Fridge / Scandinavia and the World

Fridge Brilliance
  • It makes sense that Scania and FennoSwede have the same flag. Technically, they're cousins.
  • You know how Denmark and the Netherlands always manage to show up in time to harass Germany when he's trying to flirt with Sister Japan? Just glance at a map of Europe...he shares borders with them. They're always nearby!
  • Unintended most likely, but... Sydney, New South Wales has a lot of New Zealanders living there. A lot. Who's the mother of New South Wales? New Zealand!
  • As mentioned in the main page, the UK's flag design is a combination of those of England, Scotland and Ireland's old Saint Patrick's cross flag into one flag. So it makes sense that Ireland would be most insterested in reminding England that he doesn't speak for him, specifically since the Ireland in the comics is a personification of the Republic of Ireland.
  • Denmark is probably scared of nature because he wasn't created by mother nature but by Norway. This also might explain why the ocean doesn't frighten him, because he was born from sand and sea.
  • England, especially when de-chibified, bears a striking resemblance to Joseph Chamberlain.
  • Why is Denmark so generally dumb? Because while it's proven that sex does not make you stupid, porn does.
  • It makes sense that France is female instead of male, because in French, France is a feminine noun (i.e la France).
  • Denmark has good reason to be afraid of ghosts: Hamlet.
  • As shown here, Italy is the Only Sane Man of the former Axis. This makes sense, because while just as devastated by the war as the other countries, Italy was the only one sane enough to kick out the dictator (who actually made sure he could be deposed with little fuss) and switch sides: he was the sanest to begin with, and managed to end on the winning side and get less psychological trauma.

Fridge Horror
  • In one strip, Norway introduced Jan Mayen to the others as his "friend", Sweden commented that he looked dead. In a later strip, it was revealed that Norway and Jan Mayen were cousins who were in an incestuous relationship, and that Jan Mayen got killed for it. Norway is keeping the corpse of his dead lover/cousin somewhere in his house.