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Awesome: The Cinema Snob
  • Putting TRON: Legacy on his "Top Ten of 2010", for the very same reasons Spoony put it on his "Worst Ten", complete with a Shout-Out.
  • The montage/music video he made setting footage from Strike of the Panther to "No Easy Way Out" from Rocky IV.
  • His review of Cannibal Holocaust - the whole damn thirty minute thing. It is absolutely wonderful (in a disturbing way).
    • He gets double the amount of awesome points for refusing to show the scenes depicting actual animal deaths.
  • Not See Kola: Crystal Pepsi but with more Nazis. Making it more delicious.
  • His reaction to the bigoted asshole "protagonist" of Rock: It's Your Decision:
    Jeff: Some of these artists are admitted homosexuals!
    Brad: Kid... go fuck yourself.
  • Similarly, he reviewed an episode of Bibleman and kept the tone of the review light, never choosing to mock Christians once even though he appears to be at least an agnostic, if not atheist. He even went so far as to say that Bibleman was "harmless".
  • The Snob identifies two in his review of Hitler - Dead or Alive, wherein Ward Bond shoots down a German fighter plane with a Tommy gun and SHAVES HITLER.
  • While reviewing Child Bride, he can barely bring himself to make any jokes, and mostly just expresses genuine disgust with the subject matter.
    Priest: If anyone has a reason why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony...
    Snob: SHE'S TWELVE!
    • This doesn't keep the episode from being a non-stop Crowning Moment of Funny, either.
    • He begins the review by showing a clip of Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy talking about the film as one they refused to riff on, and the Snob just says, "Well, I don't have any standards... I'll do it." That's bravery.
  • The entire Maniac review is a giant Take That towards all the critics that didn't realize the violent film about a serial killer was a violent film about a serial killer.
  • Jillian's review of Breaking Dawn Part 1, being steadily more covered in food until she guns down Brad.
  • The opening bumper to his Guyana: Cult of the Damned review. Brad starts off with reading an email from one of his 'fans', expressing disappointment in him for making fun of a dark chapter of American history in his previous review (The Helter-Skelter Murders), and proceeds to tell him how to do his job by 'suggesting' he stick to porno parodies and exploitation films. Brad considers this for a moment, and then promptly disregards it. Snob doesn't take shit from just anybody, after all.
    Snob: Damn... okay, well... shit. Okay, so... [Manic Grin] Let's do it again!
  • When Oancitizen called out other TGWTG reviewers for being sheltered in the review for Sweet Movie, even he had to acknowledge that the Cinema Snob had him beat with E.T. the Porno.
  • Risking not only tetanus, but also his wife's anger by trying a thirty-year-old Billy Beer.
  • The teaser trailer for The Cinema Snob Movie
  • Brad promised to review any DVD sent to him. So when someone sent in Guys Gone Wild: Young And Hung, [1], he lived up to his word and reviewed it. Keep in mind, while reviews porn as the Snob all the time, it's usually Porn with Plot. This is just a bunch of naked guys... and he still makes it hilarious.
  • Brad showing off his knowledge of the Super Mario Bros. series, making better references than the porno spoof he was reviewing.
    • He managed to make humping the air while Super Mario Bros. sound effects play an awesome moment.
  • His explanation for why Alan from Return to Sleepaway Camp is an unlikable Jerkass who is just as bad as his bullies in comparison to Angela from the original.
  • Reviewing Deception of a Generation counts as one - unlike Rock: It's Your Decision, where the events within the film were fictional, the beliefs and claims made by the hosts of the video were their genuine opinions. Even though he never raises his voice in the review you can tell how infuriated he is by the hosts, especially as he manages to debunk every single claim they make.
    • The second part of Deception of a Generation is even better. Brad's attitude for the most part has switched from Tranquil Fury to gleeful mockery, but things change a little when the hosts target The Smurfs. Their entire tract on why Smurfs are evil is extremely perplexing and difficult to explain, but Brad's reaction to their now utterly transparent bigotry is awesome.
    • As well as debunking the host's extremely flimsy arguments, he also points out every example their incredible hypocrisy. He notices that the video's editing is suspicious whenever a point that could possibly contradict their claims is approached and jumps on how the hosts call out cartoons for their blatant commercialism when they themselves put ads for their products in their video.
  • His review of "Pagan Invasion: Halloween" in general where he debunks the claims that Halloween leads to ritual sacrifice, but it culminates with complete ownage of the hosts with one quote from Deuteronomy that's even worse than any of the alleged acts the hosts attributed to paganism.
    • In that same review, he goes out of his way to acknowledge the fact that, despite the people obviously not doing their research into paganism, druidism, and satanism, they did allow a High Druid to offer a legitimate counter to their claims without Manipulative Editing or anything else to make him look bad. He even throws in a Take That towards Deception of a Generation and Rock: It's Your Decision for their failure to do the same.
  • Brad not letting having to go to the hospital stop him from filming. Granted, he was taking it easy, so it was a Brad Tries, but still, most people would just call a temporary hiatus.
  • The opening to his Water Power video, if you're a Frank Zappa fan.
  • Brad's scathing rant against MK's Abusive Parents in his Epic review.
  • At the conclusion of his Heartbeeps review, Brad steps out of character and actually tries to justify the film's existence.
    • Opening and closing the review with Andy Kaufman trashing the film.
  • The Gayracula review does an impressive job of humorously mocking a really bad gay porno without lapsing into homophobia.
  • The DVD-R Hell episode on Howard, Brad beautifully mocks the short film by "borrowing" multiple other reviews.
  • The DVD-R Hell for The Day The Crown Cried is incredibly impressive since it's actually a new episode of Demo Reel and was kept entirely secret from the fans, since Brad and company usually post behind-the-scenes videos of everything.
  • Tearing apart God's Not Dead for being an insulting piece of religious propaganda on the same level as Rock: It's Your Decision, while also noting that he'd be just as offended by an atheist propaganda film that portrayed all Christians as being like Fred Phelps.
  • His review of Mommie Dearest, viciously mocking the film's 'camp' reputation and razzies as being unwarranted.
    • His utter contempt for the Razzies and the people who vote for them; We might have expected him to run with the 'GARBAGE DAY!!'-esque popularity of the "Nooooooo. Wiiirrreeee! HANGARRRRSSSSSS!" scene, but instead, he hilariously decries the people who turned it into a meme, and shows the scene nearly in full, exposing just how terrifying the scene actually is.
      • Note that he acknowledges how people can find the scene over-the-top, and that "NO WIRE HANGERS EVER" is a very quotable line, but at the end of the day, the scene still shows child abuse. And he doesn't think that the people who do find that scene funny are bad people or should be shamed for thinking it.
  • The Friday The 13th Part 3 review is in actual 3-D with the help of Ed Glaser; it may be a first for an online review.
  • Always going out of his way to note that Chiklis is actually an awesome John Belushi in Wired, in spite of the film being a terrible anti-drug after school special and a fairly shallow exploration of Belushi's life in general.
  • The freakout in homage to the scene from The Stepfather during the review of the film, where the titular killer forgets which identity he's meant to be using momentarily. Brad starts freaking out in front of a mirror, trying to figure out whether he's the host of The Big Box, Kung-Tai Ted, Eighties Dan, or the Snob. If you didn't believe Brad could act based on some of his previous efforts, that scene just might sway you, he's that authentic.

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