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Heartwarming: The Cinema Snob
  • During his review of Elves, Brad slips out of his Cinema Snob character for a moment when the main character's stepmother kills her cat for no reason whatsoever, hissing, "I'd kill her. I'd fucking KILL her!" Do not mess with cats while Brad Jones is watching.
    • And it even pops up in the Snob videos, where Lloyd jumps up on Brad's lap for most of the Gross Out review and Brad just lets him stay there.
  • He begins his Pieces review out-of-character, and explains that most of the riffs he does are out of love, not hate.
  • Brad is mostly playing himself rather than his always-irritated Snob persona in his crossover with Linkara for reviewing the Manimal comic—he's shocked and looks genuinely hurt when he finds out it's a dark-as-hell comic about a Nazi-created Beast Man rather than the Manimal he loves.
  • Brad's reaction to violence against children, both in and out of character. Apparently he has Papa Bear tendencies.
    • A lesser reaction (as no violence is involved), but still surprisingly effective: during the movie Home Sweet Home, as the characters are having Thanksgiving dinner, one character tells his daughter to have some peas, threatening not to let her have dessert if she doesn't eat any. The Snob (or possibly Brad himself) is livid at this, recounting how he got sick as a child when his daycare forced him to eat green beans, and denouncing any parent that forces their children to eat food they clearly dislike. Wow... There's a Berserk Button most people probably didn't expect!
  • While his review for Maniac is definitely given in sarcasm, it's interesting to note that - throughout the review - he is secretly demonstrating a genuine appreciation for a film that has had little such praise. He's defending its merit against those who gave a film such negative criticism for its violent and sleazy nature when that was the entire point of making it.
  • Jillian kisses Brad (in-character as the Snob and Mrs. Snob) after they both give an exasperated "Really?" during the Rape Squad review.
  • The Snob reviewing Goldengirl, which is considerably less dark and disturbing than his normal fare, and liking it. Brad even breaks character at the end of the review, taking off his glasses and un-slicking his hair, to praise the film and encourage the audience to seek it out.
  • During his review of Gross Out, he frequently tries to warn the audience away from the things he's going to show. During certain extended sequences, almost as a reward, he focuses the camera on his cats curling up on his lap while the audio of... certain events plays out over it.
  • Brad's review of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is an affectionate tribute to Ebert, who penned the movie. In fact, Brad goes out of character to admit that without Ebert, there wouldn't be a Cinema Snob.
    • Oddly enough, his choice of The Stinger is also heartwarming: part of Ebert's scathing review of Brad's favorite movie, Caligula, which was what caused him to see Caligula in the first place.
  • From "The Conqueror" review:
    Temujin: See to the sharing of the booty.
    Snob: John Wayne just said that he wants to "share booty". There are times when I love this job. This... is one of those times.
  • In his review to Driller: A Sexual Thriller he manages to review the porn parody of Michael Jackson's Thriller video without doing any poor taste jokes toward Michael Jackson and with that makes the review enjoyable for MJ fans as well. This also counts as an awesome as well.

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