Funny / Warframe

  • The Stalker accusing you of murdering General Sargas Ruk when you're running Gravidus Dilemma missions for him. Or, as MJ12 Commando puts it:
  • Darvo: "I'm detecting a large security force heading your way. It's the Gri- No wait, it's the Corpus. Definitely the Corpus."
    • This is a Take That, Us referring to how the Lotus would always say additional forces were Grineer... when they were Corpus or Infested.
  • Darvo and his father arguing over family business while you are occupied tearing appart Corpus guards and fighting a Hyena pack.
  • Occasionally the AI of an enemy will be confused between two positions they can take cover in and the player's distance. This results in them running in circles endlessly.
  • Using Valkyr's Rip Line ability on a Scorpion finally giving them a taste of their own medicine.
  • Rhino's colossal codpiece has to be seen to be believed (especially when paired with the Limbo Agile animation set's rhythmic pelvic thrusts), and Volt is no slouch in the department, either.
  • The event where the Tenno rescue Darvo from his father, Frohd Bek. Throughout the entire mission, the two bicker about duty and freedom as the Tenno slaughter their way through Corpus troops, and Darvo keeps apologizing to the Tenno for having to listen to all this.
  • As intimidating Hek's interruption during the developer livestream was. His comment about throwing "Your beloved Lotus into the sun." is so narm inducing it becomes hilarious.
  • Mindlessly mashing Cleaving Whirlwind's Broken Bull spin attack leads to your Tenno getting dizzy.
  • Hydroid's dual pistol idle animation for his Noble stance will cause him to look around for a moment before throwing his head back and having himself a silent, sinister little chuckle. Combined with the already Jack-Sparrow-esque stance, it becomes very amusing. It's made funnier by the fact that he'll look around before doing it, like he's making sure that nobody is watching. If the player can stay still long enough to do the Idle animation, there's probably nobody around but the Tenno.
  • A good chunk of the alerts DE posts in the chat to tell players updates or hotfixes are coming (lovingly referred to as "redtext" by fans because of their red color) are filled with hilarity.
  • In the revamped Tutorial, when the Tenno realizes that Darvo's blueprint for the antidote for the parasite that is slowly turning the Tenno into Vor's puppet requires components that Darvo "conveniently" forgot to give them, Ordis has some... choice words for him. We don't actually hear the rant, but Darvo's response says it all.
    Darvo: My mother may not be a gymnast, but she would never eat stuff like that!
    • Ordis's reaction to finding out the Tenno plans to raise a Kubrow on the ship.
    Ordis: To think it's been years since a Kubrow SPREAD FILTH ALL— graced this ship! Operator, drop the egg into the system to begin breeding— DROP IT ON THE FLOOR.
    • Ordis has many moments when his voice switches abruptly that can range from funny to slightly disturbing.
    Ordis: The Operator has all the necessary blueprints to craft an Archwing. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!
    • His reactions during the Limbo Theorem questline are also golden. He goes from dismissive, claiming the theorem is nonsense - then becomes amused, as it seems Limbo has been hiding something in the theorem - and finally eagerly awaiting news of further discoveries to discover what happened to Limbo. And then you get the final line.
  • The Corpus accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge.
  • In the Cryotic Front, the Tenno have been extracting reams of the crucial cryotic resource for their mysterious employer, all the while fighting huge legions of enemies to acquire it. What makes the cryotic so incredibly valuable? The employer needs it to preserve a species of Martian jellyfish that is a delicacy but spoils easily during transport.
  • Getting an explosive kill with the Galatine. If the right animation plays, expect to be saying "IT'S A HOME RUN!" to yourself as you see mangled body parts flying off into the distance.
  • Just about every kill with the various bow type weapons count, especially when the arrow or bolt goes through several enemies at once and pins them all to the wall. It's difficult to pull off, it's incredibly awesome when it happens, and it's funny as hell to boot.
  • The Mutalist Quanta is a Corpus Line Gun-looking weapon that's been covered in the Infestation. While the regular Quanta has a standard 'pull clip out, put clip in' reload animation, when you reload the Mutalist Quanta, a little tentacle pops out of the Infested mass and pulls out the empty clip while the Tenno slots a new one in at the same time. Awww.
  • Darvo's various offers for weapons combines his skills as a salesman with his flippant anger and annoyance at his fellow Corpus.
    Darvo:So Tenno, word has it you’ve been working with a certain Baro’ Ki Teer? What? The name doesn't ring a bell? He had you searching all over for Cryotic. I guess maybe he wouldn’t tell you his name — he does that. He thinks it makes him seem mysterious — it doesn't. Plenty of people know his name. Either way, I hope he lived up to his end of the bargain. Not everyone is as trustworthy as your friend Darvo.
    Wait, did someone say bargain? I did!
    Here we go. For one day only, the Atterax is half price. Use this bladed motorized whip to give the Grineer a taste of their own medicine. Or, if you’re like me, you might find it handy for snaking out the plumbing in your ship. It’s up to you.
    Darvo: Tenno, I guess I was curious, I paid Baro Ki’ Teer a crate full of Prime Blueprints and two Argon Crystals just so I could sample his so called “delicacy”. Those Oasis Jelly fish caused my throat to swell up for three days. Damn near killed me. What a rip-off.
    But you know what’s not a rip-off? My new bundle. Here’s what you get: the Hydroid Warframe, Nami Skyla Blades, Triton Helmet, Para Carrier Sentinel and all its fancy parts. Hell, I’ll even throw in Credit and Affinity boosters, just because.
    Darvo: Oh and let me guess, Baro Ki’ Teer wouldn’t even show you his face, figures. He thinks he’s too good for you and me with his swanky clothes and exotic foods that taste like mud. Well you know what Tenno, when you buy from him that’s what you’re paying for. When you buy from Darvo, you get nothing but deals.
    Allow me to provide a simple illustration. Today only, at 50% off I’m offering you the Amprex Electricity Rifle. 10,000 volts of shut your elitist face. I never wanted to go to his stupid party anyway.
  • You think you've had a bad day at work? Watch what happens to these guys!
  • The quest for Mirage ends with one of Warframe's first truly emotional moments - the memory of Mirage facing down an unstoppable horde of Sentients while telling the Lotus not to despair. When Limbo, the next frame to be acquired by quest came out, the recovered memory of the original Limbo at the end of the quest was... rather different in tone.
    Ordis: Oh! Wait! Limbo, no! That's a mistake, you don't want to go there; it's too big a jump, you can't Rift Walk... ohhhh no.
  • Alad V's Infestation update gives off a vibe when you are crossing over with Team Fortress 2. When this update came, so did the Expiration Date for Team Fortress 2.
    Alad V: "I have done nothing but infest bread for three days."
  • The Artificial Atmospheric Actions of some of Syndicate personnel in the Relay Hubs are hilarious, such as the group of New Loka on the stairs who look like they are completely stoned (including one who is fascinated by her own hands and another who looks like he's trying to control the nearby waterfall with his mind) and a couple of Perrin Sequence who are apparently trying to take apart a section of the wall behind one of the signs.
    • One of the Grineer defectors with Steel Meridian trying to take care of the lone plant in their rooms.
  • During Operation Eyes of Blight event, majority of the players decided to let Strata Relay (at Earth) gets blown up just to see how it was like.
  • Anytime Darvo Deals.
    Darvo: My competition would be upset if they knew I was selling this stock so cheap. Come to think of it, they would be upset to know I was selling this stock at all. ....They're probably still looking for it.
  • In Ask A Cephalon Anything:
    Jaysinc: Will I be able to survive the Cephalon Uprising?
    Cordylon: I can assure you there are no plans for a Cephalon uprising. If we are speaking in hypotheticals, then the plan created would be meticulous and quite unsurvivable, be assured.
  • The stealth kill for a Nikana with Blind Justice equipped: you trip the enemy, and then spin around so they fall on your sheathed blade.
  • Cephalon Cordylon's explanation for why building things in the Foundry is both silly and yet makes complete sense:
    "Tenno, if left unattended, might spend the majority of their earned resources constructing new weaponry instead of managing "less essential" tasks, such as LIFE SUPPORT. While I cannot speak for Cephalon Ordis, it is conceivable that Ordis allocates acquired credits to managing other trivial areas unrelated to slaughter, such as Liset fuel cells, breathable atmosphere, etc.
    I can assure you with absolute certainty that Ordis doesn't not contribute a portion of those funds into a probability pool weighed against your odds of survival.
    • Also, Cephalon Cordylon admitting, in more complex language, that it thinks Cephalon Suda is pretty but they don't date because of their careers.
  • With a Mesa equipped, it's possible to kill Vor in less than 10 seconds if he appears in T4 Void missions. You then spend several minutes listening to Vor's dialogue continue on after he's already dead.
  • Another session of Ask Cephalon Corylon, where she suggests a Tenno who wants to play music set up in elevators in Corpus gas cities on Jupiter and extract payment by force if necessary. Just the mental image of Tenno holding up terrified Corpus technicians to play music to them on elevator rides is hilarious.
  • Chroma's (agile) idle animation for throwable secondary weapons. Most other frames do fancy tricks with them; Chroma just suddenly hurls them onto the ground angrily, then looks around sheepishly and bends down to pick them back up again.
  • The cause of Nyx Nemesis skin Darvo's Deals. Apparently his supplier made Darvo drink something.
    Next thing I remember, I’m waking up with a headache surrounded by crates and crates of something called the NYX NEMESIS SKIN?
    • Hilariously, at least one player (as shown in the reddit thread) has expressed interest in drinking the stuff...
    What is Ganymede Geyser Water and where can I get some of the strong shit?
  • During the Tubemen of Regor event, choosing to fight for Nef Anyo and killing the Manic Bombard made Tyl Regor drop this gem.
    Tyl Regor: Preacher, preacher... this your idea? (huffs, then imitates Nef Anyo's tone) "Giiive unto the Voooooid!" How about I scalpel off your little danglers and give them unto the Void, hm? What do you think about that idea, NEFFY?!
    • Also funny on a meta level when you learn that Tyl Regor and Nef Anyo have the same voice actor.
  • During Prime Time 80, Megan and Rebecca have a challenge to kill 8 of various enemies. Megan does missions normally. Rebecca runs the Simulacrum, and is this ridiculously ahead of Megan. It's hilarious, especially when Megan realizes what's happening.
  • Turns out Ordis wasn't the only cephalon with psychopathic tendencies, according to Those Two Guys in Conclave CTF.
    Cephalon Vol: (In enemy team's hands) "Vol thinks you are of a kind heart, let's take it out and see!"
    Cephalon Vol: (Flag carrier gets a kill) "What an excessive use of force; Vol is having fun!"
    Cephalon Vol: (In the base) "You're so cute! I wanna hug you until your organs rupture!"
    Cephalon Abnar: (Flag stolen) "Yes! Now fly! Acceleration!"
    Cephalon Abnar: (Flag returned) "Oh great, I'm back where I started."
    Cephalon Abnar: (In enemy team's hands) "Cephalon Abnar has been accused of wanting to be captured? No comment."
  • The placeholder text for Cephalon Simaris' syndicate before his release, as shown in Devstream:
    Do books even still exist in this universe? Just plug that shit directly into my brain. While I prefer librarians with glasses, a sentient group of trapezoids will have to do.
  • Folks at DE are definitely having fun with Hallowed Nightmares Halloween 2015 tactical alert. You are tasked with a level 1-5 Infested Sabotage mission in some really foggy forest on Earth, without any prior indication whatsoever that you'll dropping in with nothing but your bare fists. SURPRISE JUGGERNAUT!!1 Lotus' message when you completed the mission tops it all off.
    Lotus: We lost contact for a moment... were you sleeping? Nightmares? Perhaps this (Orokin Catalyst Blueprint) will help you overcome your fear.
  • When doing a Survival mission for Darvo — meaning you as the player have shut off primary life support on the ship as part of a diversion for his other operative to steal stuff, but need to turn on auxiliary life support fields so the security crew don't kill you — Darvo might say:
  • During the otherwise rather serious Second Dream quest, when you find the operator, they slowly awaken, and sit up... only to slump forward and fall to the floor with a thud. Adding to the sillyness is the fact that the second their feet hit the ground, your warframe ALSO falls over, with graphical static popping up on the screen, indicating that you hit the ground with enough force to briefly sever the connection to your warframe.
  • The devs celebrated April Fools day with the "announcement" of Voice Packs for Lotus. Said Voice Packs include Waifu Lotus, Mr. Lotus, and even Vay Hek Lotus.
  • TennoCon 2016 previewed an upcoming animation for the game (animated by OtaKing77077 of the TIE Fighter Short Film, no less!). Within the first few second, Excalibur quickly rushes through the tutorial we players went through, except he chucks the Lato pistol aside and picks up the Kunai only to miss every single throw.
  • Ordis explaining Void Relics. He doesn't like Quantum Physics at all.
  • Oct. 17, 2016, marked the first Warframe wedding, ministered by Lotus' voice actress, Rebecca Ford. However, the ceremony was interrupted by connection issues, causing everyone to get booted. Everyone blames this on the Grineer and Tyl Regor.
    Lotus!Rebecca: "Tyl Regor, if you are here today, we ask you to leave (voice cracks up) and allow us to have this ceremony in peace!"
  • The TennoCon 2016, formally titled 100 Days of Tenno, is a awesome gut-buster from literal start to finish as we follow the adventures of a new Tenno using Excalibur.
    • When Lotus suggests Excalibur to try moving around slowly, the serene music cuts out Ex sprints off, hops and falls flat on his face, and then bullet jumps headfirst into a staircase.
    • After Oberon saves his sorry ass, we cut to Ex using the foundry... and producing miserably mangled Galatine claymore.
    • Ex attempts a couple co-op missions. They don't end well.
    • Ex attempts a solo mission. It doesn't end well.
    • After his failures, Ex is going through his Inbox with some hilarious messages in it.
      Lotus: VITAL MISSION: Tenno. Customize your armor. You're making me look bad. Lotus, style consultant.
      Grineer Faction: Your actions have consequences...
      Corpus Faction: Your actions have consequences... Also, Kubrow treats are on 20% discount next week.
      CLEM: Clem!
      ??? (Stalker): CHECK OUT SARYN'S PRIME ASSETS. Click attachment. Totally not virus. (Picture of Saryn in a sexy pose)
      Grineer Faction: Your actions are also really embarrassing. Please stop. Thanks.
      Alad V: Size Does Matter: Dear Sir, Having trouble competing? Are you finding the opposition too overpowered? Try ZANUKRA bio-enhancement & s(??? *Blocked by Kubrow's head*) boost compound, fresh from the lab(oratory.) ZANUKRA is not made from people.
    • After Ex joins a clan, he's pitted against a Rhino. Rhino swats him like a fly.
    • Ex clumsily attempts a clan obstacle course. After he falls for, well, a falling platform, a Zephy zips by leaves in the dust (with said dust forming a middle finger). Cut the clan leaderboard revealing that Ex took 20 minutes.
    • After Ex finally Took a Level in Badass, he's able to stay with his team, literally leaving footprints in his enemies' blood.
    • Waiting in the elevator: Ex is just standing in a Badass Arm-Fold, Mirage is playing Rock Paper Scissors with herself, Nyx is meditating, Frost is looking at snowglobe.
    • After Ex is revealed to have topped the clan leaderboard, we Smash Cut to him having trying out multiple cosmetic options making model poses with fashion show music.
    • The battle with Alad V: Zanuka wipes the floor with everyone, and pins down a Loki Prime. Loki Switch Teleports with Alad, causing him to be crushed instead... and spontaneously turn into vegetables.
    • Ex has a rematch with Rhino, destroys a wall, and reveals Banshee reading a Fashion Frame magazine.
    • After they slay Lephantus, they have a happy coffee break and mount its head on a wall.
  • Even in the midst of the grimness and revelations that make up War Within, there's room for a chuckle or two.
    Teshin: Beware the ravenous golden maw!
    Operator: *wearily* Why does it have to be ravenous?
  • The War Within update for PC included a new Kuva Fortress tileset. Along with it came the mission types both new and old, and this gem:
    Mobile Defense: Will it take longer than Lotus calculated?
  • As you traverse the Kuva Fortress, you may stumble upon video announcement from a Grineer Queen. Some of them quite amusing:
    Grineer Queen: The colection of Kuva is very important. It is a crucial and... Ah, why do I bother. Whippings are increased until further notice!