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Funny: The Cinema Snob

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    Movies in 5 Seconds 

    V Logs 
  • Brad's road trip vlog. Fellow Channel Awesome member Angry Joe has caused Brad to have a craving for Chick-Fil-A. Unfortunately, there are no Chick-Fil-As nearby, so Brad and his friends go on an epic quest to find one, facing obstacles at every turn.

  • On the one year anniversary of Radiodrome, which was a clip show, Josh decided to fake the last four clips, one of which was a massive fistfight Brad and Jerrid got into over My Little Pony.
    Jerrid: Look, all Iím saying is that My Little Pony: The Movie was really well done. There was good voice work, good animation, I just donít see why anybody would hate on it.
    Brad: Is that all youíre saying? I think you should elaborate more on that. Saying that movie has artistic merit is like saying that my niece who drew that little coloring thing on my fridge is Rembrandt.
    Jerrid: Well of course itís got artistic merit, think of all the hard work the actors went through, that the animators went through, it was a masterpiece.
    Brad: Oh yeah, you know what else took hard work? The Holocaust!
    Jerrid: Oh, there you go, breaking Godwins Law! Dude, thatís real classy.
    Brad: What does Godfrey Hoís law have anything to do with this? All Iím saying is that I have a dick, therefore I hate My Little Pony! Apparently, you have a vagina, so go figure, you like it.
    Jerrid: Oh, Iíll show you who has a vagina.
    [gets into slap fight with Brad]
    Brad: Stop jerking me off, itís not helping your case!

    Snob Riffs 
  • From "Carving Magic"
    • Jake's running gag about his incompetent sitcom wife, Gloria.
    • Various mondegreens about the dialogue making it out to be a horror film (since it was directed by Herschel Gordon Lewis). "H-bomb?!"
    • "Freed slices of ham will be considered 3/5ths of a ham."
  • From "The Book of Jonah"
    • The callbacks to the Snob review of The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah, pilgrim.
    • "The Yiddish are coming! The Yiddish are coming!"
  • "So, God is the sun."

    Snobcast (formerly The Random Button) 
  • Brad's blow-by-blow recounting of the "lost gem" Sadistic Bitch is just hysterical, from the Running Gag of how many times the main character should have died to the constant Self-Deprecation.
  • Brad briefly touched on the irony of doing two episodes of Random Button in a row involving shit-eating and pissing on faces, the second of which is Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom.
    • Brian's story on being recommended to watch Irreversible by Sarah's mom.
      Brian: [If she's recommended this movie to me,] what the fuck does she think of me?!
    • Then Brad recounts how he was watching the baby rape scene in A Serbian Film with his remote in his hand, should Jillian suddenly come in.
  • One tweet regarding Salo has them discussing the perfect chaser to the film: An American Crime or Courage the Cowardly Dog?
    Brad: An American Crime...oh, goddamnit! I got confused; I though this was An American Tail!

  • In early 2012, a Blip commercial for a TV show called "It's a Brad Brad World" started playing before videos. Brad Jones noted on Twitter that if he had a show called that, it wouldn't be on Bravo.
    • Similarly, Spoony saw a commercial for "Brad Brad World" before watching The Cinema Snob's review of Cannibal Ferox, calling it Brad-ception.
  • The Cinema Snob is Filth; where Max Force claims that the show is 'filth', an obvious parody of the recent controversy of Angus Jones lambasting Two and a Half Men. Particularly the end:
    Brad:'re going to be giving all your paychecks back then, right?
    Max: No.
    Brad: You're an idiot.
  • Brad Has His Own MAGFest Panel. Brad couldn't make it to MAGFest this year due to a family emergency, so he has a home version. Guest-starring VHS tapes, action figures, Crystal Pepsi, and Lloyd.
  • The trailer for the Public Domain Month DVD is so absolutely sarcastic that it must be seen to be believed.
  • Three words: Stoned Gremlin Productions.
  • From Brad's Sketches - Let's Talk Turkey: "Most people throw away their turkey's urine, but that's not the Armoire way."
    • "Five to ten pounds?! We're American, we aim to gain fifteen to twenty pounds this holiday season!"
    • "Enjoy these corn on the cob pops! All the deliciousness of an ear of corn guaranteed to give you bloating and brain freeze!"
    • The Running Gag of the mentally unstable housewife who can't stop cooking turkeys and her irritated husband who just wants to eat dinner.
  • His cameo in the That Guy with the Glasses Indiegogo video.
    Doug Walker: "That's why we got funnyman and nostalgia expert Brad Jones to host the show."
    (cut to close, shaky film of Brad attacking the camera, with caption "Brad Jones")
    Brad: "Get that fuckin' camera outta my fa—"
    Doug: "He couldn't be happier about hosting this brand-new event, and neither could we."
  • After the disappointment of Insidious: Chapter2, Brad posted a redone trailer to the movie in the style of The Exorcist 2.


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