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Web Video: The Cinema Snob

"It's a fucking exploitation film! EXPLOIT something!!"
—-Snob reviewing Elsa Fraulein SS

Brad Jones is The Cinema Snob, a parody of snotty art-film lovers who hates every movie that isn't True Art. He naturally reviews mostly exploitation films and obscure foreign knockoff films.

He also produces and hosts several other series on his website, including:
  • Kung Tai Ted - Where he dissects classic martial-arts B-movie fight scenes as the titular martial artist wannabe.
  • The Big Box - In which Brad plays Vic Dealio, a sleazy infomercial host hawking eighties movies from the era when VHS tapes came in big plastic clamshell cases, co-hosted by the well-endowed Big Box Model (played by his ex-wife Jillian).
  • The Bruno Mattei Show - A series of roundtable discussions on one of Italy's more infamous exploitation directors.
  • Softly From Cable - So far his only show where he himself does not have a starring role, showcasing classic late-night skinemax films from The Nineties.
  • Brad Tries... - An impromptu series where Brad (as himself) samples various novelty foods, particularly long-since-discontinued soft drinks, often with his wife and friends.
    • Flaming Brian's Kitchen - Brad, Brian Lewis, and various others try hot sauces.
    • Drunk Brian Tries - Brian Lewis gets drunk off his ass as the the rest of Team Snob push bizarre alcoholic beverages on him.
  • The Hooker with a Heart of Gold - A mini series that takes the trope of the same name literally as it follows a well meaning prostitute who is brought back to life by a lonely doctor with a revolutionary robotic heart.
  • Eighties Dan - A sitcom parody where Brad, as the title character, reviews obscure shows and products from The Eighties with his roommate and neighbors, and a ROB robot who has a crush on the neighbor's wife.
  • Brad and Jerrid - Fictionalized versions of Brad and friend Jerrid do random things.
    • Brad and Irving - Same as above, but with Brian Irving replacing Jerrid Foiles after they had a falling out.
      • Brad and Jerrid appear to have patched up their differences, as Jerrid has started appearing on Cinema Snob episodes since October 2012.
  • DVD-R Hell - Where Brad (as himself) reviews failed pilots, educational films and TV specials that are available only on bootlegged DVDs.
  • Midnight Screenings - In which Brad and his friendsnote  go to see the midnight screenings of various new movies and review them immediately after seeing them.
  • Radiodrome - A pop culture opinion podcast hosted by Josh Hadley, featuring Brad and friends. Brad left in 2013, and started a new series, called...
  • Snobcast (formerly The Random Button), a podcast where Brad and (usually) one of the persons from his team (who also participate in the Midnight Screenings) review a random movie found on Netflix or other formats.

He is also co-starring in Ninja The Mission Force, a series by Dark Maze Studios which parodies the ninja films of Godfrey Ho and other 80s "ninjasploitation" films. He wrote and starred in a number of independent films, including Paranoia. The Cinema Snob Movie, an origin story co-starring Glaser and Noah Antwiler (along with most of Team Snob) was released on September 27th, 2012.

Man has the voice of a young Jack Nicholson, and is a featured contributor on That Guy with the Glasses.

The Cinema Snob's trope list has gotten so long that it has been split into three pages:

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