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Film: The Apple
A 1980 dystopian, sci-fi, biblical-allegory showbiz disco-rock opera about an evil, all-powerful media mogul, the young starlet fallen under his corrupting influence and the all-Canadian baby-faced hero determined to get her back out of his evil clutches. One of Cannon Films' first English-language efforts, in trying to follow the success of Saturday Night Fever and Grease its outlandish premise winds up having more in common with Brave New World, 1984, All That Jazz and Xanadu, with a little Godspell thrown in hastily at the last minute. It proved a major flop, concurrent with the sharp decline of Disco.

Despite some rather heart-pumping music and dance numbers, the prosaic lyrics, trippy aesthetic, and off-the-wall script place it squarely in Camp territory. However, starting with its DVD release in 2004, it began to gather a small but dedicated cult following and started appearing on the midnight movie circuit.

Now available as a RiffTrax video on demand download.

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alternative title(s): The Apple
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