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Play Every Day
A Yin-Yang Bomb of Anti-Poop Socking and Just One More Level, this is when a game encourages you to play every day.

This is the case with pretty much any browser-based persistent world. As well as daily rewards to encourage regular play, you get punished for being offline too long in any of the following ways:
  • You accumulate turns, adventures, action points or whatever the game calls them, which cap once they reach a certain value
  • You accumulate resources over time; by allowing them to build up, you're making yourself a juicy target for attack
  • In addition to either of the above, other people are progressing while you're not.

Compare the non-interactive equivalent: Appointment Television, where you have to watch every episode when it airs or as soon as possible after you've recorded it.


  • Pokémon has been doing this since Pokémon Gold and Silver, which debuted the Real Time Game Clock. The clock affects berry growth, when lottery numbers are drawn, and other special events. Different Pokemon also come out at different times of day and, in Pokémon Black and White different (real-world) months.
  • This is Tamagotchi's main shtick, as not attending to the creature's needs on a daily basis will eventually result in its death.
  • FarmVille: The crops take a few hours to a couple days to grow, and if you don't harvest them in the time that it took for them to grow, they die. The only way to avoid this trope is to (literally) buy time. This is how Zynga makes its money - they call this "Appointment Gaming", and quite a few Facebook games have taken this mechanic and run with it. For example, The Sims Social refilled* your energy bar every 45 minutes. Now you can Play Every Hour. (Farmville is the Genre Popularizer and Trope Codifier for the Facebook Casual Game.)
  • Halo: Reach offers extra credits for completing challenges of varying difficulty each day, and one per week as well
  • Tom Nook's shop in Animal Crossing restocks every day. He might have that spaceship you want, and if you don't check, who knows when it'll be in stock again? More mundanely, the game rewards loyal players with more loyalty from the local resident animals that manifests in them being less likely to move out and more likely to give the player presents. Miss more than a couple of days, though, and you'll get teased and scolded for being gone so long. Further, the town itself requires a little near-daily maintenance: saplings and flowers need watering, weeds need pulling, etc. And in Wild World for the DS, you sometimes get a random letter that gives you little tidbits of wisdom, one of which is "avoid boredom by playing an hour a day". New Leaf alters this a bit with the "Keep Your Town Beautiful" town ordinance, which makes your town "decay" more slowly when you're not now it's "play like twice a week or something". It's an optional Anti-Frustration Feature for people who like the game but don't have the time to play every single day.
  • Brain Age gives you a stamp for the first brain-training game you play each day. It also makes the stamp larger if you play three games in a day.
  • NIER uses this with the 'cultivation' section - though it isn't really very obvious about it, so it might take you a bit of time to even realize it. note 
  • The World Ends with You, at a certain point early in the game, gives you the ability to level up your pins by not playing the game. The PP earned this way starts diminishing after 24 hours, though, so if you really need that SDPP, you'll want to load up your file every day. Also, the food system. 24 bytes per day (sort of). Until you get the Hollow Leg, then you can eat as much as you want.
  • Dissidia will reward you for checking your Mognet every day for 15 days. There's also a reward for getting 200 messages via Mognet. The most you can get is two per day (and you only get the second one if you haven't been playing for more than three days) so checking every day is the best way to do it.
  • In Kingdom of Loathing, players automatically receive forty adventures at the start of each day, with a Cap of 200. Players can gain extra adventures by consuming food, booze, and a handful of miscellaneous items. There is a maximum amount of these you can consume each day, and every day you don't fill up is wasted turns. Given that a player with decent resources can obtain around 150 turns in a day after consumption, this means that you can only skip one day (Assuming you log on long enough to eat on the off day) before you start missing out on potential turns.
    • Also, there are many one per day, use it or lose it things, like the 4000-5000 free meat from completing the optional Organic Produce Stand sidequest, or the use of the He-Boulder's yellow ray (One-Hit Kill that leaves all of the things a monster Randomly Drops). A list of more examples can be found here. You find yourself logging in daily just for these things. Note that many of these are offered as rewards for completing a quest, or are unique benefits associated with Mr. Store, the place where real-life money is the standard currency.
    • One of the strongest incentives to log in every day is filthy lucre. You earn filthy lucre by completing bounties, which involves defeating a certain number of a specific monster, usually enough that it would take around 40 adventures to complete. Filthy lucre can be traded in for unique and valuable items, including (non-tradeable) high-end equipment to boost item drops, a familiar that raises combat frequency and boosts item drops more than any other, and a special skill that lets you increase the likelihood of encountering a specific monster. You can only get three assignment per day, and you'd need 345 filthy lucre to collect all five of the rewards, so you'd need to play seriously every day for four months just to be able to get them.
  • Wii Fit's anthropomorphic Balance Board tries to guilt-trip you if you don't do the body test every day.
  • Everything related to boat/train parts at the end of recent The Legend of Zelda games.
  • The Sonic Gems Collection unlocks demos of Sonic's various Genesis games in the "museum" if you play every day for X days... Of course, before you can do that, you have to unlock the museum page they appear on.
  • Virtual Villagers. The game is real good at having your villagers starve to death if you don't check in on them every day.
  • World of Warcraft offers daily quests, which provide you with gold. There are also daily random heroic dungeons, and a weekly raid boss kill which provides you with gold and Frost emblems, a hard to get currency used to buy high level gear. If you don't do the daily heroic every day, you'll miss out on some very nice gear.note 
  • In Dragon Quest IX, the online store changes its inventory every (realtime) day.
  • Browser game Legends of Zork gives a player 30 action points to use for exploring a day. Once they run out, there is nothing else they can do for the day.
  • Mega Man 9 has the "Daily Dose" achievement, for completing the game once per day for three days in a row.
  • World of Tanks gives players double experience for the first winning match in each tank every day.
  • The Earth 2025 browser-based game give you bonus turns the longer you go without logging in, but after a day or two you'll hit your maximum amount, with diminishing returns in the process, leading to the player playing once a day as the optimum amount.
  • Spiral Knights likes this trope:
    • Everything important you can do in Spiral Knights is linked to Energy. Crystal Energy is bought (from players using in-game currency or with real world cash), while Mist Energy slowly recharges itself over time; both are interchangeable and the game will prioritize the use of Mist Energy when it's available. Your Mist Energy takes twenty-two hours to recharge fully, and is capped at 100, so if you don't play every day that free energy goes to waste.
    • Further encouraging frequent play is the fact that the dungeons are semi-randomly generated according to player actions, and the seven dungeon gates rotate every two days, with the one at the bottom of the queue disappearing to make room for a new gate. If one dungeon gate leads to a stratum you're particularly fond of, you've got a maximum of two weeks to reap as many rewards from it as possible.
    • There are several shops in town and between dungeons with rotating inventories, refreshed daily. Though several low-level items will always be available to you, higher-level items are only available randomly and in limited quantity.
  • League of Legends offers a bonus 150 influence points for your first win of the day. Winning this sets a 22 hour countdown until it becomes available again.
  • Mass Effect:
    • The DLC Lair Of The Shadow Broker for Mass Effect 2 offers free resources (and sometimes upgrades) every day, encouraging players to go back and accumulate them. It can be tricked by manipulating your system clock and restarting the game.
    • Mass Effect 3: In the single-player campaign, your task is to accumulate War Asset points which represent the sum of galactic armies. However, their effective number is multiplied by the Galactic Readiness level, which defaults to 50% (so you only get to use half of what you earn). Winning multiplayer matches raises the Galactic Readiness but it becomes gradually reduced by a small amount every day (down to 50% again) unless you play again (and you can't go over 100%). The game also encourages players to play every weekend for challenges that award a few extra goodies for your multiplayer loadout, most notably a series of N7 weapons that can only be found and upgraded this way.
  • Fallen London gives you twenty actions at a time (forty if you pay for a subscription), which recharge at a rate of one every eight minutes or sonote , capping at twenty (or forty). So it's more like Play Every Three Hours.
  • MouseHunt gives out a daily bonus. Returning on successive days gives an increasingly better bonus on days 2-5, after which the bonus resets. The hunting horn (chance to catch a mouse and get gold or points) usually sounds automatically once an hour, but it will slow down significantly after 24 hours idle.
  • Slime Forest Adventure encourages good study habits by taking your gold if you wait too long between games, and limiting your health refills if you play too long.
  • The webgames created by fifth planet games (Legacy Of A Thousand Suns, Legacy Of Heroes,...) offer a daily reward on a 7-days basis: for the best reward, you have to play 7 days in a row.
  • Afterzoom for DSiWare is all about capturing microscopic bacteria with the built-in camera. The catch is having to feed these creatures with different substances every period of time (which can be very short, as in hours), or else they begin to die.
  • Neopets has a lot of freebies that are given only once per day, ranging from the savings interestnote , freebies found in certain locations in-game, allowing you to earn Neopointsnote  from games three times a day per game etc.
  • Solforge has three normal daily rewards and one special that you can only obtain daily; One is obtained when you login, another when you win a match, and another when you win three matches that day. In addition, winning your first PvP match of the day gives you an event ticket, which you can spend for tournament entries; subsequent PvP wins of the day only give you Silvers (in-game currency).
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has an interesting variation: Every day when you log in, you are given a daily quest that you can either complete that day, or save it up in your quest log until up to three more days during which you get additional daily quests. However, you can only keep up to three quests in your log before you must clear them to receive additional quests. In case that you still have three quests pending by the fourth day, completing any one of them will free up a space for your fourth daily quest, so in a sense you can play the game once every four days and not lose too much.
  • PlanetSide 2 gives players a free certification point (used to unlock weapons and upgrades) every two hours whether you're on or not. You can only backlog twelves certs (24 hours worth) before they stop accumulating, so you want to get on at least once a day if only to collect your passives.
  • Temporary version: Some MMORPGs have events, usually lasting a month or two, where you receive one or more items each day, with better rewards for logging in each day (some of them reset the list if you miss a day, starting you off with the first day's reward again if you miss any days, while others base the item you receive on the total number of days you've logged in during the event, in which case you can only receive the best reward if you log in at least once every single day).
  • Trickster Online has several quests that are only available one per day. The vast majority of these give TM (skill) experience. Others have a chance of giving the coveted Star Card Pack Number 5, which is guaranteed to give you one of three items that can increase your drop rate.
  • Anti Idle The Game:
    • The Daily Bonus feature, including Blue Coin bonuses as well as up to 9 otherwise difficult-to-obtain items such as Fertilizers and the Daily Bonus-exclusive Attendance Box. Additionally, the Daily Bonus screen offers a special deal not available anywhere else, and that special deal changes daily.
    • One other feature is the Dragon, who can be fed to increase your Boost. However, each time you feed him, the cost for the next feeding increases. Once midnight hits, the cost to feed him resets back to initial value.
    • There are quests that can be repeated once a day, including an Attendance quest that rewards you for attendence streak.
  • The Nintendo 3DS rewards you for walking by giving you 1 Play Coin per 100 steps registered with the 3DS's accelerometer, up to 10 Play Coins for 1,000 steps in one day. This is the only way to earn Play Coins, which can be used in a number of games for many different features. The full stock of 300 Play Coins requires walking 1,000 steps per day for 30 days.
  • Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy gives you trophies for solving daily downloadable puzzles for 5, 10, 20, and 50 days in a row. (However, they don't have to be the puzzles released on those days, nor do they even have to be ones you haven't already solved.)
  • Exaggerated to the point of being rather obnoxious in Wurm Online. Crops have to be maintained daily; go more than 24 hours without logging in to tend them and the plot will die. Buildings, particularly the wooden ones that are all you can build without a subscription, will decay completely within a week or so. Having a title deed slows this dramatically, but they also cost money to buy and maintain. And this isn't a game you can play on a tablet either.

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