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Trivia: The Cinema Snob
  • Actor Allusion: Jake also portrayed a character whose quest it was to make a ROB function (and proceeded to treat it like his own son) in Brad Jones' 2008 film Game Boys.
  • Colbert Bump:
    • After YouTube closed Brad Jones' account, Spoony posted a few of his reviews on his website and caused his popularity to surge.
    • Also, a number of movies have gone on to cult status since appearing on his show, such as Nudist Colony of the Dead, Zombie 90, and anything starring Pierre Kirby or directed by Bruno Mattei.
  • Follow Up Failure: Most of Brad's other shows don't last long (ex: Softly From Cable only lasted two episodes) or haven't had new episodes in a while (ex: the last Kung Tai Ted was in 2011). The only other shows he's done that seem to have some form of longevity is Brad Tries, and perhaps 80's Dan.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: The Snob suffers an unfortunate case when he sees the lead in Italian Batman is Mark Shannon, the same guy from Porno Holocaust (which he referenced earlier in the review). It's unfortunate because Shannon suffers from genital warts.
    • What do Charlie Sheen, George Clooney, Laura Dern and John Rhys-Davies have in common? They all appeared in the unfinished Grizzly II!
    • He expresses absolute bafflement at the presence of Costas Mandylor in E.T.: The Porno.
    • He notices "King Pooper" in Super Hornio Bros. is Beaver in Beaver and Buttface (by drawing on his face with MS Paint!).
    • At one point, he joked about renaming his show The John Carradine Show. Had an opening credits sequence and everything, with John singing "Night Train to Mundo Fine" from Red Zone Cuba.
    • The main character in Pieces is Rick from Pod People, allowing him to both make jokes about Pod People while reviewing Pieces and make jokes about Pieces while reviewing the unriffed, original version of Pod People.
    • In a case of "Hey, It's That Toy!", the infamous toy robot henchman from Ninja Terminator is a knockoff of Omega Supreme.
  • McLeaned: Jerrid Foiles has been let go from the site with no chance of returning, according to Brad.
    • In the first installment of Brad and Irving (which hangs a lampshade on both McLeaning and The Other Darrin), Brad directly invokes this trope by claiming that he last saw Jerrid boarding a plane with Henry Blake. Anyone who gets the reference(or read comments on the video written by people who did) will get the implications.
    • Apparently Brad and Jerrid buried the hatchet at some point, as Jerrid made an appearance in the video for Violent Shit 4.0, as well as in ''The Reviewers''.
  • Missing Episode: Grizzly II can no longer be seen after the film's producer went berserk.
    • YouTube to the rescue.
      • Brad tells the story of this episode's legal troubles on commentary in the con-exclusive DVD. He also implies - but doesn't state explicitly - that he's the one that posted it on YouTube.
    • Also, the Sexploitation trilogy, if you live in a country where Veoh is blocked, or don't feel like fucking up your computer with unwarranted spyware just to watch beyond the first five minutes.
  • Name's the Same
    • The Snob reviewed a movie called "[Porno] Midnight Heat" because it had the same title as a movie Brad and friends made in 2007.
    • Brad (as himself) went and saw the 2013 movie Paranoia for the same reason.
  • One of Us: Jillian dressed up as Sailor Moon, may or may not own a katana, has referenced Death Note, and apparently plays D&D. Pretty safe assumption.
  • Romance on the Set:
    • Flaming Brian and Sarah used to be married, but they divorced amicably.
    • Romance on the Set: Sarah and Brian used to be married, but they divorced amicably. After that, she and Jake started dating.
    • Jillian was married to Brad; they're now divorced, but they're really good friends and she still appears in his videos.
  • Reclusive Artist: Of a sort. Despite his willingness to appear on camera, Jake doesn't have a Facebook or a Twitter account, only a MySpace account that he just forgot to delete.
  • Schedule Slip: Brad is really good about making sure that something new is posted on his website on a regular basis, but that's possible due to the fact that he has at least eight shows to choose from, they do not all update on a regular schedule, mostly due to amounts of reviewable material, the amount of work that goes into an episode or just plain interest on his part.
    • For example, Brad and his friends all seem to love 80s Dan, but the fact that the show (Which is still a nostalgic snark-review show) is structured like an 80s Sitcom with the biggest cast out of all of his shows means that they can only do a few episodes a year.
    • Keeping it short, the only regularly updated shows are The Cinema Snob (weekly, though at times replaced with DVD-R Hell or a special) and Midnight Screenings\Brad's Current Movie Reviews (once a week, but sometimes more).
  • Talking to Himself: Sometimes, Brad-As-Himself and Cinema Snob verbally disagree with one another as if they're in the same room; Cinema Snob hates everything, while Brad loves horrible movies, so of course they clash.
    • In the review of The Story Of Ricky, the Snob not only talks to Kung Tai Ted, the two have a full-fledged fight scene.
  • Too Soon: The Snob cracks a joke about Oscar Pistorius shooting through a door in the Crackerjack review. He acknowledges it's too soon, but then promptly tells his viewers to fuck off.
    • He asks if it's too soon to make a joke about Roger Ebert writing a movie that features a song called "Sweet Talking Candy Man", then gives up and lets an unseen audience boo at him.
  • What Could Have Been: According to the commentary of "Brad and Jerrid do The Room", Brad's review of The Room was going to be a Kung Tai Ted, but then Tommy Wiseau's lawyers came into the picture and started taking down various online reviews of that film.
    • Brad also mentioned once on his forums that he was planning a new scripted series about a character that loves films by The Asylum. As the post is nearly two years old of this time, the series probably didn't take off. (Also, MikeJ has an "Asylum Seeker" reviews with a similar premise, so it's possible that Brad didn't want to create a competing series.)
    • There's also several films he wanted to review, but ended up deciding against for various reasons. He also claims that the The Stewardesses 3-D review almost didn't happen because he had a hard time coming up with material.
      • During the end credits gag of Spoony's Lethal Games, which involved reading director John T. Bone's porn filmography, Brad mentioned that he was about to review "Invasion of the Samurai Sluts from Hell!", but had found a copy and then reviewed "E.T. XXX: A DreamZone Parody".
    • The second part of the I Spit on Your Grave review was supposed to open with a nit-picky rant from the Third Rate Gamer. But he couldn't do it due to schedule issues, so Brad got Josh Hadley to do it instead.

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