, with a dash of darkSector, and more than a splash of Karas, with the enemies of Halo.

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