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Webcomic: Scandinavia and the World
The central cast, de-chibified. From left to right:
Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Norway: Svalbard, wh...what happened?
Svalbard: You were being an idiot. That's what happened.

Scandinavia and the World is a webcomic by deviantART member Humon. It is a comic about stereotypes, history and culture in the form of national personifications interacting with one another, ā la Axis Powers Hetalia, and focusing on, well, Scandinavia. The main characters are Denmark, a cheerful, but culturally naīve party boy; Norway, a friendly and calm nature lover; and Sweden, the uptight technology expert.

An Animated Adaptation (for the Web) is being produced; finished pieces can be seen here.

Humon has two other webcomics, Love and Tentacles and Niels. In addition, her DA account regularly features works based on Northern European folklore, with plenty of notes.

Scandinavia and the World provides examples of the following tropes:

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